March Game Updates

Overall March was a quiet month for game changes, but the changes we got were pretty fantastic. For starters, the Storytelling System was expanded with some new commands: ounload, munload, and sgoback. Ounload and munload allow the Storyteller to unload objects and mobiles related to their story without Staff assistance. Sgoback allows the Storyteller to return to the last vnum they were in, allowing them to bounce back and forth between scenes without remembering names. Additionally, The displays of smload and soload were revised for neatness – the multi-line format was changed to print each item on its own line, which we hope will greatly improve readability.

The massive HELP TIMELINE helpfile was trimmed down for readability, as it was getting to the point of being nearly ten pages. The full content of the old timeline was moved into HELP DETAILED TIMELINE for those who prefer more detail, while HELP TIMELINE is the abridged, more “quick fire” version.

Chisels were added to the core artwork supply shop in the Vavardi Quarter, which while not particularly exciting may be helpful to our lovely artists.

The change we’re most excited about was the release of the long-awaited Salvaging system, which allows crafted items to be broken down for raw materials. It required a lot of work to get our recipes updated to use the system, but we’re pretty confident we’ve gotten all the ones that need updating updated. Please check out HELP SALVAGE in-game and let us know how you’re liking it!

The idle_kick command was adjusted to respect all rooms with the phome flag, which now includes guildhalls.

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