Februarius 8, 374: “Keep safe until I reach you.”

June 17th, 2017

Februarius 8, 374

The Office of the Grand Magnate, Lithmore City
Addressed to Mistress Caterina dul Decapua

[The letter arrives travel-stained and thoroughly battered, penned in a quick, sprawling hand.]

Miss Caterina,

Do forgive the shortness of this missive and my absence. I fear I have been delayed upon the road and have not yet had an opportunity to even quit Vavard. I should be to you by the end of the month.

Keep safe until I reach you. The Master will have my head otherwise.

I have included some instructions for your Letta so that she can prepare for my arrival.

It will be a delight to see you both again.

Lord Bless,
Captain Rodellocino dul Lioni


To Miss Letta Belerani,

I should be arriving in Lithmore City by the end of the month. I will write again if I am further delayed.

Please do have a place prepared for me and my courser.

I also must warn you that the Master has bid I report back every fine detail of the little miss’ doings. If there is anything you think would displease him, I beg you to either hide or get rid of it before I arrive or I’ll be bound to include it in the report.

He also worries about her eating enough. Please, Lord, I hope she is not too thin. Make her eat if you must.

You have a month.