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The Davite Consolidation, from 109 to 142, is one of the most studied times in history. It is the inclusive period from the death of King Dav's first family to the final hanging of his sword. Battle theorists look at Dav's movements, and the harried response of the neighboring Kingdoms and Duchies, with a studied eye, looking with hindsight to better understand the tactics employed by men such as Dav himself, Grand Duke Jaren of Vandago, and others.

The Consolidation included the annexation of the cities of Wilhelm and Lothos from Vandago, the surrender of Vandago itself, the defeat of Dav's army at the mouth of the River Bren, his subsequent overrun of the Charali nation, the defeat of Tubor by the combined might of Jaren's army and Dav's levies, and the final battle against the Barons Warsalus, of Farin.

It is also during this time that the Order, either because of Dav's absence from the capital, or with his knowledge, first began to exert its power. The Reeves were dismissed from service during this time as well, only to resurface later at the behest of the Order itself.

The Knights of the Chalice (now the Knights Lithmorran) formed during the Consolidation as well.

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