The Reeves

The Reeves are an established order of men and women dedicated to maintaining law and order. They, on the whole, have the authority to enforce the law both by the apprehension of criminals and the sentencing of such.

Their authority is derived through that of the Justiciar, a Great Lord selected by the Crown to keep the peace in urban areas. With his authority, his men populate and manage the Queen’s Guard in its entirety. They fulfill warrants, mediates civil disputes, and respond to disturbances. On a day to day basis, a Reeve may issue a warrant, and the Magistrate may place his seal of authority to approve the punishment of a criminal. Guardsman patrol the streets, and Reeves organize the guard. Finally, clerks keep records of the organization’s activities.

Though they have sweeping powers with the combined ability to apprehend and sentence criminals, the law creates an explicit boundary in which the Reeves must act in order to maintain their legitimacy.

To seek the Reeves, type seek reeves.

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