Euric dul Guillard

Nationality: Vavardi
Virtues: Hah, none.
Vices: Alcoholic, party animal, lech, you name it.
Organizational Affiliations: The Troubadours
Contacts and Allies: Dyrian op Jetorius, Poet Laudate, guildleader Henrietta Carpentor, Apprentice Carpenter & Blacksmith, friend Theodora dul Arcenant, Seneschal, friend
Social Class: Gentry


Euric is the second son of a wealthy gentry family in Vavard, who spent his early adulthood wandering from bar to bar as an entertainer and generally being an indulgent wastrel. He arrived at Lithmore and was promptly snapped up by the Troubadours, becoming a highly sought-after songwriter and lute performer.

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