Creating A Character

To start playing The Inquisition, click this link:

Step 1:  Choose a name and password.

Upon connecting, you will be prompted for a character name and password. The Inquisition is set in the middle ages. Names which are decidedly out of context with the theme are not allowed. Additionally, names which come from popular books, myth and legends, historic figures, or are otherwise commonly known are not accepted. Please be aware that if you select a name which falls into any of these categories, you will be required to change it.

You will then be asked if you have an account already setup. If this is your first time playing on TI, then the answer to this should be N (no). Your account name does not need to be to theme.

Step 2:  Choose a region (race).

There are regionally-defined races available for you to choose from to play on TI, all of them humans, with variations in skin tone, height, and social customs.


Lithmorran: The dominant political group known for piety.
Vandagan: Known for architects, engineers, politics and ruthlessness.
Farin: Known for martial prowess and austerity.
Tubori: Known for loose morals and a ‘might makes right’ approach.
Vavardian: Known for extravagance, economic power, and manufactured goods.
Charalin: A matriarchal, nomadic “barbarian” fringe society.***
Hillman: A “barbarian” society known for axe warriors and artisans.***
Daravi: A sophisticated people who embrace knowledge and magic.***

***NOTE:  Races may not be available at the time of character creation.

– Lithmore and Daravi are at war, and Daravi are hated. They are often assumed to be heretics or mages, which carries the penalty of death.
– Charali are generally viewed as heathens (despite high conversion rates) and are often treated like children.
– Hillmen are viewed as ignorant, but have thoroughly accepted the conversion to Davism. Still, they face heavy discrimination in the capital.

Step 3: Choose a Surname.

Next, you will be asked to select a Surname. There are many types of surnames which are common in the kingdom of Lithmore. Surname or family name customs vary from location to location, and some peasants have no surname at all. However, most people, especially in the big city, take on a surname to differentiate themselves from others.

The most common type of surname among the lower classes derives from profession titles, often referring to a father’s or grandfather’s occupation. Some examples of “profession names” are: Smith, Archer, Taylor, Reeves, Stewart, Potter, Baker, Miller. Surnames might also refer to the names, nicknames, or physical/personality traits of ancestors. Examples are:

Edison, Gibson, Harrison (“son of _____”)
Fox (an ancestor with red hair)
Fairchild (an ancestor with fair features)
Hardy (an ancestor who was daring)

Step 4: Choose whether to opt out of latent magic

All characters have a chance of being a latent mage unless their player specifically opts out of the lottery. Opting out costs 5,000 RPXP.

Step 5:  Choose your stats.

Now, you will be able to distribute 150 points throughout the following six statistics. It is important to think about what type of character you are playing and determine the distribution of points to match. Your characters starting statistics also determine the maximums that they can be improved to. Statistics also directly affect what skills your character can and can’t learn in game. All stats start at 35 and cannot be set to higher than 85 during creation. To add, say, 20 points to strength, you would type: str 20. If you are not happy with how you have distributed the points, you can type reset at any point to start over.

Your Initial Statistics are:
STR [35] * Strength affects max load and combat damage.
INT [35] * Intelligence affects the magnitude of learning.
WIS [35] * Wisdom affects the speed of learning.
DEX [35] * Dexterity affects movement rate and stamina.
CON [35] * Constitution affects overall health.
CHA [35] * Charisma affects appearance.

You have 150 points remaining to spend.
Commands: Help / Reset /
Do you wish to keep these stats? (Y/N)

Step 6:  Choose your sex.

And the last choice you will need to make before being taken into the game is whether or not you are male or female.

Step 7: Have fun!

Now in the game, you can type “look” to see where you are.  To ask questions, simply type visnet followed by your question. For example:

visnet Hi, how do I…?

Once you’ve gone through the starting area tutorial and have entered the game proper, you might consider taking a look at the guide Starting to Play.