In the history of Lithmore’s rogue’s gallery, no group holds the same acclaim to infamy than the Rubeus Manus. Their group has owned the majority of the Kingdom’s fear and ire for a great many years, and not without just cause. But in the shadows cast by this organization, other groups have grown. Covens are no great rarity in the Kingdom of course, but few have had relative successes on the scale of the Sanctum Archaeus.

Wrought in the fashion of pre-Consolidation governance as they claim, the Sanctum is as mysterious and misunderstood as the time period they claim to emulate. Indeed, many from the Order suspect their claims are apocryphal, lies spread by fringe heretics with delusions of grandeur. They are a frontier group, better skilled at sneaking at the outskirts of remote villages than effecting any true harm to the faithful.

Reality has a strange sense of irony; the first whisperings of a growing, organized coven calling themselves by this name started in Sun Cycle 388 in Lithmore proper. A few marks of graffiti here; the hushed-up whisperings of Order-naysers there. Some claimed the Sanctum was in the city for blood and ritual; others thought they aimed to raise the next generation of mages. All that could be known, though, was that they were here.

The Sanctum Archaeus is an illegal organization of mages that spans the Kingdom in a connected network of formerly individual cells. They do not comprise every mage, but they often scout established mages and unawakened latents in a city all the same. Rumors place their initiations as ritualized and comprising of blood oaths and sacrifice, but word on the street is rarely the entire truth. Examples of types of characters that might be accepted into the Sanctum include but are not limited to: established mages, allies and scholars, latents, and enemies of the Order.

If you are interested in this guild, the methods to advertise your interest might be misunderstood and dangerous. In order to SEEK SANCTUM they say you must adhere to certain symbols and practices, wear certain pins or gems, or even sell your soul to the Abyss. Rumor has it that it is only the presence of mind and the unspoken desire that attracts their attention. In any case, the applicant may also write ICly to the Guildleaders known as the Archmage and the Augur.

Seekers must meet the minimum requirements set forth in HELP GUILDINFO GUILDS.

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