Customizing Items

This guide discusses how to customize clothes and other items. This includes how to personalize your starting gear and new gear in game.

But I don’t want to worry about items. Do I have to?

You don’t! You start with a perfectly acceptable set of items for almost any character in Lithmore. If you don’t want to worry about it, you can just start playing with the default items.

How do I personalize my starting gear?

In the starting zone, you can use the restring command to change what your items look like. First, check out the equipment and inventory commands to see what all you have. Equipment is the items you are wearing, while inventory you are just carrying with you.

To restring an item, you will need it to be in your inventory. If you are wearing it, remove it to put in your inventory.

Now, each item has several different fields you may want to change. Let’s use a hat as an example.

The first field is the short description. This is what you see describing the item in your inventory or equipment. It is just a short phrase which says what the item is. For example, a short description of a hat might be: a blue muffin hat. To change the short description, use restring <item keyword> <new short>. For our muffin hat, this would be:

restring hat short a blue muffin hat

Short descriptions are limited to be 59 characters including spaces.

The next field is the keyword. This is the field that determines what words you can use to manipulate the item. If you want to be able to type ‘wear hat’, then ‘hat’ has to be a keyword. You can set as many keywords on your item as you want, but try to include all of the nouns in the short as keywords. To set keywords, use restring <item keyword> <item keywords>. For our muffin hat, this might be:

restring hat keyword hat blue muffin

Next is the long description. This is a full sentence that shows up when you see the item in the room. It doesn’t have to describe the item in any more detail – it is just a full sentence. Our hat’s long description might be ‘A blue muffin hat is here.’ or ‘A muffin hat sits upon the ground.’. To set the long description, use restring <item keyword> <long desc>. So our muffin hat might use:

restring hat log A blue muffin hat is here.

If you want to add more detail to your items, you should use an extended description, also known as an ed. An ed is a description which is attached to specific keywords on the item that you will see when you use look with that keyword. They can be the same or different from the item’s keywords. First you use restring <item keyword> ed add <keyword for extra desc>, and this puts you into an editor where you can type the description in, just like your own description. Then just use @x when you are done to save and exit the editor. For example, we might create an ed to describe our hat:

restring hat ed add muffin hat

This muffin hat has a snug band and is poofy up top.


And even though we have added an ed for the keywords muffin and hat, we could still add another to describe a plume, even though this isn’t a keyword on the item:

restring hat ed add plume

The muffin hat sports a fluffy plume, pinned on with a bronze rose.


Now you can look hat to see the first description or look plume to see the second one. You can also change an ed you already wrote by using restring ed edit , or you can remove an ed with restring ed delete.

How do I add color to my items?

You can color your items by adding color codes to the strings. A color code is a { followed by a letter to indicate the color