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    Aprilis 1, SC 320

    Palace Throne Room, Lithmore

    The throne room is well lit with the passage of guards, servants, and courtiers. The Queen, Richael ab Harmon holds court today, hearing the concerns and entreaties of her people. A middle-aged woman dressed in the blue and white of the Knights Lithmorran approaches the throne, her boots clicking on the carpet leading to the royal dias. As she draws near, the woman goes to one knee before her Queen and places her hand on her heart in salute. “Your Majesty.” The nobles present eye the knight with interest for anyone that arises to the view of the Crown is interesting by default.

    The Queen gestures for the knight to rise and approach her throne. The Dame does so, her head still bowed in respect as she draws closer and finally inquires, “Has your Majesty selected a replacement for Grand Master ab Sevoi?” The question indeed needs answering for the man in question retired from Lithmore a year ago.

    Her Majesty looks at the Dame with a measured gaze, one might think judging the woman of her worth or whatever else passes through the mind of the Monarchs of Lithmore. A few moments pass by quietly before the Queen speaks. “Kneel once more, Dame ab Trenica.” The Dame complies without question with one knee resting on the royal dias, her head bowed.

    Richael rises from her throne and reaches to place a hand on Caria’s shoulder. “We have seen, Dame ab Trenica, that the one to take Count ab Sevoi’s place as the leader of Our Knights… she already lies within our sight and it is Our will that she be not the Grand Master, but the Earl Marshall of our Kingdom.”

    Caria’s head snaps up as her gaze registers shock and some confusion. She is not the only one. The nobles murmer amongst themselves loudly at this proclamation from their Queen but promptly fall silent as Her Majesty speaks once more. “We therefore appoint Dame Caria ab Trenica as the Lady Earl Marshall of the Kingdom of Lithmore. May the Lord’s hand guide her in the defense of our Realm.”

    (Martius 15, SC 353)

    A day that changed much in my life and the lives of so many others. I wish I could have seen Cei’s face when he was told that I became the Earl Marshall. It would have been funny to see. Alright old woman, enough reminiscing, you have a kingdom to protect from the Daravi. I won’t let them destroy what I have worked so hard to protect.

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    Evening of Martius 4, 353

    I look in the mirror and see an old woman staring back at me.

    My Lord, how did I ever get so old? I remember things as though they were yesterday. Leaving Avonna for Lithmore. Taking my vows for the Church as a Priestess. Then the day I swore service to the Knights Lithmorran, whom I lead today. Cei and Sofia. Queen Richael. And so many others.

    And yet so many have passed on where I still linger here on Urth. I still remain alive, still strong, yet even age is starting to take it’s toll on me. I can no longer match the younger Knights when they are fully trained, yet the thought does not bother me in the slightest. It means I did my job and they will live to old age, Lord willing.

    I had best get to my rest. Another day approaches.

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