April Game Updates

We had a smattering of long-standing bugs resolved (hopefully forever!) in April, including corpserot being incurable, the Seneschal’s inability to be the Court Favorite, doors not responding to owners’ commands, languages not pooling when spoken, ledgers being damaged by having pages erased, and the anonymous board deciding it was going to reveal names when a note was edited. Additionally, seeking the Brotherhood can be done with ‘seek brotherhood’ again.

An unexpected bug with portal objects failing to function was resolved early in the month, allowing folks to use them again. Several bugs with the bardic celebrate system were smoothed over, and the ability for bards to lower the prestige of a target – having not been in the design spec – was depreciated.

Still plugging away at trimming off minor policy blips before they can become issues, alts have been codedly prevented from buying goods from their alts’ pshops.

A familiarity requirement was added to support/subvert for non-guildmates, meaning that while members of a guild may support or subvert their leaders with impunity, outsiders must have at least some familiarity with the target before they can support or subvert them.

Outside the realm of bug fixes and small feature changes, TI began a 6 month trial period with no tells and no OOC guild channels. The global OOC channel, osay, visnet, and jail channel remain. Some little tweaks to the game have already evolved out of the changes – guildhall pagers (similar to the Physicians’ medic call) have been added to each public guildhall and messenger costs have been reduced across the board to 1 silver.

In the world of Artwork, large, notake monuments or sculptures can now be created by skilled artists. Generic beard comb recipes similar (though not identical) to those created for the Spring Awakening Festival grounds can be created by woodworkers and artists in a plethora of different materials.

Our ever-lurking mob-lumping problem was addressed by adding six new wilderness rooms to one of the most notorious clumping spots. The numbers of aggressive mobiles were also trimmed down again. These things together should ensure fewer overall spawns, and more area for them to spread across.

Several unused stock ROM damtypes were removed from the game, which has caused widespread oddities with weapon objects. If you notice a weapon that deals bizarre damage – such as a staff that deals acid damage or a knife that deals negative damage – please let Staff know via request board.