Races – Overview

The various Regions of Urth each have their own endemic “look” – making it fairly easy to tell, at a glance, the ancestry of a particular person. While this is generally true, it is by no means a die-hard rule – there are quite a few who do not fit the stereotype of their region.

That said, here are the general features of each region:

The Lithmorran people are typically fair haired, with light skin and blue to green eyes. They range in height from over 6 feet (usually males) to just under 5 feet. While not on the heavy side, neither are Lithmorrans lightly built. Read More

Tubori are lithe and tanned. They have brown to black hair, and the full normal gamut of eye colors. Most are over 5 feet, and some as tall as 6 and a half. Generally slight of build and fluid in their actions, the Tubori prefer being out of doors. Read More

The land-borne cousins of the Tubori, the Vandagans are even darker complexioned than their island brethren. The great majority are black to dark-brown haired, and have light-colored eyes, with a slight cant to them. Vandagans average 5 and a half feet, for both males and females, and are generally stocky in their build.  Read More

From the vast plains on the southeastern portion of the continent, the Charali are tall (six feet and more) and have blond or red hair. Eye color ranges from green to an almost grey color. Most Charali are light framed, almost to the point of looking gaunt. Charali are herdsmen; they have no true cities or towns, and move with their horses. Read More

When the merchant princes fled Lithmore, they took with them their families and set up the nation of Vavard along the Flairkin peninsula (east of Lithmore). Vavardians look very similar to Lithmorrans, save for having a heavier set about them. Being closer to Charali, Vavard has taken on some of the features of their Charali neighbors.  Read More

The folk from the hills are a melting pot of features. They run the entire gamut of looks, but the greatest concentration of them are swarthy, dark haired, shorter than average, and dark-eyed. Hillmen are very clannish in nature, and tend to remain in their hills. Those who would venture to the cities are generally uneducated, although not necessarily unintelligent.  Read More

Farin are taller than most others, with men averaging 6 and a half to 7 feet, and women 5 and a half to 6. While many Farin are dark complexioned, others are black- or brown-skinned. Brown eyes are dominant among the Farin, as is curly hair, ranging from black to a sun-bleached auburn color.  Read More