Farin (History)

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The Farin people live in the lands south of Lithmore, and are bordered on their southern edge by the Daravi. Farin is the only Duchy in Lithmore which has a foreign nation on its border. For the most part, Farin are farmers, and have only two major cities to speak of - Talfore, very close to Lithmore itself, and Farin, far to the south nestled amongst the Tarn Mountains.

In the year 269, the Ducal seat of the Duchy, Farin City was captured by the Daravi at the height of one of the most brutal periods of warfare. For six years they held it, and for six years the people of Farin fought like a wolf backed into a corner, tooth and nail. On the day when victory was reached, and they began the march towards the city, they arrived to find the city a desolate wasteland, torn apart by powerful magic.

The Duke declared that a monument be set up to honor the fallen heroes at the location of the city's fallen cathedral, and then he turned his horse and left what had once had been his home. From then on, the Duke's family town of Montford started to see a very steady influx of homeless refugees, and his court has also gravitated there. Montford has since become a bustling city, and in this rare time of peace, the eyes of the Duke and his nobility are turning from warfare to more cultural pursuits.

Farin are dark complected, with generally black or brown hair and eyes. Men average 6 and a half feet, with as tall as seven being not uncommon. Women are typically 5 and a half feet to 6 foot plus. Both are known for their strength and hardiness - a trait undoubtedly fostered in the harsh clime of their environment.