The Brotherhood of Common Goods

The Brotherhood of Common Goods is an illegal organization of criminals that firmly controls all organized crime and much minor criminal activity in the Kingdom of Lithmore. In the city of Lithmore, most of those who prey on the wealth of others as a profession are either ‘invited’ to join at some point, or apply on their own. It is rumored that the Brotherhood never allows a member to retire alive. Examples of types of characters that might be accepted into the Brotherhood include but are not limited to: smugglers, corrupt officials, burglars, fences, muggers, pickpockets, assassins, confidence men, and blackmailers. Of mostly poor background, members of the Brotherhood cling powerfully to religion as a unifier, and mages are not tolerated within their ranks.

Members of the thieves guild have advanced access to the bounty system, able to receive jobs anywhere in game and view additional details on a job that other would-be bounty hunters cannot (they cannot see who posted a bounty, however).

If you are interested in this guild, type seek thieves, and your intention to join will be announced to any members they meet. The applicant may or may not be contacted by the guild. It is also possible to contact the guild by writing ICly to the Guildleader, known as the Tenebrae. To do this, use the command mail Tenebrae while at a courier.

Guildskills: Lockpicking, Steal, Thieves Cant

Seekers must meet the minimum requirements set forth in HELP GUILDINFO GUILDS.

WARNING: Joining the Brotherhood is a PERMANENT guild role. Entrance into the guild requires binding blood oaths and betrayal almost always results in execution. Players who join the guild may not leave through RPA unless they purchase a new identity with Quest Points on top of the RPA.

Again, to seek the Thieves Guild, type seek thieves.

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