Lord of the Springs

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At the foundation of Davism is the belief in the Lord of the Springs, a benevolent and passive entity that primarily represents purity of soul. The Lord of the Springs takes His name from His speaking to Dav at the headwater pools of the Bren, far off in the Tarn Mountains.

The Lord of the Springs is not viewed as omniscient, omnipotent, or standing in judgment; souls of the dead are either pure enough to rejoin His essence after death or not, and it is not his decision. People pray to the Lord for guidance and illumination, that his example might show them how to act or be; they do not pray to him for actual concrete help or deliverance, as he does not intervene in the world. Davism considers him to be the only true God, and unrelated to demons and demonism in any way.

Dav ab Harmon is the only person to ever speak with the Lord, and as such is the only prophet accepted by Davism to date. Dav claimed that the information in the Erra Pater came directly from the Lord himself; whether this was a conversation or merely a series of declarations given to Dav to share with the world remains unknown. It is only known for certain that Dav returned from the Springs with the Declarations, the Laws, and the Chalice.

Finally, the Lord of the Springs is believed to be essentially ineffable, beyond human understanding. His presence is often written about as the divine wellspring and his symbol as the Chalice, or - in larger depictions - the Fountis (a large fountain pouring from a chalice's top). As such, humanoid physical representations of the Lord of the Springs are direly avoided as minor heresy. Likewise, writers are also be careful to avoid direct description of the Lord or any quotations made by Him. Actors never physically portray the Lord and limit their actions to speaking off stage; in fact, many artists who create works centered on the Lord's appearance to King Dav consult with clergy for guidance on the acceptability of their content.