Starting to Play

Okay, so you’ve created your character, gone through the tutorial and have finally arrived in Lithmore City. What now?

As the game is primarily about roleplaying and telling a story, you’ll likely want to see if you can find other characters to interact with, right? So how do you do that? The Inquisition: Legacy has several commands available to make this task easier, the first of which is the whererp command.

Finding Roleplay

The whererp command (or just where) lists those rooms which have people in them with the RP flag toggled to “ON.”  Note that this information is Out of Character, and that you should only go where your character would have an In Character reason to go.

Having typed where and found a bunch of places where people are hanging out, how do you find a certain location? On The Inquisition, we have a few command that make navigating to popular places easy: NavigationJourney and Travel.

For example, if you notice that a bunch of people are congregated at Church Square, to get there, you could type: nav church square. This will display to you the directions to get there. Nifty huh? And even better, if you next type: journey, and you’ll start walking there.

So what does travel do? Well, it skips a step. You can just type: travel church square to start walking, without having directions displayed to you first.


You’ve trudged through the city and managed to track down a few likely characters to roleplay with. What now? How do you roleplay on The Inquisition? The command that is most commonly used to roleplay is emote. In its simplest form, you use it to display what your character is doing and saying to others. For example:

emote waves cheerfully.
emote waves cheerfully at the room, shouting out a greeting, “Hello!”

You can target other people in emotes by prefacing their name or keyword with a slash. For example:

emote waves cheerfully at /skinny.
emote waves cheerfully at /Kinaed.

When you type look, you’ll typically either see people’s names or their descriptions. A keyword is one of the words from their description. So, if a description is: a skinny, red haired girl. Then their keywords would be skinny, red, haired and girl.

You can also target objects on the ground, in your inventory, and those worn as equipment.  To see everything emote can do, type HELP EMOTE while in game.

The emote command also automatically takes speech in your emote and converts it into the relevant language. You can change what language your character is speaking with the speak command.