There are a number of playable, coded guilds to choose from in TI: Legacy

To seek one of these guilds in an effort to gain entry into their ranks, you will want to use the seek command (type Help Seek in game for more information).  From time to time, there may be other uncoded guilds, as well, which must be sought out during RP and which can not be joined via “seeking.”

Note that it is not required for one to be in a guild in TI, though being guilded often comes with additional pay and other advantages (authority, respect, titles, etc.).  As an alternative to being in a guild, players can request to be added to the roster (Help Roster) of established businesses in Lithmore.  This will result in a 50 silver per OOC week pay rate.  As an employee of an establishment, one can RP being the manager of a tavern or shop, a waitress, or any other role that makes sense for the establishment.