Prisca Connor

Prisca Connor
Nationality: Charalin-Vandagan, posing as Vandagan
Virtues: Loyalty, Caring
Vices: Vengeful
Organizational Affiliations: Mercenaries guild (The Grey Wolf Guard company), Physicians Guild
Contacts and Allies:
Elder Safir Mara’aye – fellow Charalin
Evani le Tavari, Co-owner of the Amity Cooperative – Secret wife, married in Tubor
Nadya von Ferrus, Prime Medicus – Mentor
Father Nate Kincaid – Combat trainer
Norrig op Arcenant, Baron of Asglen – Former subordinate, confidant
Rhoana Ferna – Fellow Charalin, employee
Robin Kalani – ward
Social Class: Freeman


The girl known as Prisca Connor was born to Fusrina, a rebellious daughter of the Brown River Tribe, and Hendrick von Connor, a bookish, black sheep of the von Connor merchant family of Vandago City. She grew up mostly on the plains, with seasons spent in Vandago City with her father between his trade missions. She fit in in neither place, until her naming day in the tribe, where she earned the Charalin name ‘Taunya’, and finally became accepted. Seeking to make the world a better place and defend those in need, but on her own terms, she first came to Lithmore City in search of training, and joined the Mercenaries. Magebane of the year 370 was a turning point for her, where she and many others were caught in a mage’s attack at the Madison Hospital, and gave her the first of her most recognizable scars. She became a thorn in the side of some dangerous mages, protecting those they targeted, and her assisting the Knights to hunt them down. She quickly became targeted herself. After being near-mortally wounded in another attack, she was taken from Lithmore to recover in Vandago. She spent several years in the Plains, and later joined and found success in a Mercenary company in Vandago before finally being transferred back to Lithmore City. Though generally outwardly friendly, given her past experience, she had become more distrustful of outsiders and took care to hide her Charalin heritage in the kingdom, passing as Vandagan. Over the course of many years, she became captain of her own mercenary company, the Grey Wolf Guard. She also became a bloodletter in the Physicians guild, and co-owner of the Amity Cooperative, where she sold horses. Notable events in which she was present were the demon attack of 381 where she doused a demon in lamp oil and set it ablaze while Safir and Sir Lans ab Durandal finished it with an obtanium sword, the poisoning of Queen Caitlin, who died in her arms when she and other physicians were unable to cure her, and her trial for reinterring Stephen dul Greighton from the Criminal’s plot to the Hero’s plot, for which she was branded, but later pardoned for. She was confronting a mage in Southside with two soliders from her company when she was last seen alive.

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