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Yule is the final celebration of the year, marking the passage of the bleakest time of winter.
Observed by Kingdom
Significance To celebrate the ending of the year
Begins 10th of Decembris
Ends 14th of Decembris
Duration 4 days

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Featured Custom

Feasts in Tubor

Tubori throw communal meals for their extended families at very little prompting. Feasts involve dancing and music, long yarns of epic and probably semi-concocted proportions, usually all sorts of games that test courage and physical prowess, and ample quantities of food. A huge pig is usually spit-roasted, alongside multiple smaller dishes.

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What's Popular?

  • The Grand Tournament of Lithmore: A Formal Melee for the March of Avonna - The three-weeklong competition shall be held at the Tournament grounds between the Palace and the Knights' Keep, in mid-Augustus of 371. Those interested must register with the Lady Keeper of the Seal, Her Grace Emma ab Kovar, in the months prior to the Tournament. The winner shall receive the 'ab' patronym and ascend to become a Lord or Lady. Unfortunately, Hillmen and Charali are not allowed to compete. (For more details, see the IC Events Archive forum)

  • Queen Caitlin's Birthday Party - The Royal Chamberlain Bertrand le Pajari, in conjuction with the Farin Embassy, is hosting a birthday celebreation for the Queen. All citizens are invited to the Farin Embassy at the Embassy buildings. Wear your finest attire this coming 22nd of Augustus, 371. (Saturday, October 22) If anyone wishes to offer their assistance for the festivities, they may contact Lord le Pajari ICly.

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Did you know?

Yule lasts for four days, and during this time all fireplaces are kept well banked against the surrounding chill. It is said to be bad luck for a fire to go out during Yule, so many cords of wood are set aside to prevent against that eventuality.

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