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Changelog Update

We are well overdue for an update! Changes across the last few weeks include:

  • For the sake of Orderites everywhere, they now have one central guildhall.
  • Resolved the primary issues with matchmaking. Stay tuned.
  • Hunting small game with falcons and goshawks added.
  • Falconry Gauntlet added to Grandmaster level leatherworking.
  • The city has wandering animals now, organized for appropriateness by area.
  • Bulk compost recipe added to Herbalism.
  • Chandlery recipe for jewelry molds created.
  • HELP ENNOBLE updated to fit modern times.
  • Cooking returns and products rebalanced.
  • Matchmaker criteria updated to encourage more matches.
  • Towels dry in your inventory.
  • Rumors from noble projects automatically owned by project submitter.
  • A GL who survives a gambit can’t be gambited again for 1 month.
  • Storyteller runners can ...
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April Game Updates

We had a smattering of long-standing bugs resolved (hopefully forever!) in April, including corpserot being incurable, the Seneschal’s inability to be the Court Favorite, doors not responding to owners’ commands, languages not pooling when spoken, ledgers being damaged by having pages erased, and the anonymous board deciding it was going to reveal names when a note was edited. Additionally, seeking the Brotherhood can be done with ‘seek brotherhood’ again.

An unexpected bug with portal objects failing to function was resolved early in the month, allowing folks to use them again. Several bugs with the bardic celebrate system were smoothed over, and the ability for bards to lower the prestige of a target – having not been in the design spec – was depreciated.

Still plugging away at tr...

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March Game Updates

Overall March was a quiet month for game changes, but the changes we got were pretty fantastic. For starters, the Storytelling System was expanded with some new commands: ounload, munload, and sgoback. Ounload and munload allow the Storyteller to unload objects and mobiles related to their story without Staff assistance. Sgoback allows the Storyteller to return to the last vnum they were in, allowing them to bounce back and forth between scenes without remembering names. Additionally, The displays of smload and soload were revised for neatness – the multi-line format was changed to print each item on its own line, which we hope will greatly improve readability.

The massive HELP TIMELINE helpfile was trimmed down for readability, as it was getting to the point of being nearly ten pages...

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