Lady Theodora of Arcenant

Nationality: Vavardi
Virtues: Charity, Resourcefulness, Creativity
Vices: Pride, Ambition, Hedonism
Organizational Affiliations: The Troubadours, the Council, the Brotherhood of Common Goods
Contacts and Allies: Lord Chief Magistrate Norrig op Arcenant, the Baron of Asglen (Husband), Lord Aramis ab Arcenant (Eldest son and Heir), Lady Linette, Lady Celeste, Lord Guy (other children), Monsieur Antoine dul Arcenant, Soldier of Fortune (Brother), Proconsul Isac ab Selwyn, Poet Laudate Dyrian op Jetorius, Grand Magnate Eartha ab Arcenant
Social Class: Social Noble


Theodora is the only living daughter born to the Arcenant wine trading family from San Rimiel, in the Barony of Dusollini. Trained early in the Bardic (and rumor holds more sultry) Arts, she moved to Lithmore and eventually joined the Troubadours of the Hollow Globe where she would remain for sixteen years. After a controversial youth dotted with several high profile romances, she rose in time to the rank of Prima Ballerina writing and starring in several ballet productions alongside the man who would become her husband, Norrig the future Baron of Asglen. She became Poet Knight and Poet Laudate with a noted involvement in politics (both above and below board), until she took up the mantle as King Amir ab Harmons’ Seneschal. Famed for her talented stringed instruments including the violin, the lyre (including having an antique once belonging to Gweran op Melthun), and a curious introduction of hers to Lithmore: the Vandagan contraption known as the Hurdy-Gurdy.

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