On the Matter of Prestige

Prestige is a system that’s both new and not-so-new for the players (and Staff) of TI. While it has technically been in place since the launch of Noble Projects, it was a placeholder for a more complex and fully-featured system that was planned but not yet implemented. Across the last couple weeks we saw some of those features enter play, and in the last couple days the system received its stamp of completion.

Because the release of Prestige was admittedly rather piecemeal, there has been a lot of confusion around how some of the middling to later features work.

To start, on the surface there are two types of Prestige: That which can be earned by the titled nobility, and that which can be earned by anyone but the “savage” races. Code-wise, the differences are cosmetic. The nobility count their Prestige at Court, while the common born – the gentry and freeman classes – count their Prestige in general society. The savage races – Charali, Hillmen, and Daravi – don’t generate Prestige at all, as what they are is not a hurdle they can cross to enter Lithmorran society.

For each 5 Prestige points a character possesses, their rank raises by one. Accumulated Prestige decays at a rate of 1 point per OOC week. Even the most distinguished reputation will dwindle over time if a character drops out of Court or the social scene. A well-maintained reputation, however, lasts much longer.

You have probably noticed the cyan-colored tag at the top of character helpinfos, reporting on that character’s Prestige rank. To define what they mean, Prestige ranks are ordered as follows:

Rank 0Known (Unknown for commoners)
Rank 1Acknowledged
Rank 2Notable
Rank 3Established
Rank 4Prominent
Rank 5Distinguished

The final “rank” is less a rank and more an echo of the Champion Skill system. The character with the highest Prestige in the game at the weekly rollover is dubbed the “Court Favorite,” which will appear in their helpinfo. At this time, the Court Favorite is the only Prestige feature that is incomplete.

There are several benefits that Prestige provides to characters who possess it. At ranks 1 through 5 the character will receive 25 silver per OOC week, 1 Influence Point, and an increasingly high support bolster for Seneschal bids. At rank 5, the character may set a Prestige title (prestige title <string>) that replaces their intro description. Setting a prestige title can be done by anybody at any time, but it won’t show up until the character reaches the 5th rank of Prestige.

Generating Prestige can be done a great many ways. Creating a successful Noble Project is a significant booster for the titled nobility, granting an amount of Prestige dependent on the imp