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Featured Domain

The Barony of Margyarna
Ruling Family
House de Naderi
Liege Asala de Naderi
Resources Undefined
Population 107660
Income 0 weekly, 0 per annum
Size 3076 km^2 (1188 mi^2)
About Margyarna
The Baroness of Margyarna is Asala de Naderi, who inherited her seat after the deaths of her brother and elder brother. Following a contentious battle of succession with her paternal Uncle, Lady Asala was risen to the Baronial title and left her lands soon after, arriving in Lithmore shortly before Her Royal Majesty's Coronation.

The Lady de Naderi was one of the contenders for Lithmore's first Seneschal, though fell behind Caen Azazel and Hunapo le Marama in the final stretches. Shortly after, she was appointed the Secretary of Public Welfare at the Royal Court of Lithmore.

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News Outside Lithmore

  • 9/19/2016 - Revolts of Renarde Loyalists in the Vavardi territory of Vintrius have made significant ground; the Baron dul Naevius has been executed, as has one of his Chevaliers.

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Heraldry of the Month

House Aguarossa of Eastgale
Sigil An ancient stone bridge over a body of red water.
Colors Red and blue.

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Did You Know?

  • 10/1/2016 - In the late months of Autumn, the Lithmorran County of Vees and Barony of Rosewood share a festival that pits their regional apple brews, dishes, and produce against one another. The tradition was begun in the year 368 by Lords Tomas ab Jinosa and Gaven ab Kovar, and has increased in popularity and competitiveness since the first festival in Octobris of 368.

  • 9/19/2016 - During the Consolidation War, the Lord of Vandago rode out to meet Dav on the field of battle, the forces of Lithmore and Vandago on either side, ready to engage in war. Rather than attack the Lithmorran King, the Vandagan Lord pledged his fealty to Dav on one condition -- that the combined forces of Lithmore and Vandago turn its strength against Tubor first.

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