Januarius 8, 374: “I must confess there are some days I would welcome a husband.”

June 10th, 2017

Januarius 8, 374

The Estate dul Decapua, Capua
Addressed to Giovanni dul Decapua

Dearest Father,

Thank you so much for the presents. I made a rather lovely new outfit for myself with the silk and gems you sent. It has received many compliments so far.

I fear I have been unable to sit for a portrait yet, though, but I will be sure to send one along soon.

I would also bid you to not listen to every piece of gossip you may hear coming out of the capital, Papa. I fear I am often the subject of gossip. But… I cannot lie to you. Those particular rumors are founded. If you really wish to send Roddy or another of our guards, I would be happy to have him here with me, watching my back. But there is no need to send an entire retinue. Please. If the danger persists, I will come home. I promise.

And… no, Papa. Please do not get excited. I have no suitors. There is no one courting me. If any did show interest of that sort, of course, I would direct them to you as would be proper. His Lordship was simply kind enough to wish to escort me to Her Royal Majesty’s wedding. Nothing more.

It is… nothing, Papa. Truly.

Though, I… I must confess there are some days I would welcome a husband. I find my position often weighs heavily upon my conscience and my heart. It is on those days that I wish I had a man at my side who might… lend his support. I know our year is not yet up, Papa, but… if there was a suit made, I… I would hear of it.

I make no promise that I would accept, but you may begin fielding them on my behalf again. If you desire.

And as much as I would love a puppy, I am not sure I would have the proper time for one at present. I have only been out hunting once since I came to the capital. I fear I am no longer acquainted with any gentlemen who enjoy the sport. At least none who would be on such familiar terms as to invite me along.

Perhaps the next litter?

I must confess that I can hardly imagine you retired, Papa… but if you do, will you come and visit me? I have no estate of my own here – not yet – but I have a rather lovely suite in the guild hall. You would be welcome to stay with me here and then we could go out about the city and I could introduce you about and show you the sights… if you would not miss Zezhi too badly while you were away.

I would even sing for you while you were here. I found a rather lovely book of love songs in the library here, in the University. And perhaps my store would be finished by then. Oh, wait until you see it, Papa. It is going to be the grandest shop in all the city. I am going to make sure of it.

I miss you. I miss you more than I can say.

Please send along a few casks of Capuan. I am beginning to forget what it tastes like.

Your Doting and Homesick Daughter,
Caterina dul Decapua

Januarius 23, 374

The Office of the Grand Magnate, Lithmore City
Addressed to Mistress Caterina dul Decapua

My Dear Kitty,

I am sure it was you receiving the compliments rather than the dress, but if you’re pleased, I’m pleased. I only ever wish to see you happy, my girl.

Well… happy and safe.

I will send along Roddy, then, and only Roddy, but I will be holding you to your promise, Kitty. If the danger persists, you are coming home at once. And that will be the end of it.

Ah, any man who does not wish to court you is a fool, my girl. But it is probably for the best. And what is this? My sweet Kitty longing for a husband? You simply need to say the word and I will look for someone suitable for you. Would you prefer a Vavardi, my girl? Or a Lithmorran? I would see you married to one of our own to keep you close, but… it would not hurt to strengthen our ties with Lithmore. In fact, it would probably do our family – and our duchy – much good to see our ties strengthened there.

I would be happy to see you married to a Lithmorran, so long as he would be agreeable to many visits to Vavard. At least four a year.

There is no rush, of course. You are still young. And I must confess that I am loathe to give you into the hands of any man who did not deserve you. I would wish to become well-acquainted with him and his family first.

No hunting? Good Lord, what do the men do up there for sport? Ah, well. I will be sure to let you know when the next litter is born. At the very least, it may do your heart some good to have one about. Nothing makes a bad day seem better quite like a nice hound.

And I would be pleased to visit you, my girl, very pleased indeed. I must confess being a bit put-out at learning that you are living out of the guild hall rather than a small estate or a nice, little townhouse of your own. But so long as your rooms are well-appointed, I suppose I cannot be too cross, eh?

That blasted bird is lucky he is so pretty and he enjoys abusing your Mother.

Forgive the shortness of this letter. I fear there is an emergency in the fields that I must attend to at once.

I greatly look forward to seeing your store and I have sent along five casks of Capuan, my girl. Let me know if you would have more.

With All of a Father’s Love and More,
Giovanni dul Decapua