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Moderators are members of the community that voluntarily help maintain specific portals of the wiki up to date. A contributor can be moderator of more than one portal but their duties are resumed to:

  • Choosing a topic of the month for their portal. Every portal is obliged to have a topic set up every new month. If you're the moderator of the domains portal, you should have a 'featured domain' every new month. It doesn't take more than ten minutes and it's a very nice detail. Please see Help:Topic of The Month for more information.
  • Trying to keep their portals updated and not in abandon; we don't set a limit nor a requirement, but if you're in charge of the troubadours portal we expect you to at least try to keep it updated up to your time limits. You're free to dedicate as much time as you'd like to moderating a portal.
  • Policying for spammers and/or unauthorized information.

We value every contribution, but also understand that a good moderator will dedicate at least a teensy bit of their time to the wiki hence why we have you in great consideration for our awards.

Current Moderators