Sable Masque

The Order of the Sable Masque was a secret Knighthood that existed
during the Consolidation and for a short time afterwards. Founded by Sir
Elam Ralden, the Masque served as an information network, ferreting out
secrets for the King and the Holy Order, and reporting on possible Saints.
Legend credits them with the cleansing of the sorceress Aquiel, made
possible by Saint Danijel, one of the only confirmed members of this secret
organization. After the death of their leader, Sir Ralden, the Masque
disbanded, and all official tabs on the group ceased to exist.

Whispered rumors imply the Masque exists still, though definitely not as
the crown and church sanctioned spy organization of yore. The motives of
the Masque, and its reasons for existence, are now known only to its
members. The group as a whole, if not dismissed as fantasy, is considered
heretical blasphemy by good any Davite community.

The Sable Masque cannot be sought, it seeks you.