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The Inquisition: Legacy is an RP Focused game started in 1999, with an original, dark fantasy theme. It has been designed solely for immersive roleplay ever since. The goal of our game is to tell a good story, and the theme focuses on the philosophical elements of why a society embraces oppression and it continues to function despite the evil it perpetuates. The game is highly character driven, and plot outcomes are entirely in the hands of players.

Our players are supported by intuitive system tools that help them realize the extent of their storytelling capacity: They can modify room descriptions during RP, masquerade under aliases, spread rumors, keep track of IC events, make and sell objects, and much more.

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Featured Article for September 2018 - Capua
Forming the southern most tip of Vavard proper, Capua is the home of those fabled grapes and their remarkably high standards for brewing them. Parcelled out to the merchant lord Desmond dul Terani back in 278 from Duke Sivernus dul Acris, the Capuan county comprises a varied landscape and people. From the coasts in the west and south, the mountains and hills in the center of the county, and the flatter lands of the plains and rivers in the east and north, Capua is called home by a great many folk--farmers, merchants and traders, summering nobles, and glory-hungry knights. Blessed by a subtropical climate, a long growing season, and spectacularly rich soil, Capua is a true land of plenty both in its fishing and its farming, though none of its other products hold a candle to their brandy.