Zarif ab Vaughan

Nationality: Lithmorran
Virtues: Pieous, Compassionate to those of the faith, Clever
Vices: Self-important, Zealous, Meddling, Paranoid, socially inept
Organizational Affiliations: Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Order
Contacts and Allies: Earl Marshall Lans ab Durandal, Marquessa Silvia ab Durandal
Social Class: Social Noble


The youngest son of a gentry family fallen on hard luck due to his father’s gambling and drunkenness, Zarif was forced to excel in ecclesiastical studies by his overbearing mother. As a result, he has in depth knowledge of such matters but little social skills. This did not slow him down, however, and upon acceptance to the Holy Order clergy he exploded up the ranks. Somehow managing to become an Inquisitor at a very young age, and then shipped off to Lithmore. He caught the eye of then Grand Inquisitor Octavia ab Wodensdag who taught him temperance with his zealous views. He was then promoted to Archbishop by the High Synod and finally Grand Inquisitor. It was widely whispered that his was a political appointment: it was known then that His Royal Majesty wanted a war. This war, however, was thought to be unwinnable and someone would have to be held responsible for failing to bring Davs teachings to the unwashed masses of Davari.

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