Creating A Character

Step 1: Choose a name and password.

Upon connecting, you will be prompted for a character name and password. The Inquisition is set in the middle ages. Names which are out of context with the theme are not allowed. Additionally, names which come from popular books, myth and legends, or historic figures are not accepted. Please be aware that if you select a name which falls into any of these categories, you will be asked to change it.

You will then be asked for a password, and once your password has been entered the game will ask if you have an account. If this is your first time playing on TI, then the answer to this should be N (no). Your account name does not need to be to theme. Go through the process of setting up your account, and move on to the next step.

Step 2: How did you find Us?

The Staff of TI use this field to determine where our advertising efforts should be directed. You aren’t required to put in a truthful answer, but it does help us when people do.

Step 3: Quick or Detailed

As a first-time player, it’s recommended that you choose the quick-mode version of character generation. By entering “quick,” you will be able to enter the game with a fully playable character, allowing newbies to test the waters before they decide to fully invest. Your race, surname, height, weight, description, and intro (short) description will all be set for you with theme-appropriate information. You are not required to retain any of these randomized selections – any of the above may be changed to your preference in-game.

Step 4: The Visnet channel

To ask questions, simply type visnet followed by your question. For example:

visnet Hi, how do I…?

Once you’ve gone through the starting area tutorial and have entered the game proper, you might consider taking a look at the guide Starting to Play.