March 2020 Changelog

Stringing tool updated on the website, thank you to Delana! Using invite leaves tracks in the direction of the new location. Bug that allowed tracking in city rooms resolved. Invite command added, see HELP INVITE for details. Orbus spell items can now be used with Emberwalk. Assets no longer depreciate due to inactivity. Can no …

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November Updates

Notify updated with the ‘notify briefly’ option. Bank account cap of 25,000 silver in and tested. Crafting issue with stalled threads and double consumed items fixed. Cyan color restored for guildskills on skill list.

Changelog Update

We are well overdue for an update! Changes across the last few weeks include: For the sake of Orderites everywhere, they now have one central guildhall. Resolved the primary issues with matchmaking. Stay tuned. Hunting small game with falcons and goshawks added. Falconry Gauntlet added to Grandmaster level leatherworking. The city has wandering animals now, …

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The Rarity of Books

We had a topic on the Talking Points list to go over the extremely cheap cost of acquiring books from Staff. As we had no set rules for books before, just objects that weren’t available on-grid (3 QP), we tended to just drop books under the same cost header, which was admittedly kind of crazy …

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WordPress Update

We have updated our WordPress software for the main website. Player blogs won’t be updated for another week to ensure everybody has the chance to adapt and switch themes if they need to. If you need a hand figuring out whether or not your blog theme will be incompatible with the newest version of WordPress, …

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