Banished Bugs of January

Rejected plots weren’t refunding the invested silver or gold. They do now.

The dates on “project list” had not been adapted to handle the new project timers. They have been adjusted now.

Class and guild messenger approach has been fixed. They’re printing properly to the recipient now.

A strange bug that was causing plants to be tended when looked at has been resolved.

A bug preventing locked containers from being unlocked in lawful areas has been resolved.

The real identities of mail profile owners were being revealed when the letters were posted into ledgers. This has been resolved with vengeance.

The “support history” command was showing the total IP of third parties. It doesn’t do that anymore.

To allow players to format their gambits, the content is now put into an editor rather than added as a single line.

The ascii art-free headers and seals from mail profiles should be saving properly now.

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