Farin (Race)

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Hailing from the southern borders of the realm, Farin are known for their strict martial upbringing, their partiality to coffee, and cultural intolerance of alcohol. Their duchy, hot and dry in climate, borders the Daravi Sultanate, constantly pitting their population against Lithmore's fiercest enemies.

As a people, Farin tend to be far taller than most others, and powerfully built with heavy slabs of muscle. While many Farin are dark complexioned, from warm gold to deep ebony in skintone, their appearance can vary wildly with any hint of foreign blood. Their natural hair tends to range from a darker brown to deep black, though a sun-bleached auburn is not peculiar, even on those black of skin. By and large, most Farins have naturally curly hair, though not all. Eyes are uniformly light brown to deep black. Sometimes, they are known to bleach or dye their hair with natural products such as lemon juice and henna.

Average Statistics
Height Weight
Female 1.85m (6'1" ft) 70 kg (158 lbs)
Male 1.90m (6'3" ft) 92 kg (207 lbs)