Known Facts About Caterina

Caterina Alessandra Rose dul Decapua

“Be silk until you must be steel, my girl.”
-Giovanni dul Decapua


Age: 16 years old

Birthday: Decembris 30

Race: Vavardi

Birthplace: Capua

Title: Grand Magnate

Profession: Seamstress/Jeweler

Family: Caterina is the only daughter and youngest child of three to Giovanni and Lucrezia dul Decapua. Her eldest brother, Niccolo, is a successful merchant within Capua. Her second eldest brother, Agnolo, is a priest at the Cathedral of Saint Francis in Vavard City.

It is rumored that Agnolo has a string of bastards at least a mile long.

It is well-known that the dul Decapuas are an immensely wealthy merchant family. Just as it is equally well-known that they are rather new to the ranks of the gentry, having only risen to such an elevated status within the past three generations.

Caterina’s great-grandfather was a freeman.

Magery: It is well-known in many circles that Caterina was the victim of a magefire attack within her first month of being in Lithmore City, though the various details of that night are merely the subject of rumor. The young Vavardi in question has been overheard saying on more than one occasion, though, that she owes the Lord Earl Marshall Merick ab Ironwall her life after that night.

It is rumored that Caterina still bears a scar from that near-death experience. It is also rumored that the mage responsible for that attack was one Gildarts Averey, former troubadour. It is well-known in certain circles that Caterina was Gildarts’ patron – in the Vavardi sense – and supported his promotion to Poet Knight before she learned of his Tainted state.

There have been many rumors about the continued fascination the Tainted seem to have with the young Vavardi. Reports of various threats delivered from the shadows, a hex from afar, a magical explosion within the Bluebird while Caterina was within. Some have even said the Lord Knight Zhar ab Arianrhod was burned and left pantsless within the square by one of the Tainted as a warning to any who might seek to lend the young Vavardi protection from their magic.

There is no proof of this, though. But what is certain is this: Caterina is never seen without one of those herb-filled wax balls the Order seems to be so fond of worn upon her wrist.

Various Observations: Caterina seems to be a rather fussy sort of eater, often seen to simply be playing with her food rather than properly eating it. She has never been seen to refuse a sweet, though, and she is rarely far from a glass of wine or snifter of brandy.

She also seems to be exceedingly modest for a Vavardi. Her clothes are often more attuned to a Lithmorran sensibility and she is rarely seen in the public bathhouses.

Rarely – or perhaps never – seen alone, Caterina is always in the company of her two retainers:  Her trusted handmaiden, Letta Belerani, and her Tubori guard, Captain Mimosa. It is rumored that Mimosa is the captain of the le Layne personal guard and answers to the Baron le Layne himself.