A lioness in lithmore

It has been some time since I first arrived in this city and already I have discovered that just like in vavard summertime does not agree with my nose or eyes. Even the prime medicus here, as wonderful as she is, doesn’t seem to be able to diagnose my ailment. How awful… But she could at least help treat it.

It has not been easy arriving here, I left all my friends behind and have been slow to make new ones. It gets quite lonely actually, and once again I have noone I can truly be myself with. No change from normal eh?

There is acceptable alcohol here at least. I’ve been told at times I should stop drinking but it’s never something I’ve wanted to stop. What else would I drink? Though the bruises I’ve received in the past from it haven’t been the most graceful of times I suppose. I gave as good as I got at least.

But now I am a baroness, and all that had to stop. I have even met some here who knew Miciah, far better than I ever knew him. I’ve heard mixed things to say the least but regardless I am not him nor anyone else in my family, I hold myself to no standards but my own. I would like to see what else the city brings I think, there are some interesting people here that I would like to get to know better. Onto a brighter and better tomorrow? Well a less quiet one we can at least hope.