Nobles are those who have legal rights conferred to them by a title and their immediate family members (children and spouse). Titles originate only by the hand of the king or queen of Lithmore, but once held, are much like property, passed down from generation to generation. Titles, however, can be removed by the king or queen as well as granted, though this is rarely done. Since the Decree of Sodality, the first born child, male or female, inherits all family holds, land, and wealth. Though this has caused no few suspicious deaths, it has ensured that families no longer lose their wealth over generations through the simple process of splitting it among their children. More recently, the Law of Bloodless Inheritance allowed the owner of a title to will it to whomever they choose, including non-family relationships.

Nobles may be rich or poor, but statistically, they tend to be among the wealthier of the population. Unfortunately, poor heirs frequently squander the wealth, leaving noble titles often nothing more than an empty promise of power. Thus, many nobles see gentry as a threat and generally dislike them, for often gentry is more powerful than they, especially whenever finances take apart in determining status. The True Aristocracy, however, has both money and titles, and thus competition to become this elite of elites frequently requires alliances with the gentry, thus creating the only reasonable path (as the granting of titles is rare to say the least) for gentry to achieve the ultimate benefits in society, those reserved for nobles.

Nobles may or may not belong to a court, which is usually a gathering of nobility and other powerful individuals selected by the sovereign authority in a domain. It is thus entirely possible that nobles hold court within their own lands, and when visiting another noble, may seek to be recognized in the court of their host.

The largest and most grand court in the Five Duchies is the Lithmorran Court, hosted by the Monarch themselves.

To join the Lithmorran Court, type seek court.

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