The Holy Order of King Dav

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The Holy Order of Dav, often simply referred to as 'the Order' or 'the Church', is the major religion of Lithmore. Davism focuses around the idea that the Lord of the Springs, a god of purity and goodness, spoke to King Dav ab Harmon in SC 109 and conveyed to him a revelation that magic (previously accepted in Lithmore) was in fact a wicked taint that condemned its bearers to an eternity of suffering in the afterlife. Davites focus on avoiding sin, performing good works such as charity, and keeping the community united in the rejection of the evils of heresy and magery. They take their instructions from the Erra Pater, the Order's holy book.

In the current day, the Order has been established for well over two hundred years, and hardly a soul in the entire Kingdom has grown up without its teachings as omnipresent truth. The general population of Lithmore and most of the surrounding duchies is almost pure Davite. The few exceptions have still had to operate in a predominantly Davite population: heretics and mages hide or try to blend in, and uniformly, they too are culturally raised within Davite society.