Octavia ab Wodensdag

Nationality: Lithmorran
Virtues: Generosity, Piety, Loyalty
Vices: Indulgence, Temper, Corruption
Organizational Affiliations: The Holy Order
Contacts and Allies: Sir Lans ab Durandal, Raylene ab Almassin
Social Class: Social Noble

Character’s appearance:

She is a lanky matron with stormy blue eyes. She stands tall for a woman, several inches over sixteen hands, and looks to be in her late thirties or early forties. Her eyes are a gray-blue, framed by full brows that hint the hair she hidden beneath her cowl might be the color of coal. Her face is a long oval with high cheekbones and few lines, suggesting health and a wealthy upbringing. When speaking, all of her teeth are present, and her voice is pure high-bred Lithmorran. She is an adult in her fourties.


Octavia ab Wodensdag was born 45 years ago into a gentry family with six brothers and sisters ahead of her. Gifted to the church at a young age, her religious education began formally at the age of eight and she remained with the church ever since. She moved slowly through the ranks of acolyte and priestess before eventually deciding to take the ring of an Inquisitor around the age of thirty-two. Since then, her career has progressed even more slowly, and she had only recently returned to Lithmore from duties abroad to parttake in the Holy Synod to select a new Grand Inquisitor after the retirement of Proxima. Whether she is a shrewd politician who managed to sieze opportunity or an unfortunate sacrificial lamb to the slaughter remains to be seen.

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