March 18th, 2016

Another birthday has blurred beyond the lines of recognition- I cannot even recall what I did yesterday to celebrate it. The days leading up to it glorious though, admitting to myself and him of the intents of my heart.. I cannot say I ever expected to express such emotions to a person again. After all the loss and hurt of not only those I was attached to in relationship but also friends.. There has been so much loss in the last two years. I am grateful that I had such a close friend when things were needed, and foolish friendly indiscretions can evolve into something deeper and more meaningful.

At any rate- I need to tend to my responsibilities. My mail. People requesting a Poem from the guild. I must say that is the first time that has happened in my time here in the guild which is at least three years.. if not bordering four. I do not imagines it matters, but hopefully someone will feel capable of writing the Poem requested.. Troubadour or not, Poetry is not my forte! The guild ranks need to swell, but these days it seems people flee from our guild- though I cannot blame them after all the trouble that befell us with Yrata and Lissette.. I miss those two ladies..