Useful Commands

The following commands (and their helpfiles) are likely to be useful to you as you familiarize yourself with The Inquisition: Legacy:

where A version of where that only shows cyan players. (help cyan, help where)
look around A version of look that shows you keywords in the room you can view for more detailed descriptions. (help look)
travel A way of traveling automatically to various places on the grid. (help travel)
halt A way of stopping your character from continuing along their automated travel journey. (help halt)
contest A way to test your statistics against somebody else’s. (help contest)
pool A command to see how much knowledge your character is learning from skill use. (help pool)
account A command that shows all the characters on your account and some basic information about them. (help account)
tool/retool Commands used to change the appearance and descriptions of items. (help tool, help retool)
cnote A command to write down information about your character’s potentially controversial RP, in case of policy issues. (help cnote, help policy cnotes)
pace A command to change how fast your PC moves. (help pace)
appraise A command to view various statistics of an item, based off the Mercantilism skill. (help appraise)
alias A command to allow you to ‘shortcut’ other commands to briefer words or letter combinations. (help alias)
rumor A player-run rumormill that allows a player to post monologues anonymously. (help rumor)
visnet anonymous Using the anonymous option with visnet allows questions to be asked anonymously. (help visnet)
mage The Mage channel is a help channel solely for Mages. It is used for questions and answers only.
help meeting Every Saturday, the TI community puts RP on hold for an hour if they so choose, and players and staff alike get together to keep in touch with the players behind the characters.