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Located northwest of Lithmore, past Wilhelm, the town of Sartez is the focal point for the mines which surround it. Over time, the rich veins of ore which are available in the nearby mountains contributed to the slow but steady growth of the town from a tiny village into a proper settlement with many kinds of amenities. Sartez's population and wealth both expanded as mining proved increasingly popular.

However, a fire spread out of control in 351 SC and burnt down nearly the whole city, killing many of its citizens and rendering the area largely uninhabitable. The damage was such that Sartez was not resettled until 356 SC, despite its mineral wealth; funding from the Crown was required for its renovation.

For now, Sartez is but a shadow of its former self, the mines operational but the population greatly reduced. It is slowly growing again in the wake of resettlement, but only time will tell if it becomes a thriving town again.

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Naer Nivios, later known as Danat le Vesenia, was the High Thief Tenebrae in the years 356-357. During his reign the Brotherhood experienced a renewed level of publicity rarely seen, working outside of the shadows and involving themselves directly in a small-scale war against the nobility of Northside. Also notable, upon becoming Tenebrae he ousted and killed every mage that was in the Brotherhood, giving the thief organization a new mantle and purpose in Urth.

Rumored to be responsible for the death of a dozen mages, several reconstructions of the Thieves' Den, and countless kidnappings, Naer Nivios had no known children. He died under the axe of then Justiciar, Regilus ab Porter, in Votumas 357. His alleged last words were profanity, although Southsiders often attribute the phrase 'break the cycle' to him, something that sums up the man's beliefs about using violence to forcefully squeeze the wealth from Northside until the Southers were just as rich.

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Historical Titles

Secular Titles
Monarch Your Royal Majesty Crown Heir Your Royal Highness
Royal Consort Your Majesty Prince/Princess Your Highness
Duke/Duchess Your Grace Ducal Heir Your Lordship/Ladyship
Count(ess) My Lord/Lady Marquis My Lord/Lady
Baron(ess) My Lord/Lady Courtier Master/Mistress
Appointed Titles
Keeper of the Seals Your Grace High Steward Lord/Lady Steward
Justiciar My Lord Justiciar Earl Marshall My Lord Earl Marshall
Chancellor My Lord Chancellor Knight Sir/Dame
Guild Leader Master/Mistress
Canonical Titles
Cardinal Your Holiness Grand Inquisitor Your Holy Honor
Archbishop Your Eminence Bishop Your Grace
Inquisitor Inquisitor Priest Father/Mother

First Tier
Ruling Monarch, Patriarch/Matriarch, Regent
Keeper of the Seal, Heir Apparent, Retired Monarch, Duke/Duchess
Prince/Princess, Royal Consort, Cardinal
Ruling Monarch, Patriarch/Matriarch, Regent
Ruling Monarch, Patriarch/Matriarch, Regent
Second Tier
High Steward, Grand Inquisitor, Great Lord, Count
Archbishop, Marquis, Grand Master, Proconsul
Baron, Bishop, Poet Laudate, Grand Magnate, Prime Medicus
Vicar General, Poet Knight, High Inquisitor, High Priest, Magnate
Third Tier
Templar, Court Bard, Inquisitor, Magistrate, Untitled Noble
Gentry, Knight, Priest, Professor, Master Craftsman, Bard
Freemen (commoners)
Peasants (serfs), Indentured Servants, Slaves, Daravi
Note: Being a Hillman or Charali reduces one's social status by at least a rank, if not more.

In-Character Events

  • Appointment of Lithmore's 1st Seneschal (Sun Sep 11 18:27:36 2016) - Caen Azazel wins the bid for Seneschal. A small ceremony is held at the Town Hall to confirm Lithmore's newest Great Lord, and the keys are turned over to his new office. The members of Lithmore's elite are invited to begin planning for city improvements.
  • The von Kappners' Yule Party (Thu Aug 11 23:46:02 2016) - Gossip of a public Yule feast spreads through the city taverns and other establishments, carrying news that Tacitus von Kapnner and Drueta von Kapnner are hosting a Yuletime celebration. Guests will exchange gifts with each other, and are requested to bring gift boxes to those they value the most. The boxes are written to whom they're intended, who's sending them and a short 'best wishes' message. The other details as to what else will be at the party are left obscure. Some claim there will be a gladiators fight while other claims that is false and that, instead, there will be speeches given to esteemed guests.
  • The Madison Massacre (Thu Aug 11 16:44:15 2016) - It is not unheard of for mages to make themselves known on Magebane. The time of year is notorious for the tainted to emerge and terrorize the faithful, but not once in the past five years of Magebane has the city seen the level of terror the tainted brought to Lithmore this year.

    One might believe that the death of the Archbishop may have been all the horrors Lithmore was in store for. It would be a gross overestimation of just how evil mages are. His death was merely the beginning.

    Several days later, while wielding sorceries most foul, a cloaked mage imposed his will upon the Grand Inquisitor, forcing him to defend the mage while he unleashed undead horrors in Church Square, after swearing to kill everyone present. The mage's words do not bear repeating, for the forked tongue of a tainted creature can speak naught but lies.

    The Grand Inquisitor was not the only one ensorcelled, however; the Keeper of the Seal was caught in the mage's wicked web as well.

    That afternoon's terror ended with a squire of the Holy Order being gravely injured while defending citizens from one of the mage's minions, one Charali lass nearly being consumed by a vortex of flame and a second taken by the mage himself so the mage could "Finish what Vaxin started."

    The terror continued, however, for the mage returned with an accomplice and commenced an attack upon one of Lithmore's citizens, nearly killing her in the process. Were it not for the heroic actions of His Holy Honor Toroni de Stonewall and the Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz, she would not be with us today.

    Magebane ended with the gravest tragedy of all, however. As the injured and rescued flooded into Madison Hospital and physicians rushed about their healing tasks, none could ever have expected what was about to befall them. At midnight on Novembris 6th, 370, several explosions rocked the Madison to its very foundations. It is not clear what exploded, but it is clear it was a tragedy not caused by mundane means. Many were killed and countless were critically injured, among them the Grand Inquisitor, the Lady Justiciar and the Magistrate.

    Below, we have listed the names of those who cling to life with the sheer force of their faith and the stubbornness of will. Let the prayers of Lithmore go out to them, and to all the families of those who did not survive the Madison Massacre.

• His Holy Honor Toroni de Stonewall
• Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz
• The Honorable Magistrate Hunapo le Marama
• Lieutenant Jozafat Steenson
• Page Merick Ironwall
• Orderly Finnley Reiner
• Chevalier Lyonie dul Acatsia
• Tubori Citizen Fyuri Rynnya
• Charali Citizen and Merchant Chief Secretary Silrie Ryden
• Charali Citizen and Merchant Craftsman Evrald Kyrand
• Charali Citizen Prisca Connor

From the holiest of our Order to the heathens we must guide, may we pray for each and every one.

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The Consolidation Wars

The Consolidation Timeline
Sun Cycle 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 120, 121, 124, 125, 130, 132, 133, 134, 135, 140, 142, 144

The Davite Consolidation, from 109 to 142, is one of the most studied times in history. It is the inclusive period from the death of King Dav's first family to the final hanging of his sword. Battle theorists look at Dav's movements, and the harried response of the neighboring Kingdoms and Duchies, with a studied eye, looking with hindsight to better understand the tactics employed by men such as Dav himself, Grand Duke Jaren of Vandago, and others.

The Consolidation included the annexation of the cities of Wilhelm and Lothos from Vandago, the surrender of Vandago itself, the defeat of Dav's army at the mouth of the Bren River, his subsequent overrun of the Charali nation, the defeat of Tubor by the combined might of Jaren's army and Dav's levies, and the final battle against the Baron Warsalus, of Farin.

It is also during this time that the Order, either because of Dav's absence from the capital, or with his knowledge, first began to exert its power. The Reeves were dismissed from service during this time as well, only to resurface later at the behest of the Order itself.

The Knights of the Chalice (now the Knights Lithmorran) formed during the Consolidation.