Andorig ab Nesmith

Andorig ab Nesmith
Nationality: Lithmorran
Virtues: Generous, Good-hearted, Protective, Disciplined
Vices: Naive, Meddling, Arrogant, Entitled  
Organizational Affiliations: Epion of the Physicians (Former), Lord Seneschal (Former)
Contacts and Allies: Lord and Lady op Arcenant, Grand Magnate, Prime Medicus, Lady dul Damassande, Lady Justiciar
Social Class: Gentry


Born in Eastgale on the coast of the Kirulean Sea to a rich gentry family. Grew up an only child, his father died at 6. Got heavy into martial training, particularly the unusual practice of unarmed martial arts, because of his dad’s last words, which were ‘be strong for your mother’, then entered physician training through his aunt. Refused to court or marry while growing up, best friends with his neighbor Katlyn. After Katlyn ran away from a bad arranged marriage, Andorig took himself and her to Lithmore. From there, they joined the Physicians Guild, both rising to the rank of Nursia, and Andorig becoming Epion (second in command). Shortly after, political turmoil caused the current Seneschal to be ousted, and Andorig became Lord Seneschal, right hand of the King. Ran the kingdom in his name for his full term of 2 years, organized responses to several high profile problems, including the kidnapping of the Prince, then retired from politics after stepping down, currently between Guilds.

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