Once part of the Merchant’s guild, as well as the Order, it was Sennet Ocarian’s desire to see the Royal Physicians’ Guild break away from such affiliations and forge its own identity as a place of learning and research to rival the medical schools of Vavard. Her brutal assassination, however, saw that she never saw the realisation of her dream. Jameena, a young ex-sailor and then Co-Magnate Arienne Venois took up the torch and the Royal Physicians Guild became a reality. The Hospital ran smoothly for many years, an asset to the city until consigned to flames by the Order to contain yet another plague.

A second hospital was built, Madison Hospital in the northeastern section of the city, but the Physician’s Guild had already dissolved, with the majority of members moving to more lucrative positions in other duchies or abandoning their medical pursuits for other trades leaving the physical health and well-being of Lithmore’s citizens to the crude ministrations of rogue practitioners, and the Madison Hospital without order or direction. Under the Orders of Her Majesty, Queen Cellan ab Samael re-instituted the Guild of Physicians to provide quality healthcare for all of the citizens of Lithmore, no matter whether they are commonfolk or nobility, whether their pockets are filled with gold or they haven’t a silver to their name. The Guild was also appointed to teach and ensure the proper, legal use of herbs for the city.

There are many challenges which must be met in order to achieve membership in the Physician’s Guild. The Guild represents a group of people who provide skilled medical services ranging from field medics all the way up to surgeons and doctors. Membership in this guild is competitive, as being a doctor in the time of the Inquisition was a well-respected and profitable position should one excel in their field.

In addition to the requirements listed in help guildinfo guilds, a physician should meet the stat requirements for their trade as well as obtain a recommendation from an already outstanding citizen of Lithmore.

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