• Letter to the Grand Inquisitor

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    January 7, 2013 /  Letters

    Dear Your Holy Honour,

    I am writing to try convince you to consider not burying the burnt bodies of
    heinous mages next to our loved ones. I request that all known mages currently
    buried within the grave yards of the cathedral be immediately moved to a
    seperate section, in particular the one called Aleron who now rests next to my
    husband who was recently beaten to a pulp and killed by one of his kind.

    I trust you to understand the importance of this.

    Also wondering if the man I brought from the manus tower has been questioned
    yet or taken to the pyre?

    Lady Lien le Zadossa
    Baroness of Strongjaw
    Interim Ruler of Zadossa
    Grandmaster of the Knights Lithmorran

  • Dear Diary,

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    January 5, 2013 /  DearDiary

    The hardest thing in all the world for me to bare, beyond the departure of loved ones from Urth, is being alone. Knowing that there is no one I can turn to to keep me safe, or share my secrets with, or take Ariesa and love her as much as I do. No one to talk about all the little new things she does every day. And how she reminds me so much of him already. No one to hug as I need to. No one to curl up with in bed. No one soothe away tears. No where to feel safe.

    What I have done. Everything over the last few months… and it is all over. Almost. And I can go back to a normal life, to think about my future. Our future. But where to go? To a home with halls and rooms I walk alone?

    And what prospects am I for marriage now? Marry a man who wants me for little more than money and ties such a union would bring? That would secretly look at me and all my scars with disgust and turn regularly to the serving girl or the cook to share their bed beyond the creating of a heir?


    Every night that I was in there, all I could think about was getting out and seeing Ariesa, Jei, Ari and Marisa again. And now…. I thought I had won, I had done something truly good. But I have failed. I have disappointed everyone. I am no Knight. And I am certainly no Grandmaster.


  • Protected: Letter to Jei

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    January 5, 2013 /  Letters

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  • Protected: Report

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    January 5, 2013 /  Letters

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  • Lien’s Prayer

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    January 2, 2013 /  DearDiary

    Lien thinks to herself, “Dav protect me from these demons; shield me from the unholy weapons of the tainted ones, from the lying entrapments of these mages.”

    Lien thinks to herself, “So many rise against me, trying to ensare me in their games of deceipt. Sustain me through their lies and their beatings. I will not be afraid of these mages. Tonight I made the Rubeus bleed, help me ensure that these unholy living walls run with their blood or send me into salvation and into your arms. I am weak, I fear death. But not what is waiting for me on the other side. ”

    Lien thinks to herself, “I will stand firm, with the truth of your words worn as armour. Shielding my naked skin from their eyes. I will not stop fighting. I cannot. Another day, another week and they will come for me. Dav help them, please. I do not want to die. I’m scared.”

    Lien thinks to herself, “Franz, I am sorry I failed you.”

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