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An Intensive Roleplay MUD

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The Inquisition Legacy is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) roleplaying game where players interact with one another through text, much like living in a novel. This type of game was a precursor to Warcraft, Everquest, and other graphics-based MMOs, and branched off into a style far more suitable for roleplay.

Playing TI Legacy is free, and the object of the game is to tell a good story. Instead of gaining experience through the killing of monsters, you advance through automatic algorithms that gauge how much your character interacts with others and awards experience based upon those interactions.

The game takes place in a full immersion fantasy setting similar to our own historical Inquisition but in an alternate universe called Urth, where magic is real and mages are deadly.

In an alternate universe called “Urth,” an angry king set off on a religious quest to eradicate magery throughout the world due to the death of his family at the hands of the Council of Seven. He conquered the known world but for one nation, the Daravi, with whom the Kingdom of Lithmore remains at war even today. Our tale takes place generations later in the capital of that fair realm, Lithmore City, where the Church dominates the land whilst mages hide beneath their very noses. In general, the theme is about secrecy, conspiracy, oppression, corruption, and the true definition of evil. We invite you to imagine the horrors of our historical Inquisition with one twist:  magic is real. But are mages truly evil? Is the Church really kind? It’s up to you as a player to decide.

host: ( port: 5050

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