March 2020 Changelog

  • Stringing tool updated on the website, thank you to Delana!
  • Using invite leaves tracks in the direction of the new location.
  • Bug that allowed tracking in city rooms resolved.
  • Invite command added, see HELP INVITE for details.
  • Orbus spell items can now be used with Emberwalk.
  • Assets no longer depreciate due to inactivity.
  • Can no longer track in the astral.
  • IP is no longer supplied for quashing rumors.
  • Marriage autocnotes with the OOC and IC time.
  • Couriers change how they reject messages.
  • +1 RP Level when emoting within 5 min of the last emote
  • Some sneak/hide messages changed. Please test.
  • Empty command added for container transfers (HELP EMPTY).
  • Eating with an emote no longer strips punctuation from the end.
  • Some typos in the Storytelling code resolved.
  • Preparing a bow weapon made more generic to flow wi...
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November Updates

  • Notify updated with the ‘notify briefly’ option.
  • Bank account cap of 25,000 silver in and tested.
  • Crafting issue with stalled threads and double consumed items fixed.
  • Cyan color restored for guildskills on skill list.
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Changelog Update

We are well overdue for an update! Changes across the last few weeks include:

  • For the sake of Orderites everywhere, they now have one central guildhall.
  • Resolved the primary issues with matchmaking. Stay tuned.
  • Hunting small game with falcons and goshawks added.
  • Falconry Gauntlet added to Grandmaster level leatherworking.
  • The city has wandering animals now, organized for appropriateness by area.
  • Bulk compost recipe added to Herbalism.
  • Chandlery recipe for jewelry molds created.
  • HELP ENNOBLE updated to fit modern times.
  • Cooking returns and products rebalanced.
  • Matchmaker criteria updated to encourage more matches.
  • Towels dry in your inventory.
  • Rumors from noble projects automatically owned by project submitter.
  • A GL who survives a gambit can’t be gambited again for 1 month.
  • Storyteller runners can ...
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April Game Updates

We had a smattering of long-standing bugs resolved (hopefully forever!) in April, including corpserot being incurable, the Seneschal’s inability to be the Court Favorite, doors not responding to owners’ commands, languages not pooling when spoken, ledgers being damaged by having pages erased, and the anonymous board deciding it was going to reveal names when a note was edited. Additionally, seeking the Brotherhood can be done with ‘seek brotherhood’ again.

An unexpected bug with portal objects failing to function was resolved early in the month, allowing folks to use them again. Several bugs with the bardic celebrate system were smoothed over, and the ability for bards to lower the prestige of a target – having not been in the design spec – was depreciated.

Still plugging away at tr...

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March Game Updates

Overall March was a quiet month for game changes, but the changes we got were pretty fantastic. For starters, the Storytelling System was expanded with some new commands: ounload, munload, and sgoback. Ounload and munload allow the Storyteller to unload objects and mobiles related to their story without Staff assistance. Sgoback allows the Storyteller to return to the last vnum they were in, allowing them to bounce back and forth between scenes without remembering names. Additionally, The displays of smload and soload were revised for neatness – the multi-line format was changed to print each item on its own line, which we hope will greatly improve readability.

The massive HELP TIMELINE helpfile was trimmed down for readability, as it was getting to the point of being nearly ten pages...

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February Game Updates

We had a couple roll-backs on code changes that are worth delving into. The first was to revert the change that caused a player’s retainers to sit or be left behind when the owner mounted. The second was to revert the change that wiped IC activity game-wide every two weeks. It decays over time again, like it used to. This should also resolve the “There are no GLs active, you get automatically guilded!” issues from cropping up every two weeks.

By player request, “idle follow” now works on players who are sitting or resting, allowing the idlers out there to be walked out whether they’re standing or not. This combined with “idle_kick” should cover most idler situations in private spaces.

We solidified the costs of Staff loading books for players and created some policies around when a...

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The Rarity of Books

We had a topic on the Talking Points list to go over the extremely cheap cost of acquiring books from Staff. As we had no set rules for books before, just objects that weren’t available on-grid (3 QP), we tended to just drop books under the same cost header, which was admittedly kind of crazy in a setting where books are supposed to be rare and costly.

We also had no policies around people having an IC explanation when acquiring books that aren’t available almost anywhere, such as heretical or magic tomes. They’d just be loaded and handed over for 3 QP, which we acknowledged was pretty problematic.

So! We closed the gaps. Books under 5 pages cost 25 QP per book to have loaded from Staff. Books over 5 pages cost 50 QP per book to have loaded...

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On the Matter of Prestige

Prestige is a system that’s both new and not-so-new for the players (and Staff) of TI. While it has technically been in place since the launch of Noble Projects, it was a placeholder for a more complex and fully-featured system that was planned but not yet implemented. Across the last couple weeks we saw some of those features enter play, and in the last couple days the system received its stamp of completion.

Because the release of Prestige was admittedly rather piecemeal, there has been a lot of confusion around how some of the middling to later features work.

To start, on the surface there are two types of Prestige: That which can be earned by the titled nobility, and that which can be earned by anyone but the “savage” races. Code-wise, the differences are cosmetic...

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Banished Bugs of January

Rejected plots weren’t refunding the invested silver or gold. They do now.

The dates on “project list” had not been adapted to handle the new project timers. They have been adjusted now.

Class and guild messenger approach has been fixed. They’re printing properly to the recipient now.

A strange bug that was causing plants to be tended when looked at has been resolved.

A bug preventing locked containers from being unlocked in lawful areas has been resolved.

The real identities of mail profile owners were being revealed when the letters were posted into ledgers. This has been resolved with vengeance.

The “support history” command was showing the total IP of third parties. It doesn’t do that anymore.

To allow players to format their gambits, the content is now put into a...

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January Game Updates

As we reach the end of the month of January, it’s time to publish our soon-to-be routine devlog update!

First and foremost we instated a game-wide ban on all TOR IP addresses. As none of our users currently log in through TOR, it shouldn’t have a noticeable impact. What it may do, however, is cut back on the occasional trolling escapades we see from time to time. They’re unfun to deal with for Staff and players, so we cut off their ability to do so (at least through TOR).

Early in the month it was noticed that we were missing several help files in the commodities section. These were filled out with information on the various herbs, spices, and plants a citizen of Lithmore might encounter.

The old “help player ” command has been updated to “help character ” to better reflect the ...

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WordPress Update

We have updated our WordPress software for the main website. Player blogs won’t be updated for another week to ensure everybody has the chance to adapt and switch themes if they need to. If you need a hand figuring out whether or not your blog theme will be incompatible with the newest version of WordPress, check here:

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