Crafting Guide

There are several different crafts, each of which is governed by its own skill in the trade category.  Most are guildskills, which means that they can only be trained beyond rank 36 by being taught (via the teach command) or by being a member of the Merchants Guild. These guildskills include:

  • Blacksmithing makes things out of metal, such as armor and weapons. It uses the blacksmith command.
  • Chandlery makes candles, soaps, and perfumes. It uses wax and herbal concoctions, and the command is also chandlery.
  • Jeweling is the skill behind making both metal and glass jewelry. It uses the jewel command.
  • Leatherworking makes things like armor and clothing out of leather. It uses the leather command.
  • Tailoring produces fabric and clothing, using the tailor command.
  • Woodworking works with wood to an assortment of items like furniture, wooden weapons and instruments. It makes use of the woodwork command.

There are three more trades, cooking and brewing, that are not guildskills and can be trained to higher ranks by anyone:

  • Cooking makes food items, coffee, and tea.  It uses the cook command.
  • Brewing makes alcoholic beverages, such as wine, beer, and mead.  It uses the brew command.
  • Herbalism focuses on creating plant and herbal essences, as well as caring for plants. It uses the concoct command.
  • Artwork makes items like ledgers, packaging boxes, sketches and paintings. It uses the artwork command.

Medicine is an outlier in the world of crafting, being a minor craft with a limited number of recipes. Medicine is a Physician guildskill.

  • Medicine is a minor “crafting” skill that allows Physicians to prepare medicines, tinctures, and more.  It makes use of the medicine command.


Most crafts require the availability of tools. If you try to craft without the necessary tools, a message will display informing you what you’re missing. Tools may be portable or permanent. An example of a portable tool might be a blacksmithing hammer, while an example of a permanent tool might be a hearth.

The Merchants Guild has all of the necessary equipment in its guildhall, and you can buy tools for personal use. The University has similar public crafting rooms.


Each crafting recipe requires materials to make. Most crafts have several different materials which they can use, and each has a different difficulty. Better materials are generally more expensive and take more skill.

To determine what materials a craft can use, you can type the craft’s command on its own. It will list all of the different possibilities with the easier materials listed first. For example, if you type jewel, it will display a list of recipes you can make with the Jeweling skill.

Some equipment and materials you can get through the use of other skills, like a basket press from woodworking for brewing or a needle for tailoring from jeweling. However, you can get all materials from sho