Kalana mal Sephari

Nationality: Farin
Virtues: Optimism
Vices: Coffee and Fancy Perfumes
Organizational Affiliations: The Merchants Guild
Contacts and Allies: The Prime Medicus, Numerous Customers
Social Class: Gentry


Raised as the legitimate daughter of the Baron of Sepha-Raya, Kalana mal Sephari’s life was turned upside down at the age of eleven when the baron passed away. Her eldest brother took over as the next baron, and the dowager baroness, the woman the world had been led to believe was her mother, made known that Kalana was no daughter of hers, but rather the illegitimate get of her late husband. The young girl was cast out of the baronial household, placed into an apprenticeship with a well-known jeweler in Montford, Heriberto de Alvarado. Reportedly, Master de Alvarado did not keep Kalana on at his shop long past her seventeenth birthday due primarily to pressure from the dowager baroness, at which point she decided to try her luck in Lithmore. In Lithmore, she joined the Merchants Guild, working hard to prove herself a master in both jeweling and perfumes, quickly rising through the ranks. She purchased and opened up the store Sand and Stone Luxuries.

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