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  • The Death of the Archbishop of Lithmore (Sun Aug 7 15:09:35 2016) - Tragedies happen without warning, upsetting the established order and forcing everyone into a new reality. The death of Benicio ab Mason during Magebane can be considered one of those volatile tragedies. Little is known so far, but it is said that a flying mage carried the Archbishop to the top of the pillar at the Crossroads and forced him to try to balance himself. The Archbishop eventually fell and died.

    His last words came from the top of the pillar, "My martyrdom will help strengthen the faith of the citizens of Lithmore."

  • Arrival of a Baron (Thu Aug 4 02:33:46 2016) - With the third week of Octobris already begun, very few ships were arriving to Lithmore, let alone from the Barony of Penmoor, known for it's imported Tubori wines. Early in the morning a ship arrives with a passenger though, Orelien le Fontaine the Baron of Penmoor having arrived, though his business isn't that well known, it is known the young Baron is still unwed and without an heir as of yet. So whispers have started already of the young Baron having arrived in search of bride.

  • Khyrand Denter (Wed Aug 3 05:58:37 2016) - Before the cleansing of Jahaezick le Somus, the bells rang, calling everyone to River Square. A page, Merick Ironwall, stood with Khyrand Denter. His Holy Honor, Toroni de Stonewall, informed the crowd that Denter was to be lashed for impurity, continued disrespect, and insults against the Order.

    As the Grand Inquisitor spoke, the freeman continued to speak, running his mouth. This led the inquisitor to lay 20 stripes upon Denter's back. Thereafter, he was treated by Doctor Silrie Rayden.

    His Holy Honor, once done, reminded the crowd that no one is above the Order, and no sin will be overlooked.

  • Benicio executes Jahaezick (Tue Aug 2 22:47:26 2016) - After the whipping of Khyran Dentair, His Eminence Benicio ab Mason cleansed Jahaezick le Sommus at the pyre. It has been a busy day for the Order and River Square, with the two incidents happening in the same day. Even while the blood of the lashings were still being cleansed, the bells were already ringing.

  • The Grand Inquisitor and Poet Knight Support Hunapo le Marama (Tue Aug 2 13:22:48 2016) - A Modest Influence Event

    In the tradition of the Poet Knight's role a bardic liaison to the church, Violet op Fournier, the esteemed daughter of former Poet Laudate and Royal Chamberlain Martine op Fournier, spoke alongside His Holy Honor Toroni de Stonewall, voicing support for Hunapo le Marama's bid for Seneschal.

    "People of Lithmore," The Grand Inquisitor begins, "I stand before you today with the Poet Knight to voice support for our former Proconsul, Hunapo le Marama. He has been a longstanding ally of the Order and the Troubadours. He has shown himself to be devoted to this city and its interests through his illustrious career in the Reeves, and to the Lord through his faith."

    The Poet Knight steps forward, "It should come as no surprise that we choose to support the candidate with the most experience, both in management roles similar to that of the Seneschal and with this city as a whole. Why should we settle for newcomers to our great city, the inexperienced, or a drunkard over one who has justly served Lithmore for half a decade? This city deserves more, and that is why in our eyes, the choice is clear. We hope that in time you will realize the same."

    After a brief blessing from the Grand Inquisitor, the crowd dispersed.

  • The High Steward Appointed (Tue Aug 2 00:10:27 2016) - On the morning of Octobris the 10th, just days after Queen Caitrin's appointment of Lady Margaux ab Aguarossa as her Keeper of the Seal, news that Lady Seneschal Emma ab Kovar had been elevated to the rank of High Steward spread from the Palace through Lithmore. Though the new Lady Steward evaded exuberant courtiers with characteristic reservedness, those present during her appointment carried word of public works and the restoration of Harmon Tower as her immediate projects.

  • Seneschal's Debate Forum (Mon Aug 1 00:40:59 2016) - The newly appointed Keeper of the Seal, Margaux ab Aguarossa, has released word that she will be moderating a forum for those that have put their name forward for consideration as Lithmore's Seneschal. All members of the public are hereby invited to attend as the various nominees speak of their intended approach to high office and to present them with questions. The applicants will also have ample opportunity to debate with one another as they make their case. The gathering will be held in the Town Hall.

  • Court Transition (Mon Aug 1 00:38:55 2016) - This morning, an announcement was made by the newly crowned Queen Caitrin regarding the future of the Court and Crown governance in Lithmore. Echoing the words from her coronation, the young queen thanked the regents who served on her behalf and confirmed the end of the regency. Going forward, the Keeper of the Seal position will be reinstated to oversee court issues in Caitrin's absence. Lady Margaux ab Aguarossa, who served the last regency as High Steward, has been appointed to the role.

  • Bids for Seneschal Begin! (Mon Aug 1 00:38:55 2016) - Nominations for the Seneschal of Lithmore are now closed, and Bids have begun! May our candidates run clean, honest campaigns and comport themselves with dignity. Candidates may be disqualified for proven illegal activity or corrupt practices.

  • Proconsul Resigns (Fri Jul 29 00:48:27 2016) - "It is with a mix of emotion that I announce the resignation of Proconsul Hunapo le Marama," said Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz as she stood on the steps of Cityguard. "Marama, a native of Tubor has served as a Reeve for many years, and has been Proconsul since 367. He has served this office with honour and dedication. He has been both an asset to the Reeves and to the large community," she said, her voice loud and strong. "Proconsul Hunapo le Marama will be campaigning for the position of Seneschal, and for that he has stepped down as a Guild Leader and will remain on as a Magistrate until the end of the campaign. The Reeves Lithmorran would like to formally thank the Proconsul for his work, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors." The woman give a warm smile and led onlookers in an applause for the man's work.

  • Mitch dul Ormonde Whipped (Tue Jul 26 23:13:46 2016) - During the early morning of Septembris 16, SC 370, Mitch dul Ormonde was whipped for the crimes of thievery and heresy. He had kept magical items without returning them to the Inquisition, but during a Review was found to be pious, and worthy of being saved by Inquisitor Renton Feland and his Holy Honor, Toroni de Stonewall. Mitch dul Ormonde was sentenced to the penance of ten lashes, delivered to him by his Holy Honor while Inquisitor Feland addressed the crowd. Mitch dul Ormonde was then escorted to Madison Hospital, where he is meant to recover from his wounds and lead a virtuous life. Inquisitor Feland warned against any attempts at "correction" of dul Ormonde, suggesting that any who attempt such an act would be personally visited by him.

  • Another Prime Medicus (Tue Jul 26 15:54:52 2016) - Following the recent void in Physician leadership, the tubori seacaptain and senior apothecary, Jahaezick le Sommus has stepped up as the new Prime Medicus after deciding to settle in Lithmore on a more permanent basis. His few comments were something about 'someone has to run this place' and 'experience with unruly crew'. He's expected to bring little reform, the general population of the hospital's staff already content with the status-quo, and will be taking on a more ceremonial role populated with interviews and delegation.

  • Nominations for Seneschal Open (Sun Jul 24 00:53:34 2016) - Nominations for city Seneschal have begun! Residence of Lithmore are called to present themselves as candidates for the role for the next two Sun Cycles.

  • Queen Caitrin I - Coronated (Sun Jul 24 01:24:18 2016) - On this day, Septembris 4th, Queen Caitrin I was coronated at the Court Malenta, where she gave a speech to the citizens of Lithmore, reinforcing her faith in the nobility and establishing the role of a new city administrator, the Seneschal.

    She received many petitioners, mostly faithful wishing to swear their fealty to her in person or reaffirm their vows.

    Queen Caitrin indicated her near future plans are to travel from estate to estate, visiting her nobility to strengthen their bonds with the Crown and ensure the prosperity of the realm.

  • Prime Medicus Announcement (Sat Jul 23 00:32:26 2016) - Murmurs around the hospital were that the Epion Tobius le Darrow had been chosen to take on the role of Prime. In an announcement, it was confirmed that Le Darrow had initially accepted the placement with gusto and great happiness, but family matters caused him to return and withdraw his acceptance scantly three days afterwards.

    Not only that, but in a statement, Le Darrow announced, "I am grieved to have to step down as Epion as well. My mother is gravely ill and, as the only remaining child of a widow, it is my duty to tend to matters until she either recovers or meets the Lord."

  • Fresh Blood to head up the Hollow Globe (Thu Jul 21 23:00:24 2016) - The silence from the Hollow Globe following Romeo Cassionourte's announcement was broken on an early Eldes morning. Criers bearing the Troubadour's livery were let slip to whisper into ears and to call out to the streets -- their enigmatic Poet Knight, Tanim op Brentwood, has stepped into his departed Laudate's shoes.

    Further claims spread through the streets as the day drew long - the Laudate had already selected a Poet Knight for his guild. Violet op Fournier, perhaps he selected her for her name - one with family ties to the Troubadours and deep roots set into the city.. Or perhaps he selected her for her statuesque form and impeccable manners.

  • A Farin Baroness Arrives (Tue Jul 19 21:21:30 2016) - Following the quiet tragedies experienced in the Barony of Malinis, Farin comes a young woman. Recently raised to her position of Baroness, Clementine de Tischner is likely going to be an easy target to spot given her Farin upbringing. The exact reason behind her trip to the Capital is not yet known to the public, but it must surely have something to do with the upcoming Coronation. That is the most reasonable thing speculated at least.

  • Grand Inquisitor and Justiciar Address Magic Attacks (Tue Jul 19 20:08:54 2016) - Early morning on Augustus 15, the Grand Inquisitor Toroni de Stonewall and the Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz stood on the steps of St. Aelwyn's Cathedral. The Justiciar wore a stern expression, stoic in her features as she stood at the man's side holding a piece of parchment clasped firmly in her grip.

    "Citizens of Lithmore," she began in a loud and authoritative voice, "I stand here with the Grand Inquisitor to issue a statement on behalf of the Holy Order and the Reeves Lithmorran," Once the crowd was focused, the Grand Inquisitor began to speak.

    "Recent attacks of magery have been plaguing the city and the hospital has seen an increase of victims. Anyone with information about the energy blocks that have been set around the city, or the vines that have been used to target Reeve Headquarters is to provide that information directly to the Order and Knights with copies to Reeve leadership. If you encounter anything, send for the Order and the Knights immediately," his Holy Honour said as he spoke to the crowd.

    The Justiciar, despite the firm tone in her voice showed concern as she continued her portion of the speech. "We instruct that when people experience something or see something, that they put up a sign in the area marking it to warn others. If you see a sign somewhere, do not enter this area. This is for your own safety and if there is an urgent need, contact the Order and the Reeves. Any questions should be directed to the Order."

    After the speech the Grand Inquisitor led those gathered in prayer, and then the group moved to Cityguard along with a number of acolytes and priests who conducted a blessing on the area.

    Copies of the speech were posted and circulated around the city.

  • The Prime Medicus steps down (Tue Jul 19 01:55:17 2016) - A general announcement from the Madison Hospital details the recent resignation of Lady Shaylei de Roldan from the post of Prime Medicus. Lady de Roldan, who had been appointed the Marquessa of the new Charalin March, Jaridan, herself cited her responsibilities to the Crown and the considerable workload in establishing colonies across the Kirulean as the reason. Madison officials expect her successor to be named within the coming months.

  • The Coronation Fair (Sat Jul 16 01:21:15 2016) - In celebration of Queen Caitrin's coming of age, the city has started a month long festival in celebration, dubbed the Coronation Fair. Leading up to the young queen's coronation ceremony, events are expected throughout the city. Of particular note, tents have been erected in each of the city's foreign quarters. The Tubori Quarter will be hosting a feast, the Vandagan Quarter will be holding a variety of performance entertainments, the Vavardi Quarter is enjoying a large market, and the Farin Quarter boasts a temporary arena for tournament fights.

  • A New Count Arrives (Wed Jul 13 15:17:26 2016) - Heralds delivered the news of a new arrival to the city all throughout the day. Count Alesdair ab Montendore of Beresfield entered Lithmore's Darton Gate in a less-than-extravagant manner. The young Lord appeared exhausted from his travels and refused to acknowledge the crowds incessant questions concerning the rumors of him being a bastard. His first stop in the city was a weapons store for the purchase of a whip.

  • Toroni executes Mansen (Mon Jul 11 01:35:56 2016) - Toroni led Vaxon out for his pyring, pronouncing him guilty of over twenty murders, as well as the intended murder of the Lady Justiciar and a Charali woman. For these, as well as his crime of magery, he was consigned to the pyre... This all done while fending off the interruption of demonic activity.

  • Cassionourte steps down (Sun Jul 10 21:34:58 2016) - After a tumultuous tenure as Poet Laudate, Romeo Cassionourte has opted to resign rather than face the public humiliation of an ousting. Cassionourte has been growing increasingly unpopular throughout the city and throughout the ranks of his own Troubadours.

  • White Flame Leader Executed (Sat Jul 9 09:45:15 2016) - Since the fall of the White Flame at The Battle of Crescent Lake, the few survivors have steadily been processed and executed for treason by the Crown. Early in Quintilis, the executions reached their conclusion when the excommunicated and treasonous noble Cymbria ab Maier was escorted from Ahalin and presented to the people by His Grace Tomas ab Jinosa and Magistrate Brynieve de Versin ab Jinosa.

    His Grace addressed the crowd briefly, stating, "The treasonous and heretical White Flame is dead. Though the wounds of their insurrection shall linger, we will move on and grow. Cymbria Maier lead their forces, but any who would sympathize with them, any who would think to imitate them and bring the horrors of their perverted non justice to the people and faithful of our Kingdom; I say this: Don't. Don't even try it. Our faith unifies us and keeps us strong. We will endure and prevail."

    With that his Grace signaled Magistrate de Versin who organized the process of tying each of Cymbria ab Maier's limbs to a length of rope attached to a horse. The horses were subsequently ordered to move in four different directions, violently and brutally tearing the fallen priestess apart. The head was then removed from the remains and mounted above Ahalin Tower in River Square. The remaining pieces were sent to the four corners of the Kingdom as a warning against acts of treason.

  • A New Grand Master (Thu Jul 7 10:57:26 2016) - At the start of Quintilus 370, official word from the Holy Order declared that Lord Ariel le Orban had accepted a post as the new Grand Master of the Knights Lithmorran, second in command behind Earl Marshall Ellette ab Mercia.

    Lord le Orban is a long-time veteran of the Knights, albeit one with a somewhat checkered and mysterious past. The following statement by the new Grand Master accompanied the announcement:

    "I am pleased and honored to have this opportunity to better serve the people of Lithmore. I ask only that you trust me, and the Knights at large, to always have your best interests at heart and in mind. Please feel free to approach me with concerns at any time.

    Moreover," he added, "we are always looking for brave, conscientious, and honorable men and women to serve within our ranks."

  • An Arrival from Gailiech (Tue Jul 5 09:47:22 2016) - In the early morning of Balasdes, June 24th of the 370th Sun Cycle of our Lord, whispers started spreading like wildfire through the local taverns and throughout the bards in Lithmore, the Marquis of Gailiech, Sylaz ab Blackwell is in Lithmore. He only brought a small group of attendants with him, and there wasn't much of an announcement with his arrival.

  • A Mass - The Power of Speech (Mon Jul 4 12:41:45 2016) - A Mass was performed at St. Aelwyn's on June the 19th by Father Cosimo dul Favero, focusing on the power of speech.

    Father dul Favero announced himself recently returned from a mission trip to the Plains as introduction to the Mass, then spoke on the concept of speech as the union of thought and deed both, a powerful tool that all possess to influence the world around them. The congregation, at his prompting, provided examples of powerful speech that had left lasting marks upon them.

    He continued with discussion of the importance of using speech as a good work, such as correcting one's neighbor when they err in matters of religion or morality or in reporting a sinner or mage to the Order for their own good. A discussion on the danger of secrets followed, though few parishioners seemed inclined to take up the Father's charge to rid themselves of their secrets to him in confession afterward.

    The Father then touched on speech as purity, the other pillar of the faith, and the importance of avoiding harmful, cruel gossip. The state of current scuttlebutt about town was loosely alluded to in his comments, as he told the congregation to instead address their issues with others directly and with kind language, rather than to stain their souls with rumor. He requested a pledge from the congregation to only speak truthfully and in gentle words when faced with gossip; this pledge was met with more alacrity than the last, many notables among the crowd seeming to swear allegiance.

    When asked if he would enforce this pledge during the passing of the cups, Father dul Favero had this to say:

    "I cannot know what you do when you leave this place, of course. I cannot prevent anyone from swearing in a false heart, and then breaking their vow. And, of course, even if someone swears a vow in all earnest they may violate it in a moment of weakness.

    I hope that a vow made in sincerity will be its own enforcement, that anyone who has promised to be kind and truthful will come to confess their failure of their own accord. But, if it need be said, I will not seek you down and demand you be held to account. I will only remind you all that nothing feels better than forgiveness.

    That said, to withhold truths from the Inquisition, when they relate to magic or heresy, -is- heresy itself. That is a different matter. Those who admit such secrets will be given penance and released from their guilt, and treated far, far more gently than those whose secrets must be taken from them."

  • Warrant for the mage Vaxin Caorn (Fri Jul 1 12:17:52 2016) - A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the former Reeve known as Vaxin Caorn. Caorn is a mage responsible for the deaths of many, including Miss Riannan dul Cross and, more recently, Mr Jullius Salisbury. He has been known to consort with demons and may be able to change his appearance. It is currently believed he resides outside of the city and is luring victims there before attacking them.

    Please report any suspicious or unknown notes or mail you receive to the Reeves or Knights. If you are in possession of any information regarding Caorn, we urge you to make yourself known so that he may be captured and cease killing and harming innocents. Do not approach or engage Caorn under any circumstances, he is a powerful mage who will not hesitate to kill. The greatest help which can be given by the public is the sharing of any information - as insignificant as it may seem - and donation in support of the Order's activities. If at all possible, he should only be engaged in the presence and in support of a Knight Lithmorran.

    Please remain safe and vigilant when travelling outside of the City of Lithmore or in Southside, where he has been known to strike.

  • Benicio executes Gretel (Tue Jun 28 17:44:44 2016) - Maius 30, 370: the River Square was met by Archbishop Benicio ab Masson and Gretel Leaflock and the latter was burned for heretical charges. "This woman claimed that sin takes a second place before the Lord when one's trying to preach his word!" The man preached. "Is the murderer then pardoned for all his crimes if he whispers a prayer at night? Isn't that the position of the confessing father, to offer penance, what ever it might be? She claimed she could out-rule her station, that she had the right to become a priestess by her own right and device, and, above all, called our church a heretic one."

  • Contest: Coronation Crown and Ceremonial Attire for the Queen (Tue Jun 27 01:22:09 2016) - A statement has been released from the Palace that the young queen means to solicit designs for her coronation. Sketches will be accepted separately for a ceremonial outfit and for the royal crown. The queen reportedly wishes something that respects the history from which she comes and celebrates the new start which her ascension denotes.

    In the spirit of contest, each of the selected designs will be rewarded and lauded, and, if a craftsman's designs are selected, he will have the first chance at its creation, along with the expected compensation for such.

    Contributions should be received before the start of June to allow time for the items to be created.

  • A New Archbishop of Lithmore (Sat Jun 25 06:28:18 2016) - It had been in the mouth of the citizens of Lithmore; Inquisitor Benicio ab Masson, celebrated for his captures and achievements on the topic of exorcism and magical investigations, had been staying at the capitol and not due to unexpected posting or voluntary furlough. Some said he had finally chosen a place to stay. For almost one decade, he had never settled in one place and had traveled around from duchy to duchy to offer his service everywhere -- though the rumors never failed to abound about the unorthodox methods he used to solve his cases, some colleagues even labeling him of pitilessness and ruthlessness. After his recent investigations on Archmage Edhard le Archambault and the capture of him at the hands of the knight, his promotion was announced.

    Benicio ab Masson has decided to stay in the duchy to serve as both the Archbishop of Lithmore and the High Inquisitor after showing extensive knowledge and experience. On his part, His Eminence has not made public announcement yet and has mostly been silent, another matter of murmur in the taverns of Lithmore. Everyone is expectant to see what the next step is for the famed Archbishop.

  • The Fate of Eastgale (Fri Jun 24 23:58:09 2016) - It is an unfortunate circumstance that due to the depravities of the White Flame, the barony of Eastgale has been left without lord or heir to guide her people to the safety and prosperity that is the right of the common folk in Dav's holy realm. As is the holy duty of the Crown, we must see these lands duly administered by the members of the noble ranks of Lithmore. In honor of her service to the Crown as Seneschal and High Steward of Lithmore, We choose to appoint Margaux le Rousselle to these lands and invest her as hereditary Baroness of Eastgale.

    In so doing, Lady Margaux agrees to cede all personal rights to the Barony of Crestley and the regency of said land. Further, on the matter of Crestley, Lady Margaux also agrees to cede, on behalf of her trueborn daughter Voletta le Rousselle, all right to inherit Crestley through her father, the late Ferled le Rousselle.

    The Lady Margaux and the Crown signed the document accepting the concurrent installation of the Lady and her daughter as Baroness and Heir of Eastgale respectively, and also accepting the ceded rights to Crestley, on Maius 15, 370.

  • New Earl Marshall: Ellette ab Mercia (Thu Jun 23 10:00:56 2016) - After the previous Earl Marshall Bess ab Thorm stepped down and left Lithmore a new knight had to be selected to fill the position. There were many talks but after quite some time a decision was reached, a decision involving a rather surprising candidate choice.

    Although only recently returned from Farin, Ellette ab Mercia was deemed to be the best choice for the role out of the considered candidates. In her small time back in Lithmore she had already well integrated herself back within the knights and managed to quickly return to the expected tasks and duties. This determination and initiative made her an ideal candidate and combined with excellent reports of her from her time in Farin she was chosen as the new Earl Marshal.

    When asked for a comment Ellette simple said that she wished to do her best to fill the role and be an Earl Marshall that not only the Order but also all of Lithmore could be proud of. She is eager to settle into the role and quickly sort out any overdue business.

  • Toroni de Stonewall (Wed Jun 22 07:56:55 2016) - After the rumored resignation of Grand Inquisitor Iria Loden, the High Synod met once more. After much deliberation over many hours, Toroni de Stonewall's name came to the fore.

    He was confirmed, then announced as the next Grand Inquisitor of Lithmore. His ruthless stance against magic and heretics and willingness to take the fight to them, as well as his service to the Order, swayed the minds of the many Archbishops and Cardinals in attendance.

    When Stonewall was asked for a statement, all he said was, "While things have been unsettled, the citizens and those faithful to the Lord have nothing to fear... Those found to be unfaithful, will come to know the Lord." He then turned and left the steps, proceeding to enter the church proper.

  • Bess' Departure (Wed Jun 22 03:53:47 2016) - After a short tenure as Earl Marshall, the Dame Bess ab Thorm decided that the post was not for her liking and stepped down to return to Vees.

  • Tobius le Darrow promoted to Epion (Wed Jun 22 00:45:34 2016) - A buzz went though the Madison hospital that the Prime Medicus Shaylei de Roldan has chosen an Epion. The choice apparently came with some thought and more than one meeting with various alternatives. Ultimately, the position was offered to Tobius le Darrow, who has been a member of the guild for some time.

    Le Darrow was heard commenting that while he will miss working in the Reeves, he looks forward to the challenge of fully investing himself in the hospital.

  • A New Poet Knight is Selected! (Sun Jun 19 02:09:47 2016) - Another boisterous night in the globe proved to be one that left quite an impact in its wake. Troubadours frustrated with their effervescent Laudate and the last long months lived without a serving Poet Knight saw matters drawn towards a crescendo... It is heard that from among the frolicking performers one was named to lead, the creme de la creme, to lead them towards greatness once more.

    Whispers in the streets call for one Tanim Brentwood to step forward, to lay himself down before the Hollow Globe as the most recent offering to be tested. Initial confusion met with the first congratulations offered the young man's way: onlookers claim to have heard him muttering about cruel japes, and how his surname does not even go well with an 'op' set before it.

    Despite the curious manner of Tanim's selection, word has spread like wildfire: A new Poet Knight is in town, and his name is Tanim op Brentwood.

  • Better Late Than Never (Sat Jun 18 06:02:02 2016) - Franco le Martine, friend and guard of doctor Silrie Ryden, is quietly spreading the word among her friends. He is holding a Tubori en passant for her seventeenth birthday, and as hard as they are all attempting to keep it quiet, ripples of the news are spreading beyond that close-knit circle. Whispers of it being a surprise are coupled with excited grins from some, scoffs from others, and loudly-voiced opinions that savages don't need any form of acknowledgment whatsoever from yet more. Whether the lass is loved or hated, the proverbial cat is out of the bag, and many are making plans to attend, if only for the free food and drink. The party is to be held on Maius 21, 370, and all, apparently, are welcome.

  • The Rat Brigade (Mon Jun 13 08:53:33 2016) - The Rat Brigade is recruiting all those with a way with words, combat experience, or a severe dislike for rats. Armed with rhymes and/or weapons, volunteers will sweep the city streets in a concerted effort to bring Lithmore's rat problems under control. A consorted effort of Reeves, Troubadours and concerned citizens. Meet up at Cityguard Headquarters at in order to take part!

    In the fight twixt man and vermin,
    |Do you want to let the rats win?
    |Well, gather ya up, one and all,
    |We'll engineer the ratly fall!

  • Return of the Grand Magnate (Mon Jun 6 23:13:35 2016) - The position of Grand Magnate has long been left unfilled - despite Dmitri von Kozlov stepping into the position of Magnate of Lithmore, the guild as a whole was left without formal leadership for quite some time. However, this period of vacancy has come to an end: after taking the time to make a full recovery from the illness that had him unable to perform his duties, Galen Fairweather has stepped back into the office of the Grand Magnate and once again has taken command of the Merchants Guild.

    Having suffered an illness suspected to be compounded by stress, the Grand Magnate will reportedly be managing his workload more efficiently, focusing more of his efforts on the management of the Guild. Because of this, it's expected that his clothing and accessory shop, the Vellum & Velvet, will be closing its doors.

    Many were under the assumption that Fairweather was relieved to be free of the burden of leadership, but many others have noted him being eager to resume his duties. Whether or not the Grand Magnate underwent a change of heart during his recovery, and what might have spurred this change if so, can only be speculated.

  • The Kissing Festival! (Mon Jun 6 12:09:42 2016) - The Kissing Festival!
    A Great Lithmorran Tradition!
    Ladies, Kiss Any Man of Your Choice!
    Gentlemen, Come to be Chosen by a Lady!
    Free Drink, Food, and Merriment For All!
    Wilhelm Square, the End of Maritus
    Inquiries may be addressed to: Eamon Byrne

  • Stolen Goods to be Claimed (Sun Jun 5 20:18:28 2016) - The Reeves have recovered a great deal of stolen property when the White Flame was defeated. All items will be held for the next three months at Reeve Headquarters for people to claim. Please contact an on duty Cadet or Reeve and provide them with a short description of your item. At the end of the three month period all non-claimed items will be donated.

  • Hunapo Executes Nils Smith (Mon May 30 23:54:28 2016) - On Januarius 8th, 370 a special tribunal was convined by Proconsul Hunapo le Marama, by request of the Lord Regent, to review two judicial matters. First was the ability to execute a prisoner who has not committed, specifically, a capital crime. Second was to review the case of Nils "John Smith" Mattias.

    On the first matter, the tribunal found that it is acceptable to execute criminals for violent crimes if the criminal is a repeat offender and their is reasonable evidence to support the theory that the person will not reform. This is not change in the existing law and the report pointed to recent examples of escalating punishments that ultimately resulted in execution (Crown v. Boresail, Crown v. Blackwood). The tribunal also pointed to examples where, had the presiding reeve applied the measure, violent offenders would have been removed from the population before more grievous crimes were committed (Crown v. Aldair, Crown v. Wattkil).

    Applying this measure the tribunal examined the Queen's Law - 364 and reviewed the case against Mattias. The crown found Mattais guilty of the following crimes: Two counts of Assult, four counts of Disturbing the Peace, perjury and two counts of treason.

    It was determined that while none of these crimes, individually, would result in execution, the punishments for the individual crimes would likely kill him. Therefore, in the court's mercy, the crown decided execution was warranted.

    Both of these issues were reviewed and upheld by a secondary tribunal consisting of the Lord Regent, the Lady High Steward, and the Lady Justiciar.

    Witnessed and Solemnized Januarius 29th, 370

    Hunapo le Marama Proconsul of Lithmore

  • New Grand Inquisitor Named (Mon May 30 11:55:05 2016) - The Cardinal of Lithmore, Agnes ab Amundelle, addressed Lithmore today and crowds of Lithmorrans braved the icy wind to listen to her words. After a brief prayer, she announced Iria Loden's appointment as Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Order of Dav. She cited the new Grand Inquisitor's past leadership in Sunset and her dedication to the Order as a couple of the reasons for the decision. The Cardinal closed the address by saying that she hoped that Grand Inquisitor Iria would insure that the recent rise in mage activity would be halted, and the tainted souls behind it cleansed.

  • Gaspard dul Hargrove Ousted (Sun May 29 06:38:45 2016) - Due to reports of the long term absence of Gaspard dul Hargrove from his duties, the High Synod reluctantly has removed him from his post as Grand Inquisitor. The search for the next Grand Inquisitor has begun.

  • An Unusually Large Rodent Problem (Tue May 24 22:27:49 2016) - Citizens of Lithmore have started to notice an unusually large rodent problem. Is it the problem or the rodents that are unusually large? Unfortunately, both.

    It is not uncommon this deep in the winter for the rats to be growing hungrier and thus bolder, but this year they seem to be even more aggressive and prevalent than normal - and amongst their number count larger rats of a size normally seen only in the depths of the sewers. Cellars and storehouses are being invaded, and several dogs and small children have been attacked as the beasts seek out food.

    Across Lithmore, the populace have begun to demand that someone do something.

  • A closer look at the Missing Woman case (Sun May 15 17:07:40 2016) - The Reeves have launched a City wide search for Silrie Ryden and sketches of the missing woman circulated around the City. The information circulated describes Miss Ryden as a slight woman with long, dark copper hair. Miss Ryden went missing from Madison Hospital on Decembris 2 where she was received treatment for her injuries. If anyone has seen Miss Ryden or has information to her whereabouts they are to report it to the Reeves. Searches will be organized by the Reeves and community support and involvement may be sought. Any information or questions are to be sent to Guard Jozafat Steenson and Guard Vaxin Caorn with copies to the Lady Justiciar, Rimilde von Rievirkrintz.

  • Silrie Ryden's missing from the Madison (Fri May 13 01:50:27 2016) - The demon of Church Street had seldom been defeated on the morning of Arendas, Decembris 2 when the word had spread: Miss Silrie Ryden has disappeared from the Madison hospital! Being in too weak a condition to move for herself, it seemed unlikely that she left by her own will. Her and her friend's homes were searched to no avail. The Reeves are conducting an investigation, interrogating the Madison nurse staff and anyone who can help.

  • Rally the Banners (Mon May 9 14:19:33 2016) - As the fight against the excommunicated White Flame cult continues, Lithmore has seen a rise in the number of patrols around the city as levies from the various domains round Lithmore arrive to help defend the capital. The soldiers seem to be acting in a support capacity to the Reeves, assisting them where need be and helping to maintain order and keep the streets clean of the White Flame and their filthy corpses.

  • Lithmore's New Magnate Appointed (Wed May 4 11:00:13 2016) - Lithmore's branch of the Merchants Guild has recently appointed a new Magnate to oversee guild matters within the duchy. The Trade Masters' latest meeting named twenty-eight year old Vostocki businessman Dmitri von Kozlov as the Merchants' newest Magnate. Sources at the naming reported the man as giving the following speech in acceptance:

    "Esteemed Trade Masters and my fellow Merchants, let me first thank you all for your consideration and confirmation as Lithmore's Magnate. Interest from new members has been at an all time high of late, and we have greatly needed one from within our ranks to oversee not only their induction and proper rankings, but to insure a healthy economic growth for all within the duchy, Merchant or not. Lithmore has ever been the center of our kingdom's economy, and it's my driving hope that in driving our economic success we enable success in other sectors."

    Mister von Kozlov's prior experience includes a twelve year tenure in the ownership and management of a family marble mining business as well as a local jeweling practice.

  • Beware the White Flame! (Tue May 3 09:02:50 2016) - Notices have been posted about through the city, at intersections and other public places of gathering. They read as follows:

    Attention people of Lithmore and visitors to the Holy City, beware the evil of the White Flame! Of late, these foul Cultists have grown bolder, bold enough to launch attacks into the city itself. All people are encouraged to travel in company and those that are threatened or attacked are invited to gather for safety at the Town Hall reception, the Cathedral or the Reeve Headquarters on Church Street. Each of these locales will be staffed with guards to ward off dangerous sorts.

    Further to this, while all members of the White Flame have been excommunicated from the Holy Church, and their lives are thus forfeit, there has been a concerning situation of late. Namely, their corpses are left untended on the very streets of the city. For the sake of public health and to ensure that the recent troubles are not being used as a cover for ordinary murders, the following edicts are now in place until lifted by the office of the Regent or the Justiciar:

    The death of any member of the White Flame is to be reported by their killer or killers to a duly appointed member of the Reeves or Knights Lithmorran for confirmation.

    The bodies of these dead Cultists are to be taken to the area delineated outside of the western gate and buried where decreed. Reeve guards will be appointed to monitor this area and activity to ensure that all is done in a legal fashion.

    Those found to be breaking either of these two edicts will be summarily whipped.

    Any people with information as to the activities of the White Flame are encouraged to come forward with reports to the proper authorities.

    Stay safe, look after your families and your neighbors.

  • Gabriel's Fine Decor and Furnishing's Inauguration (Sat Apr 30 17:03:10 2016) - Two years ago during a tepid eve in the 367th Sun Cycle, a man mamed Gabriel ab Dainton was murdered inside his own shop in the Market Sector where he sold furniture and decoration for the nobility and the gentry. The way of the murder and those responsible for it were never found. The shop was known for its wood crafts and decorations, perfect for the bedchambers and living rooms.

    Two years after the shop closed, the cousin of Gabriel, Dalren ab Dainton has arrived to continue Gabriel's life work and the shop is soon to open, as it is rumored in the taverns of Lithmore. However, a recent announcement in Octobris has put many of the merchants and creative minds to work. Dalren is searching for the 'most breath-taking designs of chests and bookshelves inspired by the year's happenings or anything recent.' This competition has not only been reserved to merchants, but anyone who can offer a drawing of a chest can participate for free and earn a generous prize of 250 silver (from a total of 1,000 silver to be awarded for four designs). Crafting the object is not needed.

    Those interested can send a missive with their drawings to Mister Dalren ab Dainton. One is not reserved to one drawing, but one can draw as many drawings.

  • The Disappearance of Raymond Karnon (Thu Apr 28 09:49:36 2016) - It has been a couple of months since the Hawking Festival of the Court, but there's one single man who's still being affected by that very day, Court Servant Raymond Karnon. After a hawking incident, he was sent to the hospital because the wounds he had were not cleaned and they complicated in dramatic fashion. To make things worse, he had not seen a physician for a few weeks and the corruption of his wounds developed a terrible infection that eventually led to him going into a week-long comma. Either an arrangement of unlucky events or simply an oddity of medicine, Lord le Orban managed to wrangle the situation into control and made a series of daring interventions that eventually saved the man, but he was still being recovered, the rumors claim.

    In a sudden turn of events, he was seen staggeringly rampaging out of the hospital, asking people to get away from him, and then he was never seen again. Lady Chamberlain has offered a prize of up to one gold coin to he who reports his whereabouts and brings him to her, as well as lesser but considerable prizes for just any hints that might lead to his finding, stating that the man is still ill.

    Court Servants have been murmuring about how irresponsible the decision of the young servant is, and how he was never truly embraced with big wit; he couldn't even throw a bird, after all.

    The question is: Where is Raymond Karnon?

  • A City-Wide Invitation (Wed Apr 27 17:59:00 2016) -
    All denizens of Lithmore
    are cordially invited to
    partake in

    A Magebane Masquerade
    To take place
    on the last night
    of Magebane, within
    the Estates.

    Simply follow the Signs.

  • The Matter of Crestley, Death & Succession (Wed Apr 27 01:20:21 2016) - A stone-faced and black-clad High Steward presented a document to the Royal Heralds this morning, regarding the death of her husband the Baron and the succession of the title. The following was read from the Lithmorran Crossroads, as well as at the Ducal Court of Tubor and the steps of the baronial house in Widerran Town, Crestley.

    "It is our unfortunate duty to inform the realm, that we can confirm the death of Ferled le Rousselle, Baron of Crestley for the past forty nine years. Ferled le Rousselle has been a credit to the people of Crestley throughout his life and as a young man he served the former Duchess of Tubor as her Chief Admiral. He was the bane of many a pirate. He will be sorely missed by his wife Margaux and their three daughters; Charee, Arabella and Voletta. May the Lord of the Springs bless his name and give him the peace in death that he richly deserved and that was denied to him by the nature of his untimely demise."

    "As per the last will and testament of the Lord Baron, succession will flow from him to his eldest daughter Charee, with his wife Margaux to sit as Baronial regent until such time as Charee attains her majority. The people of Crestley are encouraged to welcome Baroness Charee II le Rousselle of Crestley, may she reign with longevity and wisdom."

    However, matters are reportedly tense in Crestley, with the younger brother and bastard son of the late baron reportedly holed up in the Barony's hill fortress of Amery with word suggesting that they have yet to acknowledge Lady Charee. Lady Charee, who is eight years of age, along with her younger sister Arabella, are presently in Widerran under the protection and guidance of the family's longtime retainers, Castellan Simone le Blu-Ideri and Steward Merochio le Grennus.

  • Tending the Flock (Tue Apr 19 12:15:29 2016) - There was a brief, but loud clamor of unrest on the morning of Septembris 2nd, when a small, but unruly crowd of Lithmorran denizens - apparently aided by equally disgruntled guards - invested Ahalin Tower to remove the still living zealots imprisoned within its confines and put them swiftly to the blade, torch and other assorted bladed-and-blunt instruments. As quickly as the troubles started - fed, some say, by the words of the individual who met the High Steward on the East Road to deliver to her the disembodied head of her dead husband - the crowd dispersed to the winds and left behind it black-clad bodies in varying degrees of bloodiness.

    It is said that tensions run high, especially with the announcement that a newly come inquisitor was being sought out by the Flame - some even saying that the man in question had been recently confronted in front of all at the Queen's Inn, causing a brawl.

    At any rate, the populace has spoken in response to the threatened sack, and if the number of rowdy songs being sung all around the city's commons are anything to go by, Lithmorrans feel quite ready to give as good as they have been getting.

  • A Wedding in Hevstina (Mon Apr 18 09:32:12 2016) - Out of the northernmost province of Vavard comes the news that the Countess of Hevstina, the Lady Farra dul Baildana, has recently celebrated her wedding to the Lord Anatoly von Oppask of Ikihel's recently-ennobled ruling family. Assuming the name of his betrothed, Lord Anatoly Oppask dul Baildana reportedly cut quite the figure as he presented the Lady a cloak of golden silk mantled with rubies and accepted a glass of wine as per the custom of Vavard; the couple then exchanged rings as an admission of the Vandagan tradition before signing their contracts. The ensuing celebration is rumored to have been quite tame by Vavardi standards, perhaps as a concession to the large delegation of Vandagans present from Ikihel or related to the Church's presence, which was said to have been a bit more involved than was typical.

    The ceremony was, notably, held only two and a half months after the initial posting of Banns in Lithmore City.

  • Cassionourte captures the Laudate (Sat Apr 16 10:55:10 2016) - After Addienna op Bearsmit's decision to vacate the leadership position of Poet Laudate within the Troubadours, many wondered what would become of the floundering bardic group. But in the late Augustus night, a new, young face to the Troubadours, Romeo Cassionourte, known by some for his eccentric and unruly behavior, took up the reins to lead the small cadre of bards and usher in, as he calls it, "An era of performance!".

  • Bearsmit Steps Down Again (Fri Apr 15 09:00:29 2016) - A fortnight into the month of Augustus and once more the call for Poet Laudate has been sung. Miss op Bearsmit resigned from her seat once more, and according to her for good this time. In recent years the Lithmorran sect of Troubadours has struggled with members, and leadership. There are many reasons that this could be, but it is believed that bringing in someone new may help to spark interest. The desires for a thriving guild will hopefully once again become a reality.

  • Announcements from the Crown (Thu Apr 7 15:10:53 2016) - The following announcements have been released on behalf of the Crown.

    Regarding the Colonial Petitions:

    The Crown will grant full colonial rights to Shaylei le Orban to settle where she chooses within the region of the plains between Vandago and Vavard. The territory that this colony claims shall be 800 square miles of land, the direction of which is to be determined by the administration of the march with confirmation of the Crown with further grants of land to be considered in the future by petition. Once bureaucratic matters are agreed upon within the court, a hereditary march will be established, with Shaylei de Roldan to be installed as the inaugural Marquessa of this territory.

    No further colonial grants are being granted at this stage, but the Crown would like to thank the other applicants for the time and attention they have spent with their petitions. Each has been contacted with word of continued service and with regards to other future considerations.

    Regarding the White Flame:

    Soldiers have gathered from about Lithmore, with more coming in from Vandago and even ships and marines arriving from Tubor. The Crown would like to sincerely and publicly thank the Duchesses of Tubor and Vandago for their assistance and the varied lords and ladies of Lithmore for joining the Crown in these troubled times. Word will soon be forthcoming from the Lady Justiciar and the Lord Commaner of the Banners, with regards to current and future military efforts directed against the White Flame.

  • Grand Magnate Fairweather Takes Ill (Wed Apr 6 23:32:28 2016) - Galen Fairweather, the Grand Magnate of the Merchants Guild of Lithmore, has recently taken ill and is now bedridden - the cause is suspected to be a mundane illness exacerbated by stress. He is expected to make a full recovery, on the condition that he drastically reduces his workload and takes an extended period of rest. As the Guild cannot go that long without leadership, and the Grand Magnate has no appointed second or successor, he has decided to vacate the position and allow the Guild to choose another to replace him.

    Though he will be retiring in his leadership role, Galen Fairweather will remain with the Guild in the rank of Craftsman (insisting that he'll need to properly earn Master status like anyone else) and remain on hand to provide counsel to whoever takes his place.

    An unorthodox choice for a Grand Magnate, the freeman Galen Fairweather was hand-selected as Lady Emma ab Kovar's successor. Despite the hardships posed by his lack of experience, connections, and resources, he served for several years and was considerably well-liked as a leader. His tenure as Grand Magnate was marked by a focus on charity and maintaining good relationships with the other guilds of the realm.

  • Gaspard executes Madeline (Sun Apr 3 16:01:28 2016) - The bells to River Square tolled again in what seems to have been an increasing rate over the past months, announcing the faithful to River Square to witness the pyring of a Mage by the name of Madeline Pickett. According to the Grand Inquisitor's words at the pyre, she was witnessed trying to flood a tavern with magic and was later captured by a member of the Knighthood.

  • Burning of the Black Standard (Fri Apr 1 20:06:09 2016) - The chill air of Lithmore's waning winter did not stop the fiery words of the Grand Inquisitor as the crowd gathered in River square following the toll of the great bells.

    The gathering crowd was met by the sight of the Grand Inquisitor and the Seneschal Lady ab Kovar and an impassioned speech by the man. He spoke of the evils of what he called the "Cult of the White Flame" and struck harsh criticism on what he claimed were vile and murderous acts in the recent kidnappings.

    The final act of the summons was punctuated by the burning of a black battle standard belonging to the flame that had been provided by Lady ab Kovar, claimed to have been taken when the recent captives escaped, and a message from the Grand Inquisitor: " And let anyone who watches this scene that holds allegiance to them know this: You will be found. You will be branded. And you will not be forgotten for your heresy."

  • Strange Happenings in Lithmore... (Fri Apr 1 11:20:08 2016) - Scuttlebutt sweeps the city: a rash of strange and seemingly magical occurrences is breaking out here, there, and everywhere, with little rhyme or reason...

    It seems that many people afflicted by curious ailments are gathering at the cathedral, in order to look after one another and hope for protection from evil.

  • A New Master in Lithmore (Tue Mar 29 10:08:30 2016) - - An announcement from the Merchants Guild of Lithmore -

    Dame Almaz An Khir has achieved the rank of mastery in the art of fletching and bowmaking.

  • A Notice from the Palace (Sat Mar 26 11:43:32 2016) - Court pages were seen this morning ambling out from the Royal palace and into the city to pin word on the Capital's various notice boards. The short announcement reads as follows:

    |Hunters, beaters and cooks
    |sought out for an upcoming
    |Court function. Those interested
    |are asked to inquire directly with
    |the Royal Chamberlain,
    |Mistress Ofelia von Hartsong.

  • Charali Plains Colonization Announcement (Thu Mar 17 21:22:07 2016) - The Lithmorran Royal Court has officially closed submissions for the Lithmorran Charali Plains Colonization project. Over the course of the next month the Privy Council and Ofelia von Hartsong will review the submissions and come to a consensus before making an announcement. The Regent wishes to thank everyone for their interest.

  • Spring Awakening! (Tue Mar 15 01:51:36 2016) - People all over the city are still talking of the Captain von Kasabinova's Spring Awakening party and Candle Blessing ceremony.

    Archbishop Aristera performed a Candle Blessing in honor of the late Cardinal Roseren, and the Kingdom's Justiciar, Rimilde von Rievirkrintz, gave a short and poetic toast to a brighter future between her first home of Vandago and the rest of the kingdom.

    The Vandagan Candle Blessing is a special ceremony held at the beginning of spring: Her Eminence led the faithful in lighting candles and reciting well-wishes and prayers while they allowed the warm and dry influence of candle flame to purify the lungs and balance the humors that easily succumb to the cool and damp of winter. Similarly, those who gathered at the Captain's table prayed for the inspiration to be relieved of ill feelings, bile, and taint that may more easily accumulate during the darkest, coldest season. Needed and fitting, the majority of the attendees found themselves with a renewed opinion that they should do something religious with themselves.

    Eamon Byrne, a Lithmorran, provided gourmet versions of Charali staples and fantastic Vandagan food - the main course was a fish stuffed in a fish stuffed in a fish sewed up to look like just one fish. This 'matrioshka fish' was morbid enough that any Vandagan would be impressed. This was apparently decadent enough to offend some of the more delicate Lithmorrans' sensibilities - a fact that did not go unappreciated by Vandago.

    While the Regent could not make time to attend, he publicly lauded the Captain's efforts, and the High Steward and Lady Chancellor notably attended.

  • Melody ab Anderson Ousted (Mon Mar 14 10:28:57 2016) - Word has officially been confirmed that Melody ab Anderson was ousted as Magnate of the Merchants guild due to failure to tend to her duties and conspicuous absence.

  • Addressing Concerns (Sun Mar 13 19:20:37 2016) - With the recent concerns having been raised about the Charali Plains project and relations in general, the office of the Regent released the following essay:

    We find ourselves today at a crossroads in our Kingdom. One of many that we have faced, one of many that we will face in the ages to come. It is choices and change that help keep a kingdom going, evolving, improving. At our core, despite the choices and changes, no matter how we evolve, we are a people, a nation, bound by common faith, purpose and history. King Dav saw it as our Holy duty to spread the faith. It is with this idea that the Charali Plains project began.

    Early on, it was with the help of Ofelia von Hartsong, a member of the Court and now Royal Chamberlain, that we began devising and researching this project. She looked into the nature of colonization, the benefits, the challenges and good ways to do it. She helped us build a framework for judging the colonies so that they will benefit the kingdom and survive.

    Beyond the duty of faith, the Charali plains are a vast, largely untouched frontier. There are resources and opportunities there if only we reach out and take up the challenges. The Charali plain has numerous assets that once a colony is established will begin to be tapped and shipped out to the various domains of the realm. New revenue will be raised on these goods as they go out to the various ports of the realm.

    Not only this, but the new colony will be requiring a great investment in infrastructure. Churches, walls and roads will all need to be built. They will need to be manned and supplies will be needed while the colonies are established, to get them through the transitional period to self sufficiency. So even as trade flows out from the new domain, it will flow in, earning the duchies more funds as the project is invested in. Without the famed Vandagan Engineers to help build the roads, farin trained soldiers to help protect the people, Tubori ships to move the goods, Vavardi finished goods will help bring comfort and the trappings of civilization, helping to make the colony a home. Every duchy will prosper from the increase in trade.

    As we build the domain we will bring Civilization to the Charali plains. Those roads we build will bring faith to the Charali people, but also it will bring Order. Civilizing these lands provides a buffer, from which we can guard against the unlawful who would use the wilds to hide their crimes, hide from justice. These new colonies will guard the south eastern edge of the kingdom from threats further south, it will be a bulwark that will help secure our realm from invaders. This colony, though started by Lithmore, needs all the duchies of the realm. It will be a Lithmorran colony in the truest sense of the word, representing the best of all of our individual cultures. When we are active and direct and work together, it serves the Kingdom, it keeps our people safe. It makes it so our people can prosper. There are risks with any venture, but without risk, there can be no gain. Together we can overcome these challenges and if the Lords and Ladies of the realm still have concerns, the crown is happy to listen and address concerns. Lord bless us all and the continued growth and strength of the Kingdom.

  • What's Offensive to Vandagans? (Thu Mar 10 10:51:35 2016) - As the Kingdom battles on against the White Flame and Lithmore gears up to launch a Charali Plains colonization effort, rumors of Vandagan dissatisfaction have begun to crop up in the Foreign Quarter.

    While a proper Vandagan would never be so crass as to get up in arms aboutanything, they certainly do have opinions!

    "How odd that none of Vandago's efforts in the White Flame campaign have been recognized; in fact, how odd that most in Lithmore seem entirely unaware that Vandago has been helping at all!"

    "We don't want or need the plains, but if they're going to give Vavard space to expand, why wouldn't they ask if Vandago had any concerns about a new domain near us? What if they undermine our trade economy? What if they drive the Charali into Ikihel?"

    "At least the Regent has appointed a delegate who can legitimize Vandagan concerns, but I have heard little of her actually doing anything."

    "Maybe it won't be so bad if they really do go ahead and let us have a Tubori ruler for a neighbor. We can still tax them the same as Tubor if they come near us, right?"

    And perhaps most forcefully:

    "It's just beyond me, it's concerning, the way our Court handles political matters. Our Court's expected to embrace politics and ceremony and symbolic gestures of respect, aren't they? Refusing politics is refusing to respect Vandago enough to deal with us!"

    A laundry list of concerns: an overreaction, certainly, but indicative of long-running, unspoken sour feelings, an inability to address them, and a growing fear that the Duchy of Vandago is fundamentally incapable of communicating with the Crown when they need to. Still, those in Lithmore City might learn of efforts being made within the Court to hear these issues and ensure Lithmore and Vandago can understand each other on both a political and cultural level.

  • Remembering Albrecht von Kastner (Thu Mar 10 23:28:10 2016) - Once the fallout of the recent high-profile kidnappings by the White Flame had finally settled, the Grand Magnate of the Merchants Guild of Lithmore, Galen Fairweather, had an announcement to make concerning the fate of woodworking Trade Master Albrecht von Kastner, the only casualty among those captured.

    "It seems like everyone in the Merchants Guild had some personal connection to Albrecht von Kastner. I'm no exception - I met him not long after I arrived in the city, and he was a fast friend. He was one of my sponsors when I sought to join the Merchants Guild in the first place, and I never hesitated to seek his counsel and experience when making decisions as Grand Magnate. He was a very friendly person, always quick to laugh and joke, and was always ready to lend a helping hand. The Guild, and the entire city of Lithmore, is less bright for the lack of him."

    "From what I've heard of the incident, Albrecht von Kastner didn't go without a fight, and he readily gave his life to protect the others. It was this sort of bravery and selflessness that truly characterized him, both as a Merchant and as a Reeve, and it would only make the tragedy of his loss even greater if we let him pass from our memory."

    "In his honor, I have christened our Guildhall's outdoor carpentry yard in his name - from here on, it will now be known as 'The von Kastner Carpentry Yard'. I have also had a statue in his likeness commissioned - it now overlooks the yard, looking as he so often did in life - spreading good cheer and merriment by nature of his very presence. Of course, nothing could substitute for the real thing, but hopefully, having this monument to his character will keep his spirit alive in our hearts for generations to come."

    "In addition, the Lady Justiciar has graciously offered the Cityguard Headquarters as a venue for a party, in celebration of Albrecht von Kastner's life and in honor of his memory. It will take place in a month's time and will prominently feature plenty of drinking, rough-housing, and merriment, as we are all sure he would have preferred."

    Despite the Grand Magnate's level and practiced delivery, he looked rather choked up by the time he delivered the conclusion of his announcement.

    "Albrecht's loss comes as a shock to everyone... I had never even considered that there might be a day when he just... Wasn't around anymore. I miss him terribly... Everyone who knew him does. At times like these, I try to remember that when the people we love pass from this world, we still carry a piece of them in our hearts, and that it helps shape who we are and the sort of person we want to be to others, so they're never truly gone... As much as he meant to the Guild, as an organization, he meant so much more to us all personally. Before I first joined the guild, the previous Grand Magnate, now the Lady ab Kovar, told me that the Merchants Guild was like a big family, and when he was around, it always felt true. We can only do our best to make sure that stays true, even while he's gone."

  • Playing on Religion (Mon Mar 7 22:56:53 2016) - An impromptu speech was held By Viccania le Serre herself after Mass in the Church Square. The speech was said to be in regards to the Charali Plains Colonization Initiative. One Bard who was present relayed the speech as something like this:

    "Dear Davites, I stand here before you today, a fellow davite, and I ask for your ears."

    "I bring grim news. As many of you are likely aware, I recently had fliers and speakers sent out in hopes of recruiting those who wished to see the future progress. The results of this are truly disheartening, as only 11 people chose to be part of something bigger than themselves. To seek to bring Religion and Culture to the Charali Plains. To continue Dav's and Saint Jaridan's work. These eleven people showed their faith and desire to help."

    "And now I stand before you all, and I ask this; Where are the faithful? It is our duty as Davites to spread the Lord's words, to spread it to those who know not better. The Charali people's souls are in our hand, and as the truly Faithful are you going to let their souls be condemned to abyss because you could not put other's above yourself? If we don't spread the Lord's word no one else will. And need I remind you that souls that are left to wander the abyss often come back as demons! You've all see the havoc and chaos the demons have wrought on our good kingdom! Should we not do our all to make sure more demons can not come into existence!"

    "So I plead with the Faithful who stand before me! Join my Colony and Join me in saving the souls of the Charali! Join me in integrating them into our society as faithful Davites! But more importantly let us ensure the safety of the kingdom by preventing more loss souls!"

    Those present for the speech stated she spoke with a certain gusto, as if she truly believed what she said and feared for the souls of the Charali. Those who were interested in Lithmore city were directed to mail or seek Vicannia Le Serre herself.

  • Gaspard executes Oscar (Thu Mar 3 19:20:56 2016) - The masses stood before the pyre of River Square today to stand witness to the pyring of Oscar dul L'iidra, a man who was accused of lacing drinks with magical potions. Upon review by the Grand Inquisitor, he was determined to be a Mage as he proclaimed to the city at large. The purported mage struggled the entire way to the pyre but the event was otherwise unimpeded.

    The Grand Inquisitor's final request stated: "I ask that anyone who has been made victim by this man's concoctions come to the church so that the Archbishop may see to you with other members of the clergy. The Church is here for you as it is for anyone afflicted by the taint."

  • A Laudate Once Again (Tue Mar 1 12:42:55 2016) - After near two months with no official leadership within the Hollow Globe, word has finally come forth in trickles. Correspondence has been exchanged and it has been declared that Addienna op Bearsmit will return to her previously help post of Poet Laudate. In an address to the Troubadours within the Globe it is remarked that she spoke of her desire to care for the Theatre and their Troubadour Family, among with the spring bringing about the busy season of performances for them and to be prepared for activities.

    The announcement was met with approval by some, and mixed emotions by others. As the most senior performing Bard it is however only acceptable that she assume the position once more after the extended absence of any leadership.

  • Jemven Lynilin Dies on the Pyre (Mon Feb 29 01:05:34 2016) - The air grew cold and a bitter blizzard blew in on the breeze as the crowd gathered in River Square to watch the cleansing of Jemven Lynilin.

    The Grand Inquisitor and the Knights present were quick to react to the ill omen when the flame wouldn't take; a four-armed white demon calling itself the Sovereign of Balathumel appeared in the crowd from under a guise of a fine young girl, calling for Jemven Lynilin's soul. Sir Ariel le Orban slew Lynilin on the pyre as the creature flew at him, but it was unclear which of them was ultimately responsible for his demise. The demon disappeared as Lynilin died.

    Jemven's body was summarily burned and those injured by the demon's forces of energy were directed to the Madison.

    This may serve as a warning to any who are tempted to make pacts with creatures of pure evil: demons seek only to deny us salvation and drag us down with them to their Abyss.

  • Announcement from the Royal Court (Sat Feb 27 11:52:30 2016) - With the White Flame situation continuing to escalate, word came from the office of the Regent announcing the extension of the deadline for the Charali Plains Colonization Proposals. The official word is that now is not the right time to move forward while the threat of the White Flame lingers so heavily over Lithmore.

    This is not an end to the Charali Plains Colonization Initiative, but instead a delay to focus on matters closer to home. The new deadline would be the end of Aprilis 369 (OOC: March 15th). From there the Colonization project will continue as planned. The Regent was also quick to assure the people of Lithmore that the Lord Commander of the Banners Rei ab Sevoi and Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz were working on plans for dealing with the White Flame and looks forward to a quick resolution to this rebellion.

  • Address from the Inquisition (Sat Feb 27 11:51:10 2016) - The Grand Inquisitor emerged onto the steps of Saint Aelwyn's Cathedral this morning to address the city of Lithmore, and by extension the Kingdom at large:

    "Some of you have shared concerns about the witch Rhea Sommus' claims, hoping for an address that might assuage your fears. I say this now: The Order does not work with Mages, and by considering the source -- a Mage who preposterously claimed the Order worked with her on frequent occasion, before we randomly just decided to change our minds, warrant and stage a massive man-hunt to capture and save her via fire -- you might have your answer already. She is not the first Mage to make dubious claims about the Order, and she will not be the last. Take the testimony of Mages with a grain of salt lest you find yourself in allegiance with heretics, and feel always welcome to come and speak to me or the Archbishop Sophia Aristera about your concerns. It is what we are here for, after all."

    "Days ago, information was brought to me confirming that the White Flame - who shall never be called 'Saint Aelwyn's' anything - had at last dared show their faces in Lithmore's capitol. They have taken hostages at random, grabbing innocents from the streets without thought to their identities or histories, proving beyond shadow of a doubt that their intentions are not at all to right some ill-perceived wrong in the Order's practices."

    "I say to you now, in address of the Flame: No man or woman who has taken up their black standards shall survive without the Heretic's brand. He or she shall be marked until the end of their living days, be that time late for the truly repentant, or quick for the unflinching heretic. There can be no heresy more dire, more serious, more desperately in need of recognition that our fellows might know them at a glance and ensure they do not fall off the path of righteousness again. These misguided monsters who brought our purest and most precious tool - a thing which SAVES souls - down into the foulest gutter, who used our Holy Pyre and Cleansing Flame for mindless murder, will never be let to slink away unseen into the crowd."

  • A Call to Arms (Sat Feb 27 01:22:02 2016) - A brief and enigmatic statement has been released by Lord Ariel le Orban, on behalf of the Knighthood:

    "Seeking combat-competent individuals, particularly those with expertise in archery or stealth and those who are unusually strong. Intelligence and discretion ideal; willingness to follow orders absolutely required. We recommend you come in leather armor.

    All those who volunteer will be paid the sum of two golden crowns, with a possibility for a bonus of up to three more for competent work. If interested, please write to me immediately."

  • The Future Awaits! (Fri Feb 26 21:06:34 2016) - It would appear that progress is being made on the Charali Plains Colonization Initiative as fliers and public speakers have begun appearing in various domains, sprinkled throughout the duchies.

    For those in attendance they say the speeches go a little something like this.

    "Hear ye, hear ye! Vicannia le Serre, Heir to Le Serre Trading Company, is seeking willing volunteers to join her colony in the Charali Plains! She warns that it will not be easy, and those who are faint of heart or do not wish to put work into bringing the faith and culture to the Charali should not join. But for those who don't mind getting their hands dirty, and going out of their way to expand the kingdom's borders, they will be remembered as the pioneers who tamed the Charali Plains in the Name of the Lord of the Springs! Their family names spoken in reverence for years to come!"

    "If you have the heart and determination to continue Dav's work, then listen well! The Le Serre Colony is seeking a 100 willing people with prior skills in Farming, Animal Husbrandy, Carpentry, Sewing and basic survival skills ranging from foraging to cooking to hunting! Man or Woman it matters not, as long as you serve a purpose in the colony! If you fall into any of these categories and wish to serve something greater than yourself, seek out the names listed on the fliers being handed out, and pledge your willingness to be part of the future!"

    "Let us bring life and religion to the Charali Plains!"

    Fliers were handed out and posted on notice boards throughout the domains, relaying much of the same information the speakers relayed, with the added benefit of giving names as to who to contact for joining the colony.

  • A Yuletime Pantomime (Sun Feb 21 23:17:38 2016) - To ring in the end of Yule and the year gone by, the Royal Court Lithmorran sponsored a great Yule Pantomime to be put on by the Troubadours at the Globe Theatre. The event, a murder mystery play, saw a considerable turn out of denizens wishing to put recent troubles from their minds, and saw the audience as a whole attempt to determine which of the other characters had murdered the perfidious Master Bluebird.

    Reports speak of playacted duels, death and tragedy, and it would appear that - if only for an eve - the city was able to forget its recent demonic troubles and the looming threat of Saint Aelwyn's Flame in favour of a bit of a theatrical frivolity. Those who went left in high spirits, and spread some of the Yuletime cheer where they passed. Even if it is to turn with the next shifting of the wind, the city can speak of a Happy Yule, at the very least.

  • Orderly Doubt (Fri Feb 19 21:28:05 2016) - The recent surge of goodwill for the Order and the Crown appears to have hit a bit of a snag, with reports coming in from the countryside that priests attired in the vestments now attributable to Saint Aelwyn's Flame have taken to preaching in town squares, surrounded by heavily armed retainers and caushing a variety of clashes before inevitably being either killed or vanishing into the wilderness.

    The common thread of the Order's perceived failings remains prevalent, and they appear to have picked an unlikely 'Champion' in the person of the now deceased mage Rhea Sommus. Much is being made of her being left to terrify the whole of Lithmore for all of four years; not to mention the assertions made by her on the day of her death which - they vocally remark - have not been denied openly by the Grand Inquisitor, old or new, as any true and good Davites would do in the face of slander by a mage, of all unholy things. They are openly asserting that this failure can do nothing but corroborate the mage's words, of priests and inquisitors turning to the taint of magery for their own foul gain.

    Corruption, they say, has taken hold of the Church at its very heart, and its only hope of salvation is the cleansing flame.

    Whatever the truth, doubt continues to be sown, with Lithmorran turning against Lithmorran and apparently feeding new recruits into the Flame every day.

  • Earl Marshall Steps Down (Tue Feb 16 01:48:32 2016) - Having trouble with recovery from some serious injuries and facing the necessity of active work required to combat the White Flame, Earl Marshall Alara Rovar has stepped down from the position of Earl Marshall to make room for someone better able to handle the role. She has noted that she will instead be relocated to a position in Vandago where she can serve in a reduced role while she continues her recovery.

  • A New Magnate Arrives in Lithmore (Mon Feb 15 16:59:29 2016) - Earlier this morning, a heavily-guarded carriage entered Lithmore. Passers-by who saw it were confused, for the carriage was relatively simple, but the guard sizable enough for many to take notice. The identity of the person within did not remain a secret for long, however.

    The woman within, Melody ab Anderson, has recently been named Magnate of the Merchants guild, and has traveled to the capitol to assume this role, under heavy guard due to the dangers plaguing travelers as of late. Some speculate that she has arrived to assist with keeping peaceful trade agreements between Lithmore and Vavard after their recent tensions, others believe she is here to oversee the fairness of trade in and out of the Charalin plains once colonization has begun, and others merely believe she is here to assist the young Grand Magnate due to her experience. As no one actually spoke to the young woman, it is difficult to say which, if any, of these speculations is true. Let us merely hope that she is competent.

  • Appointment of a New Grand Inquisitor (Mon Feb 15 01:46:36 2016) - In the wake of the recent news of the Grand Inquisitor's withdrawal from his position due to health restrictions, a new name has begun cropping up in Lithmore City as multiple couriers have been sent out to the duchies with the seal of the Holy Order of Dav stamped with the Inquisitorial signet of office.

    A man by the name of Gaspard dul Hargrove has stepped up to fill the role that the previous Grand Inquisitor vacated. While new to Lithmore, Hargrove's name is known among the Kingdoms as a seasoned witch hunter with experience working closely with the Knights Lithmorran in rooting out heretical elements. Rumor has it that his position was given with the hopes that he could further quell the insurgency of the zealots that have cropped up in recent days and ensure problems with the Church are handled swiftly with capable hands.

  • Grand Inquisitor Steps Down (Sun Feb 14 20:40:42 2016) - Word has filtered out from the Cathedral that the Grand Inquisitor, who has been discreetly ill for some time now, has finally become too unwell to see to his functions and stepped down from his Office. Rumour abounds of his household staff being seen rushing between the Madison, Saint Aelwyn's Cathedral and his personal estate, delivering various messages and fetching medicine in great quantities.

    One of them was overheard reporting that the Grand Inquisitor, apparently showing as serene a face as ever, had mentioned that he hoped commoners might decide to wash again, in light of what would be his prolonged absence.

    Word has not yet reached the streets of Lithmore as to whom would be replacing him in office, although hopes are high that, in this time of turmoil, whoever steps into Dazen le Riorn's shoes will be of strong faith, conviction and kindness.

  • The Commoners--They're Revolting! (Sat Feb 13 06:59:49 2016) - Word spread quickly after the arrest and pending Review of Poet Laudate Lissette dul Vallette. While songs and tavern talk make up a good portion of the discontent with the purported reason behind the arrest, another form of protest is popping up more and more--unwashed folk are walking around, engaging in business as usual. When asked about their lack of cleanliness, they claim to just be following new church edicts about cleanliness. While the most rude thing about most of them is their stench, their passive expression of discontent is clear.

  • Marshalling the Knights (Thu Feb 11 23:43:57 2016) - As the first falls of winter settle on Lithmore, word becomes to come into the Capitol that the Knights of the duchy have not spent Yule time idle. Rather than linger in the domains they've become familiar with, they are given the order to return to Lithmore, marshaling together in a growing force north of the city. Hundreds are expected, and as the festive week draws to an end the first are seen passing into the Knight's Keep. Each man or woman arrives in grandeur, mail shining in the dull winter sun. It's a slow process, as Lithmore is a wide land. Notably, few Knights arrive from the southeastern provinces, and snows from the north are rumored to have temporarily stalled the Knights near the Vandagan border. Everyone is reminded of the grim future in their immediacy, made more so difficult to be hopeful about from the firm announcement from the Royal Court and the High Synod.

    But with the coming of each contingent of Knights moving down Church Street or up the King's Concourse, the spirit of the city brightens back. Cheers issue forth, the people pushed to the sides of the streets by the armored stallions and procession of spurred Knights, cloaked squires, and plainer pages earning cheers every time they are spotted. In their wake, boys grab sticks and brooms, sparring with youthful vigor. Young men and women hold serious conversations about taking the Oaths themselves and serving the Kingdom in this time of need, and all throughout the city gloom resolves itself into determination that this most recent threat to Lithmore will be soon be put to an end.

  • Word Comes from the High Synod (Thu Feb 11 21:49:05 2016) - Let it be known by all that the women and men who have declared themselves affiliated to the cultist organization known as Saint Aelwyn's Flame are hereby declared Enemies of the Faith and dangerous heretics for their actions against the fabric of the Realm and Church. They are to be given neither shelter nor aid by good and true Davites for so long as they continue their heretical folly.

    Their leaders, for the abuse of their authority and crimes committed in mockery of our most Holy Church, whomever they are and whatever their standing, are hereby EXCOMMUNICATED. Crimes against their persons are no crimes in the eyes of the Lord of the Springs, and they are stripped of their right to last rites, confession and burial in consecrated ground.

    Their foot soldiers and followers are, as of the publication of these banns, given a MONTH'S GRACE to lay down arms and make their peace with the Order, wherever they may be, after which the same will be leveled unto them.

    Delivered from the Holy Synod and sealed with the Golden Chalice of the Holy Order

  • The Royal Court Responds (Thu Feb 11 21:44:22 2016) - The following statement was issued from the office of the Regent and read aloud at various public gathering places.

    People of Lithmore. You have by now heard the rumors of the group known as Saint Aelwyn's Flame, or the White Flame. These people claim that they are on a holy mission to purge the realm of corruption and magery. They claim that they are on the side of justice and humanity. They claim to be doing the holy work of Dav.

    These people speak blasphemy and their actions are treason. The Canonical Laws provide the foundation of how we as a people and our faith operate. The Inquisition is charged with rooting out the evils of magery and heresy. The Inquisition and its practices were built by Dav and Saint Aelwyn, whose name this white flame desecrate by pretending to be continuing his mission. It is Saint Aelwyn's teachings and methods that guide the inquisition to this day and has helped root out countless numbers of mages. These traitors warp and usurp the laws of the church, denying proper confession to those who have sinned and cleansing by fire people who have committed even minor sins.

    They have now slain a lawful noble Baroness, her family, members of the order and legally sanctioned Reeves who had been sent to help settle disputes. They have disgraced the kingdom, and make a mockery of our sacred religion. They and their ilk will not be tolerated. I offer them this one chance to stand down and submit themselves to the proper authority of the Order and the Crown.

    If they do not submit, I call upon the Cardinals of the realm to excommunicate the members of this cult. They are to be charged with treason and murder and will face the proper judgment of the law. Any and all who aid the White Flame with supplies, shelter, or intelligence will be charged with treason. If you encounter these individuals, report them to the Order and the Reeves immediately and avoid them at all cost. For your safety, it is recommended you move about with those you trust implicitly and avoid going anywhere alone. As we always do, we will endure. Lord bless us all.

  • Troubadours Name New Leadership (Wed Feb 10 09:58:55 2016) - While the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Poet Laudate Yrata op Terpo continue to go unexplained, letters have gone out to the various chapters of the Troubadours from her designee, one Lissette dul Vallette. As weeks roll into months and authorities provide no additional information regarding the missing Laudate the Troubadours clamor for renewed leadership and ultimately confirm dul Vallette, who was purportedly being groomed for the position of Poet Knight, as the new Laudate.

    As her first order as Laudate, dul Vallette named the far more experienced former Laudate Addienna op Bearsmit as her Poet Knight, which put at ease many of the voices worrying of the young Vavardian's inexperience. While seemingly shaken by the absence of her predecessor, she has vowed to keep the guild a light in dark times.

  • A Yule Play! (Tue Feb 9 13:28:11 2016) - The Royal Court Lithmorran invites you to

    A Yuletime Pantomime

    A night of Mystery and Intrigue,
    to take place at the close of Yule
    at the Globe Theatre.

  • The Capuan Countess Arrives in Lithmore (Mon Feb 8 10:08:18 2016) - Journey offset by the trouble on the eastern coast, the train of carriages and personnel bearing the Countess of Capua, Alessandra dul Terani, is set to arrive in Lithmore shortly. Since the death of her father nearly six years ago, she has lead her county while juggling her education, and now apparently has settled both issues enough and made such arrangements as to travel to Lithmore, hoping to strengthen relations between the two duchies.

  • Saint Aelwyn's Flame (Wed Feb 3 03:18:52 2016) - News has come to the city from all parts of the Duchy, detailing the gruesome end met by the Baroness of Eastgale, who was summarily pyred for nebulous offenses against the Faith. Moreso than the wave of panic caused by the sudden cleansing of a noblewoman for unspecified sins, there is now confirmation that those who have done so are not actually the Order, but the group of religious zealots who have begun to lay claim to the recent unrest and spates of violence across the Duchy.

    Rumour has it that, after throwing the Baroness, her people - and apparently legally sanctioned Reeves - on the flame, the group raised a black standard drawn with a single white flame over her fort. The apparent leader of this group - named by some as a Knight, by others an Inquisitor and others even an actual demon wearing human skin - spoke his warning to the whole of the Duchy:

    "The Order has failed you.

    Too long has the taint been allowed to lay waste to the good and virtuous. Has sin been left to run rampant and heinously tolerated. Mages are given the opportunity to use their poisoned tongues to lie their way out of the chains and flame which are their only right. Let the taint no longer fester, let our so called betters take their proper place as protectors of the Faith and Realm, or be summarily sent on their way to the Lord. Let the truly faithful see that the travail of Dav not be in vain. Let those who will be free from darkness and evil join us.

    We are Saint Aelwyn's Flame, and we will scorch the Urth."

  • Official Announcement Regarding Lockpicking (Tue Feb 2 22:46:32 2016) - The Royal Court has issued an official announcement regarding lockpicking: in response to a recent spate of lockpicking break-ins about the city, picking locks and the possession of lockpicks will be cracked down on. In order to close some loopholes, it has been noted that there will not be considered to be any special dispensations any longer as well, as they are not believed to be required. Further explanation notes picking locks to be considered a form of trespass while possession of lockpicks is criminal involvement.

  • The Tournament in Vavard (Sun Jan 31 12:04:20 2016) - News from Vavard has only just started arriving in Lithmore:

    At the tournament in Vavard hosted by Countess Farra dul Baildana, Her Royal Majesty rose up at the tail end of the feast and addressed the gathered nobility and flower of Vavardi chivalry.

    "90 years," the Queen said, starting her speech in a voice that betrayed her nerves. "It has been 90 years," she continued in the local Vavardi tongue, her confidence building as she gained momentum, "since the foundation of Vavard as a Duchy, a land built not on blood and war, but by words, will, human cunning and by the grace of the Lord of the Springs. In that time, much of the world as we know it has changed. Sivernus and his Ducal heirs have proven their wisdom in shepherding Vavard through her troubles to peace and prosperity. We have seen ancient families fall and perish, with even the great ab Harmons passing away. These ancient legacies weigh upon us still today, but remember that they are just that- ancient words from a different world, where different causes and pressures ruled the human heart.

    Today, we are on the verge of a new era. We have recently announced a concerted push into the Charali Plains, a decision that I know has been met with a hesitant response here in Vavard about what it means to Vavard's own efforts. But I tell you, people of Vavard, that the Plains are broad and their lands waiting to be tamed beneath the Chalice of the Lord of the Springs and the plough of the farmer. Behind them will follow the wagons and ships of the merchant. You need not be anxious- Vavard has always been at the frontier and that will not be taken from you and it shall be your example that the rest of the realm looks to. But go forth, I say, and continue to extend Vavard's borders and colonial territories as your forefathers have, and do so with our blessing and prayers.

    Under my rule, Lithmore will not be telling Vavard how to do what Vavard does best- to act as a mortar of culture, trade and coin that helps to bind our realm together. To this end, Lithmore will be searching for a good natural port in Vavard. At this port, Lithmore will be investing substantial amounts of gold and inviting the Vavardi nobility and wealthy to likewise invest, as we build a joint shipyard and military port to combat the dual scourges of piracy and Daravi sneaking up the straits.

    We stand today in the lee of Nimrock Castle, a mighty and ancient edifice without doubt. Yet she also stands as a symbol, a symbol of the division between Lithmore and Vavard, for she has remained under Lithmorran control for as long as Vavard has been a Duchy. She has been a reminder that Vavard is not seen as an equal partner to Lithmore, that she is not trusted in the way that Tubor, Vandago and Farin are. Let us end that now. I declare that a transition period will begin this very day, with Nimrock's castellan working with Grand Master Ridalgo of the Knights of the Rock to ensure an orderly transition. On the very day of my coronation, Nimrock will transfer now and eternally into Vavardi hands.

    In another 90 years it is doubtful that any but the youngest and most blessed amongst us will live on... And so our challenge for the future is to leave a legacy of which our descendants can be proud. What will we build and how will we be remembered? It is my hope and prayer that we will be a stronger kingdom, a broader and more cohesive realm. A land of prosperity and trade, a land where one may walk or sail from end to the other with safe assurance. A land where the Charali plains and the Hill people of the Tarns have been brought fully into the faith. A land and people that we can be proud of. A strong and unified land. "

    The Vavardi in attendance, though pleased with the diversion the Tournament had offered, were caught by surprise at the Queen's announcement and fell briefly to a hush, though not one which lasted long. Soon everyone was speaking of the change in ownership of Nimrock to Vavardi hands. The talk of a new port has raised several questions, but there were hints of hope at some promise for it, should the details be worked out. The speech marked a warming of the Vavardi people to 'the dear little queen' and some willingness to let the administration serving on her behalf fulfill their promises and prove their good will. Duke Loran dul Acris was notably not in attendance, though he is said to have been fully apprised of the details of the Queen's speech by his mother, who represented the ducal family.

  • The Earl Marshall Returns (Tue Jan 26 12:25:10 2016) - A rumor can start in the strangest of ways. A courier says something to a friend, jabbering about a message they delivered. Their friend knows an barkeep in the Vandagan District and relays the juiciest gossip. Someone overhears the exchange and passes it off to a Tubori bard. And so it goes, and goes, morphing until only the single kernel of truth is truly 'known' in the city. Today, that truth is that Alara Rovar, the long-missing Earl Marshall of the Knights Lithmorran, has returned.

    Some say that the woman was off fighting a whole coven of witches in Tubor. Others that-- no, it was a wicked Demonic plot along the Edessan border that sprung the Lady Knight away in the night without word or warning. Others insist that she was captured and held ransom by a group of bandits, a ransom that the Order refused to pay even as the Knights went without naming a new Marshall. Some even suggest that the Vandagan woman simply walked away from her post, her simplistic mind too overwhelmed by the rigors of the city. All seem certain that, somehow, Shaylei le Orban de Roldan, the Prime Medicus of the Madison, is involved. Eventually, details coalesce as the revelation that the Lady Earl Marshall is recovering what injuries suffered while away, injuries that are extensive and troubling. For the time being, inquiries to the healing Earl Marshall can be made via mail or courier to the Lady Medicus's estate.

  • Taming and Claiming the Charali Plains (Sun Jan 24 19:26:02 2016) - On the 3 of Octobris, this year 368 of the Sun Cycle, in the name of our Queen, Her Royal Highness, Caitrin ab Samael, Lord Tomas ab Jinosa, Lord Regent and Protector of the Realm presents the following message to the people of the Kingdom: As this year comes to a close, the Crown brings designs to begin new territorial expansion into the Charali plains. Colonial charters shall be ceded to those industrious denizens of the Kingdom who comes up with a proper, sustainable plan for a settlement, in keeping with the laws of Lithmore and the teachings of the Holy Order.

    Any wishing to claim and administer the territory in the name of the Crown must submit a plan to do so which assures sustainability and longevity to the colony, as, if successful, it may mark a point of entry with regard to supporting future expansion into the Plains. As such, applicants will be evaluated on four distinct criteria, as follows:

    *A colony which will thrive must be sustainably positioned. Applicants must outline any and all of the territorial considerations they can conceive of, to ensure that the colony is livable and accessible by the Crown. At the very minimum, plans to situate the lands in an advantageous and livable place must be submitted, with additional points given to any further considerations which may be derived purely from location.

    The colony, even with a measure of support offered by the Crown for its early days, must eventually sustain itself. Applicants must determine a way for the colony to generate funds for its own survival. At the minimum, one possible trade avenue must be outlined, and its operation detailed; with explanations on how trade will be conducted and goods shipped. Additional points will be given for clever planning and further detail.

    Even with land and coin, a colony is truly sustained by its inhabitants. Applicants must determine what people to send, for the early days, as well as detailed plans for population growth and integration. In the spirit of Saint Jaridan's tireless works, harmonious cohabitation between settlers, Crown envoys and the local Plains population must be nurtured and promoted, and points will be deducted out of any application which does not actively plan to do so. Some aggression is expected; however, it must not be instigated, and it must be planned for and dealt with appropriately.

    Finally, any integration of the local people into the lands of the Kingdom must see to it that they are successfully converted into the Holy Order. Like Saint-Jaridan before, this must be done in a way which avoids bloodshed and promotes good understanding. Applicants must determine a way to approach the Plains People with the word of the Order, whilst considering all the difficulties this may present. Non-violent and non-coercive means will be preferred, though defense of settlements must be considered.

    The colonies birthed from these plans shall be beholden to the Duchy of the Bren, and as such, submitted to the rule of Law this implies - slavery and other mistreatment of the local Plainsfolk will therefore not be tolerated, and be grounds for removal of the charter granted. Communication with the Crown on the subject of the development and progress of the settlement shall be required, and regular progress reports to be delivered for the evaluation of the Privy Council.

    The colony which sees the best progress in a matter of several months shall see its charter elevated to titled land, with all the advantages this confers to its architect. The other colonies will be folded under the new Jaridanian March under its new lord.

    Plans for expansion must be submitted within the coming four months. All applicants must be of good lawful and moral standing, as charters will only be granted pursuant to evaluation of a potential winner by the Law, as well as the Order.

    Interested parties are encouraged to consult with Lithmore's nobility on the nature of running a domain as well as Miss Ofelia von Hartsong who has studied the subject of colonization extensively.

  • A New Baron Arrives in Lithmore (Sun Jan 24 17:05:59 2016) - Word has been traveling down from the coast that a new noble is on his way to the capital. The navy and black standards attached to the carriage indicate that the horses are pulling none other than Lord Bertrand le Pajari, Baron of St. Helriem's Isle. Rumors abound that the baron, who has been in power for almost nine years, is making his trip to the capital to strengthen trade relations between his home isle and the mainland, and to attend court.

  • Jenifyr executes Rhea (Sat Jan 23 22:40:25 2016) - On this day, Eldes, Octorbris 4, a woman was sent to the pyre to cleanse her soul, having accepted the Lord of the Springs and repented before death. She had been disfigured terribly by mages, who claimed that she was Rhea Sommus having betrayed them - and indeed, she did appear to be Rhea Sommus in all ways but the mind. The woman herself claimed to be Rhun Stockrim, taken by mages to 'be awakened' and forced to drink a potion called 'Rebirth' that she says made her thus. The Holy Order, seeing her state, asked her if she repented, which she did, and asked her if she could bear to live, which she could not.

    Inquisitor Jenifyr von Vakhrova said, "It matters not whether this is Rhea Sommus or Rhun Stockrim, the mission of the Holy Order is gentle and loving. We seek to cleanse the taint from the souls of those cursed by the taint and unable to find rest in the afterlife. This woman, regardless, has suffered in the most horrific manner possible, and bears the deepest marks of taint in the fibres of her being. We will restore her, as we are charged by the Lord of the Springs to do that she may return to Him in death, cleansed and pure, to rest peacefully in eternity."

  • Toroni executes Lueta (Sat Jan 23 04:38:40 2016) - The bell sounded, and Inquisitor Toroni de Stonewall led a girl by the name of Lueta Samson out of Ahalin Tower. She fought him all the way, and so the inquisitor, who sported injuries of his own, enlisted the help of Lord Knight Rei ab Sevoi. As she was led to the pyre, one in the crowd by the name of Silrie Ryden began to play her lute and sing, in an effort to calm the fighting child. This seemed to have some effect; the Hillchild asked the inquisitor to be allowed to sing one last song, and the inquisitor agreed. The charges laid against Samson were of both magery and heresy. The cleansing was carried out without further incident.

  • Word from the Court (Thu Jan 21 16:13:12 2016) - As Augustus 28 dawned Lord Commander Rei ab Sevoi flanked by two legionaries stepped up before the town hall to deliver an announcement. "There have been recent rumors surrounding an incident on the Kirulean coast. Rogue groups of mercenaries have entered the lands with malicious intent. They prey on those unable to defend themselves and make light of the faith with their claims of cleansing and pyring. Many have already been granted safety and comfort out of harms way while further efforts are taking place to ensure the safety of the people. Those who would bring harm to the people of Lithmore, who would stand against her and the church will answer for their crimes."

  • Heedful Hoarding (Thu Jan 21 16:12:58 2016) - The Lady Seneschal has designated her cousin's shop on Church Street as a point of acceptance for food and supply donations, requesting of Lithmorrans with excess to bolster the Court's potential for charitable distribution come the colder seasons. Donations may be left at Courtland Atelier in the care of Miss Astor ab Courtland, with letters sent ahead to notify the Lady Seneschal Emma ab Kovar. All donated goods will be distributed come winter to the needy in Lithmore.

  • Royal Court Seeks Architect (Wed Jan 20 08:23:21 2016) - The Royal Court of Lithmore is seeking an enterprising engineer or architect who is interested in aiding in the rebuilding efforts of the Farin Quarter. The people of the Quarter have been through so much, and now with the taint finally cleansed, it is time to begin anew. The Farin Quarter, though freed of the taint, still bears the physical scars of the Darkest Day and the demonic explosion and it must be put to right.

    Whoever is hired will be responsible for investigating costs of rebuilding public roads, sewers and other such ammenities. They will further be charged with the designs of these new public spaces and integrating them into a coherent aesthetic that reflects both the Farin people.

    The person hired shall also be responsible for the building of a monument to be placed in the new Montford Square to honor the people of the Quarter and those who were lost. All inquiries should be directed to the office of His Grace Tomas ab Jinosa, Regent to Her Majesty Queen Caitrin ab Samael.

  • Dazen executes Matthew (Sun Jan 17 16:39:48 2016) - On the night of Septembris 10, 368, Grand Inquisitor Dazen le Riorn led a man by the name of Matthew Portsmith from Ahalen Tower. Charged with magery, the lad was thereafter cleansed via holy fire.

  • The Queen in Vavard (Sat Jan 16 22:11:02 2016) - In the midst of preparations for her annual Week to showcase and celebrate art and culture, Vavard City awoke to the news that a special guest had arrived aboard a fast sloop from the port of Engvist. The young Queen Caitrin herself (not to mention an extensive entourage) has arrived to join the coming celebrations. Customarily generous gifts were exchanged with the Duke, resident nobility, and the foremost merchant houses, many of whom were in the city already for the celebrations.

    The Queen's first evening also doubled as a celebration of her fourteenth birthday with a private meal alongside Duke Loran dul Acris and a few select others. Further news has it that after the Week has concluded, Her Majesty will spend the following five months in the Duchy and with the intended goal of getting to know the depths of the local culture. She will be touring the land, meeting the people and hearing of their concerns, ambitions and fears.

    The initial Vavardi reaction is rumored to have been cooler than hoped, if mostly polite.

    The office of the High Steward is said to be taking submissions from households interested in hosting the Queen in her travels within Vavard.

  • A White Flame (Tue Jan 12 20:48:59 2016) - Rumbles and whispers, contained mostly to roadside taverns and travelers' haunts, have now grown into loud talk. All over the Duchy of Lithmore, there is rumor to the effect of the recent troubles by the Kirulean Coast having grown and spread. What appears to be violent mercenary activity is said to have begun its spread westwards, with isolated attacks reported from as far as the foot of the Tarn Mountains.

    Information, for now, remains sparse, although it would appear that whoever these people are, they are giving larger towns and fortified strongholds wide berth to concentrate on small villages and poor rural communities. It does not appear anyone yet knows who they are or what they want, but judging by how great their reach has become, their numbers must be growing...

  • Hunapo Executes Timeotheo (Tue Jan 12 16:29:44 2016) - On Augustus 21st, 368 Timotheo le Boresail was sentenced to hang by his neck until dead for a variety of heretical and secular crimes. Supervising the execution was the Grand Inquisitor and the Lady Justiciar. Early reports indicate he did not suffer long.

  • Farin Quarter Dance Party (Mon Jan 11 13:13:39 2016) - Efforts to restore the Farin foreign quarter are ongoing, but the restoration of the dance hall remains a bright spot that many hope to build upon. In order to draw attention to the continued efforts in the district the Troubadours are holding a dance and a celebration of Farin culture. While the event is open to the public, lingering residents of the quarter and Farin refugees have been especially invited to enjoy dancing and Farin food and refreshments as well as to provide further input to city leaders in attendance for future projects. It is to be held on Septembris 7, 368.

  • A Mass and Warnings (Mon Jan 11 00:43:28 2016) - On the eve of the 14th of Augustus, the newly-arrived Mother Cymbria ab Maier had the Cathedral's bells sounded to call the faithful to mass. Recently come from her native Barony of Hamstone, the Mother's sermon is said to have concerned the subject of Vanity, as well as ways in which it may lead even the most devout to bringing harm to themselves, as well as others. After engaging those assembled on the subject, the Good Mother asked that all who had come take stock of their own lives, and choose an object whose symbolic weight had one day contributing to their committing a sinful act.

    While the chalices were passed throughout the Cathedral, she gave the floor to Lord Knight Ariel le Orban, who warned the denizens assembled of an influx of demonic activity in the city, and that they should beware and remain safe - not engaging with the demons and letting the Order and Knights deal with the abominations. After this news, and returning to the subject at hand, Mother Cymbria mentioned that she would call upon those there and the object she had asked them to consider again soon, and ended to mass, freeing the faithful back to the city.

  • Curious Happenings in the Farin Foreign Quarter? (Sun Jan 10 18:20:14 2016) - Confused and chaotic stories are coming from the inhabitants of the Farin Foreign Quarter about some inexplicable happenings that occurred on the 10th of Augustus.

    A dark fog engulfed much of the quarter, and those present when it was first spread report drifting into a nightmare-plagued sleep - regardless of whatever they were doing at the time. So far, all of them also report awakening at what seems to have been the exact same moment.

    Other horrified stories tell of discovering severed limbs and a massive circle drawn in blood around the Church of the Warrior Saints Triumphant, and personnel from the Madison helped to deal with an influx of approximately a dozen patients - and dead bodies - several hours after the fog's descent.

    Whatever has happened, horrifying as it is, there appears to be one scant silver lining:

    It seems the hallucinations and nightmares that plaged the area's inhabitants have steeply dropped off.

  • Margaux le Rousselle reappointed as High Steward (Wed Jan 6 17:17:26 2016) - An official announcement was released by the Regent's office today, which read: "Due to the unfortunate resignation of Lord Gaven ab Kovar as High Steward, we have had an urgent need to see this vital appointment swiftly filled. To this end, we have granted the position to Lady Margaux le Rousselle, Baroness Crestley. She has served ably in this role in the past and we expect that she will do so again in the future with our full confidence and support.

  • The Cleansing of Antail Sandomere (Tue Jan 5 10:22:18 2016) - At approximately midnight on Quintilis 22, a woman known to many as Antail Sandomere was led from Ahalin Tower by Grand Inquisitor Dazen le Rior and Lord Knight Ariel le Orban. Charged with magery, she was sentenced to cleansing through holy fire and summarily pyred.

  • Lets fix the Dancing Hall! (Mon Jan 4 22:57:06 2016) - Despite the outpouring of aid for the Farin refugees in the wake of the disaster that befell the Farin foreign quarter long ago, much of the district remains in ruin. As the Inquisition investigates the area to rout out the lingering diabolical influence in the area, much of the infrastructure repair has been yet left undone, if only because the Quarter is so depopulated that many of the ruined buildings would be abandoned anyway.

    The Farin Quarter's Dancing Hall, however, is a recent exception to the general disrepair of the quarter, at least now - seemingly almost overnight, it has been restored to its former glory, paid for by the coffers of the Merchants Guild. The Grand Magnate, Galen Fairweather, who had visited the Farin Quarter recently (on the same night that the Magistrate Lady Brynieve de Versin was struck by lightning), reportedly ordered the restoration personally.

    "I know that, in the long run, fixing this one building doesn't do much," he admitted with his characteristic humility. "There's much more work to be done - such as the Inquisition's important work cleansing the Quarter of its remaining taint - which is going to require a lot more organization. The extent of the damage will need to be surveyed, the costs tallied, funds raised... It will likely be years before the Farin Quarter is back to its former glory. But I figured that, at least, the Merchants could do this right now, with the funds we have. I know that it isn't much, but please consider it a gesture of support. To all the people who are lending their efforts to the restoration of the Farin Quarter - Inquisitor Alabaster and company, Miss Rain Reed and Miss Leila Durani, the Lithmore Labor Coalition, and countless others - I want it to be clear that you all have my support, and with it, the support of the Merchants Guild of Lithmore."

    The dance hall was restored to how it was before the disaster, with no marker of the Merchants' involvement in its restoration, save for a notice posted relaying the Grand Magnate's message.

  • Jubar Hakkar Executed by the Reeves (Mon Dec 28 15:49:47 2015) - This morning the Reeves hauled a Farin man out from Ahalin Prison, and escorted him to the gallows. To the onlookers at River Square it was announced: "Jubar Hakar is guilty of Attempted Murder, Assault of a Reeve, Trespass, Stalking, Harassment, and Fraud. Given these crimes were committed while the city of Lithmore was under siege by demonic forces, and His Grace the Regent's Order that all crimes committed during the crisis receive their maximum sentence was in effect, as well as given his past violent criminal record; Jubar Hakar is sentenced to hang by the neck until dead." Without much further ado, the trap door was opened, and the convicted met his end, swinging by the neck from his noose.

  • TuboriFest! (Sat Dec 26 11:46:22 2015) -
    Tubori Fest:
    A Celebration of Islander Culture

    Tubori Food, Drink, and Games For All
    On the Shores of Lake Harmon
    Come Prepared For Swimming!

  • Coffee in the Farin Quarter (Tue Dec 22 00:13:00 2015) - In late Aprilis, a group of Lithmorran citizens trooped into the Farin Foreign Quarter for a day of coffee and conversation with those brave few still living in the damaged area. The intent behind the project was to renew discussion on fixing the damage in the quarter - physical, social and spiritual - left in the wake of the dark curse cleared roughly two years prior.

    Between donators and volunteers, the project included everyone from Southsiders to nobility, with guildleaders and other well-known figures working alongside curious passersby; the 4, 000 silver raised for the event was enough to purchase coffee, tea and fruit to serve up to 800 people in a quarter that likely boasted no more than 2, 000 before the Endless Night descended.

    The group's reception in the quarter was initially lukewarm and many who may have heard of the event later probably heard more about the lightning strike that injured Lady Brynieve than about the refreshments, music, dancing or the careful first forays into organizing a next step. Nevertheless, the event concluded with tenants and volunteers parting ways, exhausted but cautiously optimistic.

    Between news of the Farin religious contingent's arrival in the city and quiet rumors of other individuals leading projects of their own, hopes for finally restoring the quarter remain modest, but they do remain.

  • Zaerieth ab Silverclaw Pays Penance for her Crimes (Sun Dec 20 16:59:15 2015) - At dawn on Maius the 21, the bells sounded, summoning all to River Square to witness the Lord's mercy. Upon arriving, crowds were greeted with the sight of former Grand Inquisitor/Inquisitor, Zaerieth ab Silverclaw, in chains.

    After being bound to the whipping post, fighting the whole while, Grand Inquisitor Dazen le Riorn turned and addressed the crowd.

    "Zaerieth Silverclaw stands before you this morning to pay penance for her crimes against the Lord of the Springs and the church. She is charged with heresy due to her actions, the murder of her unborn child via chainbreaker, the betrayal of her holy oath of chastity, fornication without blessing and impurity due to her continual lies. Due to these crimes, she has been removed from the Holy Order, will receive a heretic's brand, will receive twenty-five lashes and will be cleansed of her sin in the River Bren."

    Pausing, the Grand Inquisitor allowed his words to sink in. Reactions stemmed from grim confirmation to downright shock, and it was not long before the number in the square far exceeded that seen during most other penances. After a long moment, the Grand Inquisitor continued grimly.

    "These claims have been proven true, and I stand before you today to prove to all of you that no one, not even our own, are exempt from the Lord's laws."

    Rather than accept her penance with a repentant heart, Silverclaw fought to the last her efforts culminated in a vicious strike to the kneecaps and several Knights ordered by the Grand Inquisitor to hold her down, despite her being bound to a post.

    Once subdued, Zaerieth Silverclaw was branded a heretic. In a surprising diversion from the norm, when it came time to whip the heretic, Earl Marshall (then Grand Master) Alara Rover requested the Knights be permitted to wield the whip. Appearing taken aback by the unconventional request, the Grand Inquisitor paused only a moment before granting it, extending the whip with the following words.

    "We work as one to do the Lord's will and to uphold the Lord's laws. Please, impart this penance with my blessing."

    Twenty-five lashes were laid upon the back of Zaerieth Silverclaw, after which she was cleansed of her sin in the River Bren.

    May the Lord bless and guide her, that she may never stray so far from his laws again.

  • Cleansings and a New Earl Marshall (Sun Dec 20 11:56:14 2015) - In the evening of the 21st of Maius, not long after a public announcement of the rejoined affirmation of support of the Holy Order and its Knights, three bodies were cleansed of the taint of Magery. Two men, named Redchigh and Akatar, were burned whilst still alive, though both were visibly marred by injuries those present to witness assumed were from the Knights who had arrested them. The body of the third, Mikhael Hulae, was burned after life had departed him in the struggle that accompanied his arrest. Rumors circulated of the Grand Master's, the recently-arrived Alara Rovar's, involvement at the head of those who made the arrests, grappling with the unrepentant sorcery of the mages at each stop.

    In the aftermath of the cleansings, and in light of Alara Rovar's recent publicity both in these matters and with the whipping of the branded heretic Zaerieth Silverclaw, the Council of Grand Masters, with the blessings of the Order's matriarch, raised the middle-aged Vandagan woman to the rank of Earl Marshal.

  • Proclamation of Unity by the Cardinal of Lithmore (Sat Dec 19 18:48:48 2015) - A proclamation bearing the seal of Her Holiness, Agnes ab Amundelle, the Matriarch of the High Order, has been nailed in multiple copies to highly prominent posts and on each of the community boards:

    "On this morning, the day of Arendas, the 21st of Maius, SC 368, the Holy Synod met to discuss matters of import. Noting recent troubles with cooperation, funding, and the concerning action of Inquisitors personally involving themselves in the direct seizure of warranted individuals, the High Synod sought the will of the Lord of the Springs. From this day forward, it is recognized:

    - The Holy Order is financially responsible for the well-being of the Knights Lithmorran.

    - The Office of the Inquisition has the exclusive right to issue warrants for all ecclesiastical crimes, to conduct Reviews of Faith, and to deliver the judgment of the Lord of the Springs.

    - The Knights Lithmorran has the exclusive right to arrest those warranted for all ecclesiastical crimes, or to interrupt a crime of magery in progress to make an ecclesiastical arrest where the public safety is at risk.

    - Both holy sects are charged to work closely together, including providing open access to one another to include information, private libraries, and communal areas.

    - The Lord of the Springs forbids any Knights from also acting in the capacity of an Inquisitor, or vice versa, as these powers are separated by intent.

    As the Lord of the Springs wills, so it shall be."

  • A Vacancy in the Knights Lithmorran (Tue Dec 15 00:40:43 2015) - New has emerged from the Keep of the Knights Lithmorran. It would appear that the unprecedented ascension of Tamarion ab Keswick may have been a touch much for her - or for her fellow Knights - depending on who one listens to. Although what little news has trickled out is being spoken of only lowly, it would appear that the young Earl Marshall has stepped down and left the place vacant once more. For the nonce, the Keep will be led by recently appointed Grand Master Alara Rovar. There has not yet been talk of any official replacement.

  • Farin Inquisitors Arrive to Investigate the Farin Foreign Quarter! (Mon Dec 14 00:04:59 2015) - A contingent of Farin Inquisitors, Knights and priests has just arrived in Lithmore, supposedly summoned by the Grand Inquisitor Dazen le Riorn to deal with the Farin Foreign Quarter's lingering problems.

    The group is led by one Inquisitor Alabaster, previously sent by Farin's Cardinal Lilith de Poniard to deal with the Daravi refugees accepted into Lithmore in the wake of the Kingdom's retreat from Edessa.

    Inquisitor Alabaster offered the following statement:

    "We are pleased and honored to be given this opportunity to aid our people in their time of need. Whatever curse still haunts the Farin Foreign Quarter, we will defeat it. Those with relevant information are directed to contact me at the earliest possible opportunity. Thank you."

  • The Return of Margaux le Rousselle (Sun Dec 13 03:09:31 2015) - Word has come in that the former High Steward and current diplomat to the Tubori court, Margaux le Rousselle is returning to Lithmore and has already passed through Vandago and the county of Lothos. Speculation has it that she is visiting to celebrate the recent birth of her nephew, Lord Jaridan ab Kovar of Rosewood. Opposed to her former practice of travelling with family, this time she is said to be alone except for servants and guards- no doubt wary after numerous threats upon the life of her children when she was last in Lithmore.

  • Birth Announcement (Fri Dec 11 07:07:23 2015) - A brief announcement by House Kovar of Rosewood:

    Lord Gaven and Lady Emma ab Kovar are pleased to announce the birth of their first child Jaridan, born at Rosewood Estate in Lithmore capitol on Aprilis the 16th. The little Lord is healthy, with on-hand physicians remarking specifically as to his robustness. The Lady Seneschal has not been seen since the delivery, contributing to rumors that the diminutive Baroness did not survive; contrarily, Lord Gaven has made clear that while Lady Emma has greatly suffered, she is expected to recover.

    Lord Jaridan is first in line to the Barony of Rosewood, only child of the High Steward and Lady Seneschal.

  • Poet Laudate Passes Hands (Wed Dec 9 20:53:44 2015) - Word has made the circuit that after completing her Journeywoman project alongside then-Laudate Kato Ernst, Yrata op Terpo took her Oath as a full-privileged Troubadour and was then made Poet Laudate of the guild proper. When approached, she made mention of her thankfulness for the opportunity to help guide and serve the Guild that has shown her so many opportunities since coming to Lithmore, and that her driving goals for the Troubadours is to continue revitalizing the Guild as well as the Arts as a whole across Lithmore.

  • A Grand Master for the Knights Lithmorran (Mon Dec 7 07:45:11 2015) - When the Grand Masters of the Duchies met to consider who would be elevated to the role of Earl Marshal of the Knights Lithmorran, the Vavardian Master wondered about the efficacy of one name, an Alara Rovar, a Knight now of nine year's service after distinguishing herself a perilious mercenary against Charali warbands at the eastern edge of his Duchy. Nicknamed 'the Storm' by the Chevaliers and Guardsmen she fought beside for her ferocity in trying to avenge the death of her parents to Charali iron, she came to be known as 'the Rock' in the aftermath of her joining the Order as a Squire and quickly proving herself a full Knight. She's a reputation for calmness in the face of danger, both of body and of soul, and is a devout Traditionalist Davite. She seemed a different woman entirely after she dedicated her life away from revenge and to the Lord of Springs, but ultimately her past history and refusal of Gentry Rights upon being granted the Knightly Sword took her out of the conversation at an early stage.

    In the aftermath of the surprising promotion of Tamarion ab Keswick, the Council that they should also appoint the Grand Master to the newly-made Leader, offering a final touch of say in the affairs of the Capitol City. When Alara's name was once again brought up for this, it was considered to be a perfect counterpoint to the Earl Marshal: here was a woman who had served as a Knight for some time, was well-travelled across Vandago and Vavard, and a known quality amongst her peers. Given news of her appointment, it's said she didn't even bat

  • A New Earl Marshall Elevated (Sun Dec 6 17:34:27 2015) - With the recent departure of Sir Misune ab Levona from the post of Earl Marshall the Grand Masters from the five Duchies within the Kingdom have recently met and submitted a vote to elevate one from within the Knights to the position of Earl Marshall.

    Several names were brought forth for consideration, however all left the voting body divided and without a majority vote. Eventually the name Tamarion ab Keswick was brought forth for consideration and after much deliberation a vote was taken, with the majority voting in the affirmative for that candidate.

    Needless to say that the recent elevation of Miss Tamarion ab Keswick to the position of Earl Marshall has come as a complete shock and surprise to many, and reportedly most of all to her.

  • A new Archbishop for Lithmore (Thu Dec 3 12:44:21 2015) - Following his ascent into the position of Grand Inquisitor, His Holy Honour, Dazen le Riorn elevated then High Inquisitor, Beorhtmund ab Gladnor to the position of Archbishop of Lithmore. It is said that much wasn't said by him either, besides a comment on how he would be present for when His Holy Honour addresses everyone and made a request stating that those who wish to speak to him come seek him in the cathedral. This statement was released by the Holy Order of King Dav.

  • Chalice Rising Festival (Tue Dec 1 15:13:04 2015) - To mark the start of Chalice Rising, the Royal Court invites the denizens of Lithmore to partake in the traditional broaching of the casks to take place in the reception of Town Hall, this coming 28th day of Maritus. Wine will be left available for all to partake in for the duration of the festival.

  • Misune ab Levona Steps Down (Tue Dec 1 15:11:02 2015) - On the seventh day of Maritus, word spread through the Knights that Earl Marshall Misune ab Levona stepped down from the position of Earl Marshall. This came as a surprise to a fair amount as there was no prior warning, especially given him holding the position for the last year.

    When asked about his reasons for stepping down, Sir ab Levona had this to say:

    "Every man has his limits, and we must learn to acknowledge our limits. I have reached my limits, and instead of allowing the Knights Lithmorran to stagnate because of those limitations, I would rather vacate the position in hopes that someone else may take it up and do something great which I myself could not."

    The question on many minds is naturally who will take up the position next, and if, in the words of Sir ab Levona, can do great things where he failed to.

  • Royal Chamberlain Appointed! (Mon Nov 30 10:04:06 2015) - Notice was put up by palace officials that the until-recently vacant position of Royal Chamberlain has been filled. The appointee, styled Mistress Ofelia von Hartsong, is a relative newcomer at Court, brought on by the former High Steward, Lady Margaux le Rousselle to serve in her office. One of the most recent graduates of the Royal University, the young Vandago City native has been rumored by more than one Courtier to have had her sights set on the position, following the organization of a successful white hart hunt in the autumn and her hand in the planning of other events in the service of the Realm.

  • The Spring Awakening Masquerade (Fri Nov 27 12:23:36 2015) - Start of Aprilis:

    The Spring Awakening
    Kissing Festival/Masquerade
    is approaching fast!

    Get your costumes from fine tailors
    such as the generous and talented
    Emmeline ab Alond

    Engage in one of our three fine contests:

    The Game of Faces
    Guess the identities of fellow partygoers
    To play, mail your identity to Blackswan
    Prize: A fine purse of gold

    The Game of Silks
    Wear the finest costume, by vote of your peers
    Prize: Six months' exemption from sumptuary-
    AND a voucher for a full outfit!

    The Game of Lips
    For women only: kiss the most people!
    Prize: A small basket of feminine luxuries
    and a great many kisses

    Town Hall Event Ballroom
    The turn of Aprilis

  • Troubadour Vavardi Festival (Tue Nov 24 21:43:07 2015) - The Troubadours would like to extend a warm welcome and invitation to Lithmore City to join them for a taste of Vavard in Lithmore! On the eighth of Maritus, the Globe Theatre will host a variety of events celebrating Vavardi culture, hosted and planned by the Poet Laudate Kato Ernst and Journeywoman Yrata Terpo.

    Entry is not only free for any that would like to stop by the Globe and check out the festivities, but contests and prizes abound as well! For those with a heart full of poetry, seek inspiration in the fabled verses of Vavard and submit a poem of your own for judging! For those of you with an ear for music and feet for dancing, join us not only for a waltz, but a dancing contest with a Vavardi twist--amidst a vat of grapes! Golden prizes await the winners of each contest, but any are free to stop by for food, drink, and art! Featuring a variety of drinks as well as food catered by Leila Durani, there's sure to be something for everyone!

  • Baron returns to Lillton (Mon Nov 23 02:17:58 2015) - Word about Lithmore suggests that Baron Wesley von Volkov, lately in poor health at the hospital in Lithmore, has returned to Lillton to convalesce there. No plans are mentioned about the possibility of his return at this point.

  • A New Grand Inquisitor is Appointed (Sat Nov 21 10:11:11 2015) - Early on the morning of Januarius 26, 368, a notice was posted by the Holy Order, announcing the promotion of Inquisitor Dazen Le Riorn into the recently vacated office of Grand Inquisitor. Hailing from the isle of Tubor, where he has spent the last thirteen years in the position of High Inquisitor, the church is confident in his ability to guide the Order with competence, compassion and a mind for change. His Holy Honor has neglected to say much in this release, save to inform the good people of Lithmore that a more formal introduction will be offered in the near future, where he will address everyone face-to-face, rather than solely through this impersonal medium. May the Lord bless and guide him as he seeks to guide us all. This statement formally released by the Holy Order of King Dav.

  • Zaerieth executes Fausta (Fri Nov 20 01:15:44 2015) - Inquisitor Zaerieth Silverclaw came out, carrying Fausta. She tied her to the pyre, and announced that she was found guilty of attempted murder of an inquisitor, and of the heresy of being a Cyclist. She then proceeded to remain watchful of the crowd, but continued: "There is only one answer for this, the Lord's flames. And with that, and a prayer, Fausta was cleansed.

  • Snowman Building Contest (Tue Nov 17 23:24:30 2015) - The High Steward Gaven ab Kovar cordially invites you to the first annual Snowman-building contest held at Paarin Park on Februarius the 18th. "Snowmen" can be anything you like, so long as they are sculpted out of snow! Bonus points for creativity, refreshments will be provided.

    3rd place: A full set of winter accessories
    2nd place: Above, and a flask of fine liquor
    Winner: Above, and 500 silver pieces

  • Statement by the Inquisition (Wed Nov 11 23:27:54 2015) - Dissatisfaction both outside and within the Order runs high as Grand Inquisitor Faye Ab Moreland's reign as the leader of the holiest of guilds continues in an unchecked chain of misstep after incompetent misstep. From the constant security lapses, to her inability to connect with other guild leaders as is necessary for the city to work as a cohesive whole, to her fall back, hands off approach to reviews, Grand Inquisitor Moreland has proven only that she will gladly sit in the seat of a leader without leading at all. Her unawareness of cases with which she has been involved, her confusion of the smallest details serves only to weaken the Order that must, by its very nature, stand strong in order to guide and counsel those it has sworn to lead.

    In response to these egregious oversights by a leader who should know better, the Order's Inquisitors call for Her Holy Honor Faye Ab Moreland to step down as Grand Inquisitor or face a vote of no confidence. This statement, this call, has been drawn up and released by we, the members of the Holy Inquisition. The Order must. Not. Fall.

  • Solace comes for the Dolphin's strumpets (Wed Nov 11 14:03:08 2015) - The rumors surrounding the Order's offer to sponsor the Dolphin's 30-some currently employed courtesans for trade apprenticeships have turned out to be true. After taking some time to work out the details, the Grand Magnate signed off on the Order's proposal, splitting the associated costs and emptying the Dolphin overnight - no doubt to be refilled just as quickly by a new crop of young women looking for opportunities. "I understand that this does little to nothing to alleviate the desperate situation these girls and countless others found themselves in," Grand Magnate Galen Fairweather assured, "But I want to assure everyone that fighting against the devastating effects of systemic poverty is going to be a priority for the Merchants Guild as long as it's under my leadership." He went on to explain that he was already in talks with the Order about more sustainable efforts, and that he found the Regent amenable, though formal discussion with Court on the matter has yet to take place.

    "While I'm glad that we've had the opportunity to help make a difference in these girls' lives, I know that it's going to take more than charty, no matter how generous and frequent, to fight against the conditions that drive people to take desperate measures just to get by," the Grand Magnate concluded - whether they are more honeyed words and empty promises from the rich, or a sincere pledge from the Grand Magnate who once worked among the commoners he speaks of, only time will tell.

    As for the details of the transition - everything seems to be going smoothly. Thanks to the efforts of trade master Aios Draiski of the Lithmore Laborer's Coalition, certainly no stranger to helping the poor and less fortunate find meaningful work, the girls have all found themselves well-equipped to handle their new trades. The contributions of the Dolphin's manager, Miss Felix Winters, has not gone ignored, either.

    "I do want to thank Miss Felix, and all of those like her, for trying to make the best of her bad situation and doing what she could to do right by the girls in her care," the Grand Magnate added, somewhat peculiarly. "I understand why people like her are quick to assume that we don't care for their plight. I hope that I can show that we do - through actions, rather than just words. It may take time, time that I understand not everyone has, but I promise I'll do my best to do right by all of you, just as you strive to do right by each other."

    Reportedly, most of the now-former courtesans will be starting new careers as jewelers, with some seamstresses and perfumers thrown into the mix - though there will also be one blacksmith and one brewer.

  • Statement on Noble Guards (Tue Nov 10 18:01:07 2015) - A new declaration filtered from the palace as Yule came to a close from the office of the Regent and was filtered out across the lands, bearing both his official seal and that of her Majesty the Queen.

    There have been concerns of confusion brought to the Crown about the nature of household knights and personal noble militia's, how they are to be treated and if they are with the Knights Lithmorran. To be clear, household militia's and 'house knights' as they have been commonly referred to are not members of the Knights Lithmorran. While many are former members of the august organization, they are not now and do not represent them.

    In order to help with this confusion, Her Majesty the Queen and the Lord Regent have discussed the matter and settled on a new term that shall henceforth be used. The term of Chevalier will be how all noble household militia and personal guards shall be referred. This term encompasses their standing household guard and personal bodyguards.

    We hope this will help to alleviate confusion in the future and make members of the Knigths Lithmorran more easily recognizable in the future.

  • Father Weaver appeals to the populace (Tue Nov 10 17:59:15 2015) - On Decembris 21st, the Order announced there would be an announcement. After some time, the young Father, Faith Weaver, made his way to a podium. After several moments of what seemed to be the frail man catching his breathe, he finally spoke.

    "People of Lithmore, recently there have been a rash of attacks by mages. As those in charge of seeing to their souls, the Order does what it can. But I am here to remind people that they should come forth if they have any suspicions. I am always available to help and to hear any that have suspicions of Magery. All conversations will obviously be kept private to protect those that fear reprisal. Thank you."

    Father Weaver then led a short prayer and then went back to the Church.

  • Zaerieth executes Teyra (Mon Nov 9 17:28:46 2015) - The bells sounded, and Teyra ab Sanderson was led out, unharmed from Ahalin Tower. she was bound and gagged. by inquisitor Zaerieth ab Silverclaw. The inquisitor announced that Miss ab Sanderson had willingly turned herself in to herself, and the high inquisitor. she confessed to being a water mage, and was to be cleansed.

  • Tubori Diplomat Making Waves (Mon Nov 9 16:41:33 2015) - The former High Steward of Lithmore and newly appointed Diplomat to the Tubori Court, Margaux le Rousselle has been making waves since her appointment. Attending meetings and soirees at the Tubori capital, she has often been heard praising the good name and judicious leadership of Tomas ab Jinosa as Lord Regent of Lithmore. A similar message is also heard in her letters and other communiques, detailing the rewarding experience she had while serving at Lithmore's High Court.

  • A Rising Star (Mon Nov 9 16:41:08 2015) - Stepping into the uncertain shoes of the Poet Laudate position, Master Kato Ernst has proven quite beneficial to both the Troupe and public morale! Most recently he can be accredited for front lying the Eating Contest, giving support to the Magebane Festivities and most importantly Oppifying a Bard moments after his sacrifice of Truth was fulfilled. The Troubadours seem to be rallying alongside Master Ernst, the Theatre and local playhouse abuzz with chatter of just -what- he will do next!

  • Mage Attack at Yule Party Makes for Spontaneous Cathedral Gathering (Mon Nov 9 10:50:18 2015) - The evening of 10 Decembris, 367...

    The Troubadour's Yule Feast, set to be a night of revelry, entertainment, food, and drink for all, came to interruption just as the performance of the night was set to begin! Dark magic came down to curl around the performer on stage, transforming her on the spot! Her features twisted into those of a hag, hair falling from her head. Teeth dark as night, disgusting in proportions.

    Only a short moment after a member of the crowd succumbed to the very same! Twisted beyond recognition, horrifying in aspect!

    The Inquisitors of the church were quick to pull the victims to the side, bustling them down to the Madison hospital for immediate treatment and supervision - keeping the citizens of Lithmorre city proper safe for another night from unnecessary contact with the taint. Guests did not receive the same treatment, and were left to flee screaming from the premise, filling the streets with word of what had occurred - of 'Toad Demons! ' and of 'Shriveled old hags with mouths to the Abyss!'

    The city's Reeves and Knights were quick to move to quell fears, spreading like fingers through the city to where they were needed, spreading the word that there were not, in fact, any demons flying about the city looking to cause mischief and trouble.

    Many who fled found solace in the Cathedral, and remained there under guard until they felt safe to return to their homes and shops, friends and family. The wheels that keep the city running continue to turn, the Reeves still stand their posts, the Knights still seek out the creeping dark, and for better or worse, the moons still ply in the sky.

  • A Yule Gift of Light (Wed Nov 4 21:12:21 2015) - Among the many exciting happenings and celebrations for the Yule time season; news of yet another emerges from the much beleaguered Farin Quarter. The Royal Court is gifting the Quarter this Yule season with wood enough for a great bonfire in Montford Circle to provide light and warmth for the dance platform there entire four days of Yule. Word of Troubadours, particularly Farin locals, being approached and hired for music, and the Lithmorran Reeves providing warm non alcoholic drinks suggests a merry occasion of light and celebration being set up to help dissipate the constant gloom of the troubled quarter. One should contact Lady Brynieve de Versin, a member of the Royal Court, Reeves, and part of the Farin parish there for more information.

  • Yrata's Magebane Festival Extravaganza with a Giant Pumpkin (Mon Nov 2 10:41:10 2015) - With the weather growing colder and the days shorter, a little cheer always finds itself welcome in Lithmore. Preceeding the start of Magebane, the Troubadours hosted a gathering and festival, with Journeywoman Bard Yrata Terpo at the event's helm. With tables overflowing with food and drink, the Globe hosted a music and dancing filled festival until a hilariously-dressed "mage" interrupted the festivities. Soon the game was revealed, though; with the Bards imploring the guests to engage in a verse battle with the costumed actor, the citizens of Lithmore delivered powerful rhymes that banished the "mage" to the pyre set up on stage.

  • Yule Feast (Mon Nov 2 01:42:07 2015) - Yule Feast

    The Royal Lithmorran Court and the Guild of Troubadours
    invite the people of Lithmore to join them for a grand
    feast to start off the celebration of the Yule holiday.

    Decembris 10th, 367
    The Golden Coin Restaurant

    Food, drinks, entertainment and revelry for all.

  • Yule Gallery Opening (Mon Nov 2 01:06:27 2015) - Lady Marisa dul Damassande is pleased to invite the
    city of Lithmore to attend the opening gala for

    The Lyndale Gallery

    To be held Decembris 14 367 during the Yule Holiday,
    at the Lyndale Gallery located on Kirulean Way within
    the Vavardi Quarter.

    Art and music shall be accompanied by food, drinks and
    Yule festivities. All are welcome.

    Following the opening, the gallery will be donated to
    the city of Lithmore for public enjoyment.

  • Zaerieth executes Zelos (Sat Oct 31 22:18:47 2015) - Inquisitor Zaerieth Silverclaw stepped out, followed moments later by Her Holy Honor, Squire Almaz, and Zelos Cyllus. The Inquisitor read off the charges, including multiple attempted murder charges, magery, and an assassination attempt on the Grand Magnate. He also was accused of attempting to reform the Rubeus Manus. She cleansed him after a prayer for his soul.

  • A public announcement from the Order (Thu Oct 29 15:34:57 2015) - This is a public service announcement, that the man known as Zelos Syllus is wanted by the Order, for the crime of magery. He is to be treated as extremely dangerous. Further, by authority of the Inquisition, anyone found to be aiding, or assisting Mister Syllus in any way, shape or form, will be treated as a heretic, and dealt with accordingly. If anyone has any information that will aid in his capture, please contact a member of the Order, or the Knights, immediately.

  • Real Estate Prices Temporarily Lowered (Thu Oct 29 14:24:28 2015) - In an effort to assist displaced, recovering families in the city (as well as to recoup losses from numerous deceased or missing debtors) the Real Estate Office of Lithmore has temporarily reduced the purchase price on available properties. These lower prices will last through the end of the Sun Cycle. The local Auction Hall has expanded its gallery to better organize the items they receive from repossessed properties as well.

  • Zaerieth executes Veresk (Wed Oct 28 21:49:06 2015) - Early in the afternoon, the Grand inquisitor rang the bells, and Veresk was led out to the pyre, by Inquisitor Zaerieth Silverclaw. They announced that he was to be burned for both witnessed, and confessed to magery. His soul was prayed for, and he was sent to be with the Lord.

  • Harvest Puzzle Hunt (Wed Oct 28 02:26:28 2015) - The Lithmorran Court invites all of the city's denizens to come partake in a puzzle hunt to mark the end of the harvest, as well as share in the bounty of the most recent Royal Hunt.

    The event shall take place in the maze of Paarin Park, on the first day of Novembris.

  • A new Grand Inquisitor is elected (Mon Oct 26 22:43:42 2015) - Two days ago the Synod convened in order to elect a new Grand Inquisitor after the previous one Zaerieth ab Silverclaw had stepped down from her office. It was, of course, a tense discussion. As it often goes they disagreed on who deserved this most prestigious office multiple times, and for hours on end were unable to find themselves in agreement on anyone.

    Eventually though, they made the unexpected decision of settling on one Faye ab Moreland who had just recently been elected Archbishop of Lithmore. This of course meant a new Archbishop would need to be elected to replace Her Holy Honour, but the Synod was unable to come to a conclusive decision on this matter, choosing instead to leave it in the hands of the new Grand Inquisitor to elect one of her choosing.

  • Magebane Feast (Sun Oct 25 00:24:00 2015) - In preparation for the harvest season and night patrols for Magebane, the Troubadours invite the people of Lithmore to eat and drink their fill to build their strength! At the Globe Theatre on (date) come for the food, come for the drink, come for the music--come for the fun!

  • The Grand Inquisitor Steps Down (Sat Oct 24 03:58:14 2015) - In the early morning, a statement was released from the Holy Office of the Inquisition. It read, "As of now, Zaerieth ab Silverclaw has stepped down from the office of Grand Inquisitor." It went on to say that she would be taking the post of High Inquisitor, and that the Order reaffirms her innocence, that this was only done, for the good of the Order. When asked if she had any words, Inquisitor ab Silverclaw responded, "I still stand, to serve the Lord. Nothing more, nothing less. I thank those who have stood by me in the times we have faced, and firmly believe the Order will carry on."

  • New High Steward Named (Fri Oct 23 23:48:20 2015) - After the recent departure of Lady Margaux le Rousselle from the office of the High Steward, many were wondering how long it would be before another was appointed, given the long period that the Lord Regent, Tomas ab Jinosa went without appointing a second to the Court. However, within the first month of the popular High Steward's departure he had appointed Lady le Rousselle's brother, Gaven ab Kovar to the post. Some question the appointment of Lord ab Kovar, given the recent appointment of his wife to the post of Seneschal, however others call the choice a bold one, citing the Lord ab Kovar's history of putting his people before himself. Only time will tell how the new High Steward will do or what he will do in his new post.

  • New Seneschal Appointed (Fri Oct 23 23:47:34 2015) - In a marginally controversial move, the Lord Regent Tomas ab Jinosa appointed Lady Emma ab Kovar, the newly-minted Baroness of Rosewood, Lithmore's Seneschal during the last week of Septembris. A vocal minority expressed some displeasure about the choice, but the majority of courtiers have found the appointment a clever one, praising the Lord Regent's ability to look beyond the potential for forgettable scandal to what's good for the realm.

  • Faye executes Raxeom (Fri Oct 23 23:35:29 2015) - The bells sounded out this evening calling the masses to River Square, where once more the pyre was being prepared for another cleansing. The one being saved was one Raxeom Blackwood. As she was brought to the pyre the Archbishop stood up and addressed the concerned masses gathered as to what was going to transpire.

    "Three days ago Miss Raxeom Blackwood was brought in for a review of faith after she came to me one night and recounted numerous heretical sayings to my face. Upon further investigation she confessed to being a mage in addition to her sins of Apostasy, Heresay, intent to murder a noble, Blasphemy, Sloth, and acting above those of a higher class as well as disrespecting them,"

    After which the Archbishop lit the Pyre and said a prayer for the woman's soul to be received into paradise as the flames burnt away the infection of the taint so deep in Miss Blackwood's being.

  • The Grand Inquisitor and Archbishop Hold Mass (Fri Oct 23 04:07:38 2015) - A mass was called, and both the Grand Inquisitor and the Archbishop came walking in once a crowd had gathered. Silence fell, and Her Holy Honor made a statement:

    Her Holy Honour nodded and looked to each face, meeting the eyes of friends and strangers alike. "If you know me, you know I'm not one for flowery words. So I've called this little get-together to deal with a problem. Someone, Lady Shasa le Dumitru, a known heretic, and someone known to be involved with drugs, made some accusations against myself. These are unfounded. And as such, this woman has begrudged, committed a heresy against the church. She accuses me of ordering her to give me Chainbreaker to kill my unborn child. A child of the mage, Verrin Jeweller. This is, in fact, a lie."

    "I ask you," Her Holy Honour continued, "Who would you rather believe? A noble who is a heretic, who was branded, who used this same Verrin Jeweller to sell drugs? Or would you rather believe someone who has given everything to the Order and will continue to do so for as long as allowed? My belief is in the Lord. I have cleansed this city of any and all mages I found, even those I considered friends... And I tell you this is just a fool's bitter attack meant to break the Order, and faith, and the church apart... But who will allow this?"

    She met the eyes of every face: "Is there anyone in this room who will allow a heretic's words to take root and break down the foundations of this city? No, somehow, I don't believe so."

    Afterward, the Archbishop took the chance to speak and announced that the Grand Inquisitor was found innocent of any and all charges levied against her, that Verrin Jeweller was a friend and nothing more. Her Eminence offered the noblewoman Shasa le Dumitru one chance to come and confess her sins.

    Questions were subsequently answered, and a sermon was given by Mother Ellyna ab Troye.

  • The Spirit of the Laws (Fri Oct 23 01:10:03 2015) - Saint Aelwyn's finds itself in the middle of a strange chain of events, drawing sudden criticism from every social class from various parts of the city. Criticisms of the Grand Inquisitor Zaerieth ab Silverclaw seem to be mounting to a crescendo. The common folk of southside murmur that she has taken leave of the Law of Charity, or at very least its spirit in understanding their plight by handing off a few trade apprenticeships rather than addressing real poverty. Nobility and gentry complain of her lashing her cart to the embattled Proconsul of the Reeves as a matter of personal politics over their rights and safety, some still worrying if the streets of the Civic Sector are really safe and if anyone will still take seriously the Law of Caring. The city is left reeling by the claims of the disgraced noble Shasha le Dumitru leading even more to suspect that there is something to the claim that she has even lost sight of the Law of the Inquisition, using the heretic brand for corrupt personal politics rather than spending such time in the hunting down of mages. Every day, fewer turn up for daily prayer and confession. The Vavardi Embassy citing a recently received letter from the duchy's capital added a more formal tone to the murmurings, expressing: "Hope that the Grand Inquisitor would take the Law of Caring into her heart and see to the care and safety of the people of the whole of the kingdom. There is no greater concern than those commands handed down by Dav." The words echo those concerns previously raised by those in the Vandagan Quarter.

  • High Steward Steps Down to Return to Crestley (Mon Oct 19 22:43:38 2015) - High Steward Steps Down to Return to CrestleyA brief notice was released by the Lady Margaux le Rousselle's office this morning:

    "Dear Lithmore," it reads, "I would like to thank the people of this wonderful city for their support over my near two years of service- firstly as an agent of the court, then as the Seneschal of Lithmore and finally as your High Steward. I have found it personally very rewarding to be able to contribute my public service, but I am most proud of how our community came together when we were threatened with city-wide starvation."

    "My particular thanks go out to His Grace, Tomas ab Jinosa for his trust in offering me this position and for his ongoing support, enabling me to fulfill my duties. I'd also like to thank those that I've had the pleasure of working with during my time in appointed office, the leaders of the various guilds and my fellow members of the court."

    "To my staff here in Lithmore, past and present: thank you for your assistance. You have been a blessing and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Lastly, to my brother and sister-in-law, the Lord and Lady ab Kovar of Rosewood, I wish you the very best, deep prosperity and a most fecund union."

    "Unfortunately, the time has come for my family to return to Crestley and attend to matters at and near to home, the raising of our young family and the development of our lands. Therefore, I am stepping down as High Steward and will be departing for home within the week. With the blessing of His Grace, I will be reassigned to act as Lithmore's official diplomat with the Tubori court. Lithmore and our time here will remain in my heart- and I am confident that we shall return again in the future."

    The letter was signed with the Lady's usual flourish. Word is that the household is already packed and prepared to depart.

  • Phlegmatic Herbal Tea for the Slipper Dolphin (Mon Oct 19 22:30:49 2015) - A choleric ripple was felt in Southside as rumours broke about Grand Inquisitor Zaerieth ab Silverclaw's fornication with a mage and subsequent use of Chainbreaker to terminate the pregnancy.

    It's common knowledge the Grand Inquisitor had decided standard penance was't affecting enough change on Southside prostitutes; Madame Felix Winters had been vocal about her displeasure when Her Holy Honour sentenced her to find sinless ways of making enough money to feed the impoverished "Dolphin girls" and their families as penance for providing prostitutes with a steady supply of Strumpet's Solace and so encouraging rampant impurity.

    While no one in the Dolphin has taken action against the Grand Inquisitor or the Church, the undeniably-charismatic "Miss Felix" is rumoured to have a habit of inciting rowdiness with her passionate words, and amongst those in Southside, at least, her complaints carry weight.

    Bystanders have commented on how unusually political the rumours amongst the gossiping courtesans tend to slant.

  • The Disgraced Noble Comes Clean (Sun Oct 18 14:28:37 2015) - At daybreak on Arendas 18 Septembris, the recently disgraced daughter of Sinjaras Baron, Shasa le Dumitru, mounted the steps of Saint Aelwyns. With the shadow of the Cathedral at her back, she addressed the procession of faithful on their way to morning mass:

    Yesterday, I was brought to River Square to publicly demonstrate my willingness to repent and atone for my wrongdoings against the people of Lithmore. In that same spirit, I have one more sin to confess

    In Augustus of 366, I was called to the Grand Inquisitors office on a medical emergency. Behind closed doors, Her Holy Honour informed me that, after an affair with the cleansed mage, Verrin Jeweller, she found herself pregnant with his child. She then ordered me to provide her with Chainbreaker. I am deeply ashamed to confess that I did so, and thereby assisted the Grand Inquisitor in the murder of her unborn baby, in concealing her sin, in breaking her oath to the Church, and in committing the grossest of heresies.

    Zaerieth ab Silverclaw was instrumental in recently bringing me to the realization that, in order to retake my place as a faithful Davite, I must lay myself emotionally and physically bare to your scrutiny. Having sworn to do so, I cannot omit any portion of my crimes even ones that implicate a confidante.

    The Grand Inquisitor has recently warned the populace of the spiritual danger of fornication without blessing. Given how ardent is Her Holy Honours religious crusade, I am unable to stand by and consign a dear friend to the same moral turpitude of which I have been publicly convicted. I encourage her to cleanse herself of her wrongdoings, and call for her to officially resign from her post as the Head of the Inquisition.

    Having completed her speech, the Lady le Dumitru withdrew from the crowds and departed Church Square, leaving onlookers in turmoil.

  • Innocent(?) Whispers Within the Court (Sat Oct 17 04:54:36 2015) - Recent murmurings within the Court suggest that at least some of the Nobility are less-than-pleased with what they interpreted as a 'weak' response by the Lord Regent Tomas ab Jinosa to recent criticism of the growing dissatisfaction with the Proconsul's judgment and ability to lead the Queen's Guard. Soft grumblings that while a soldier might have the luxury to ignore the smaller problems for the 'real issues', the integrity of the Proconsul is not a simple distraction, not when the voices lifting them are so loud. Most commonly overheard were Vavardi and Vandagan representatives in the Court, who question the Regent's sincerity in promoting relations with the northern and eastern Duchies.

    Others question the sincerity of the Regent's response, connecting that the Proconsul has long been a friend of the Regent's new wife. They question why or how the Reeves and the Regent managed to let such unsubstantiated claims linger for as long as they have, and doubt that recent declarations by the Count of Vees and the Inquisitorial Order will have much affect in the long run.

    It seems, however, that these grumblings are well contained to the Court and not yet reached a point to heavily affect the public opinion of the Lord Regent, who continues to enjoy a relatively positive tenure. No names have been forwards to give a source of the rumor, and even those who engage in the whispers seem more interesting in the act of gossip above any particularly venomous intentions.

  • Regent Speaks Out (Thu Oct 15 18:52:47 2015) - It was the middle of the morning when the Regent strode into the Court Malenta and summoned together the Courtiers present to address the crowd. The normally stoic Regent appeared to be a little heated as he spoke, "I am sick and tired of the petty politics that seem to be afflicting our populous. These recent attacks upon the Proconsul are ridiculous."

    Messengers were summoned to relay the message throughout Lithmore as he continued, "I have reviewed the accusations being made, that the Proconsul somehow ignored the cries of help of a woman, dismissed them? Lies. The criminal that perpetrated the crime is being pursued. Instead these seem to be the result of a personal disagreement between the person involved and the Proconsul."

    Here the Regent's face became even stonier than normal, "These attempts to oust one of the Reeves Leaders without just cause are a distraction from the real issues facing our city and those behind it should be ashamed of themselves. If they have serious qualms with any of the kingdom's leadership, they can come to me and I -will- address it. Or if it involves the Reeves, they may also go to my wife, Lady Brynieve de Versin ab Jinosa, who is a Magistrate within the Reeves and whose reputation is impeccable from her time as Justiciar." The regent paused before concluding, "And on a final note, My Lady Wife offered Proconsul le Marama the position a number of times before, mentored him in the law herself. There is no one aside from my wife more knowledgeable about the law than the Proconsul. And the fact that he waited until he felt ready to help lead the Reeves, comfortable enough in his knowledge and application of the law shows his character."

  • The Order Supports the Reeves (Wed Oct 14 23:09:59 2015) - The grand inquisitor released a statement early in the morning. It read as follows. Reguarding the issues with the reeves, and more specifically the Proconsul. The Order will back him, until such a time as another is chosen. To accuse of sin, directly, or indirectly, is an issue, if such sin can not be founded. Reguarding his lack of standing up for citizens, the grand inquisitor states that she has seen first hand his willingness to make perceived wrongs right. And if there are still issues, they should be taken up with the man himself. The church looks forward to a continuing working relationship with the reeves in the mean time.

  • Vandagan Immigrants Dissatisfied with Reeve Rule (Tue Oct 13 20:37:24 2015) - Following the recent publication of the Lithmorran Proconsul Hunapo le Marama's willful incompetence, several high-ranking and influential residents of the city's Vandagan Quarter met with the other members of the Proconsulate Council to discuss his position in the Reeves Lithmorran.

    While a few of the visiting Vandagan nobles are pleased to see he has been laying down a heavy hand when he can in fact be coaxed to taking action, it could not be ignored that he willfully endangered and dishonored a Vandagan gentrywoman of good standing by ignoring her pleas for help, and that he continues to insist on disrespect and informality with his superiors - which doesn't sit easily with a culture of such strict and high expectations.

    It has been suggested in the aftermath of the meeting that should the Proconsul wish to save face, he might take time to learn proper courtesy and etiquette so that he may enact noble rights without question, and take pride in all his work and not only what brings about bloodshed. It was also suggested he may be interested in attending mass more often if the temptation of wine and women has him neglecting his duties so badly that it threatens the safety of the people.

  • New Epion (Tue Oct 13 04:49:34 2015) - With the increased numbers of workers at the hospital lately, the Prime Medicus Shaylei le Orban has chosen Wesley von Volkov to serve as her Epion. He's been with the hospital staff for roughly half a year. He became a fully fledged Physician recent to this announcement, and continues study with a primary focus on surgery.

  • Preparing for the Order's Generosity (Sun Oct 11 01:05:55 2015) - Rumours about the Grand Inquisitor Zaerieth ab Silverclaw's plans to eradicate sin from Southside by having the Order pay for trade apprenticeships for each and every one of the "Dolphin Girls" while mages roam the streets attacking innocents have been met largely with indigence and incredulity from the Southside populace.

    The Slippery Dolphin workers, many of whom regularly attend confession, are rather upset that their insistence that making enough money to keep themselves and their children fed and healthy isn't quite so simple as finding a legitimate job as carpenters (indeed, prostitution is often viewed a quietly-accepted necessary ill) has fallen on deaf ears.

    Church attendance of Southside courtesans has begun to decline as rumours suggest Madame Felix Winters was simply told her girls should stop being poor, and was given penance for running a brothel in the form of "finding ten sin-free ways to make money." This was followed by an "absolutely condescending" mass where the Grand Inquisitor suggested that burdening oneself with sin and taking penance afterward is unacceptable even when left with no other option but to starve - an unpopular opinion with the Knights and Reeves who must regularly spill blood and cleanse themselves of it in the Bren. Still, with a cynical heart, Miss Felix has accepted the Order's offer to try to turn her thirty-some-odd girls into the other sort of woodworker.

    A few young and desperate women are feeling hopeful, however, as they wait for rooms in the Slippery Dolphin to free up for rent.

  • Death of Zumini de Moradar (Thu Oct 8 01:41:17 2015) - On Augustus 8th, 367 a brave company of some of the city's fighters rode out from the west gate to deal with a mounting bandit threat. The initial reports are spotty at best, and no definitive statement has been issued by the leadership but rumors persist that Sir Zumini de Moradar found himself surrounded by a band of thugs and ruffians.

    Despite the best efforts of the relief forces, and the valiant efforts of some of Madison's best physicians, Moradar was taken from this mortal realm to dwell with the Lord of Springs. Moradar suffered fatal wounds at the hands of the bandits, but each and every last one was rounded up. The bandits were charged with the murder of Moradar and after their last confessions were heard, they were taken by the Reeves to River Square where they were hung from the gallows.

  • Bear and the Boar Eating Contest (Thu Oct 8 00:25:55 2015) - Continuing their partnership with the Merchant's, The Troubadours have once again brought festivities to the Bear and Boar. This month's event was an eating contest with a five gold prize purse. And though many entered the competition, it was a large man named Otois who claimed the title "King of Boars!" Witnesses claim he was merciless upon the cooked boar and gave no quarter to the mashed potatoes that went along with it. Many were sick after the event, but there have yet to be any reports of deaths caused by overeating.

    Overall, it was a rousing success. Dozens of freeman poured into the once quiet tavern to partake in free food and drink, compliments of the Troubadours. Worry that the Troubadours might only cater to the social elite has been quelled considerably, and the city as a whole is happy just to have more entertainment. Many are wondering what the Troubadours plan to do next.

  • Steadying the Course (Thu Oct 8 00:07:51 2015) - Word trickles through the city of Lithmore quickly on a proclamation from Adgen ab Grenthel, Marquis of Dastur.

    "People of Lithmore, you have all heard the noise that is going on in and around Dastur. I am afraid that Heresies have happened there. In my blind ignorance, I have had my own hand in them. For this, I am stepping down from the seat of Dastur in hopes of righting the wrongs that have happened there. No longer am I the Marquis, but will now be a Noble of no Domain."

    Flanked by the Lady Justiciar, the Lord Regent and the Grand Inquisitor, Adgen stepped down figuratively and literally after his speech was done. The Crown apparently intends to settle a new noble line into the leadership of the march, notably not returning it to the control of Adgen's father, Helth ab Grenthel, who currently holds the keep, though the borders of Dastur have fallen to the crown's forces.

  • The Church in Dastur (Wed Oct 7 23:35:45 2015) - With the borders of the County of Dastur opened once again at the discretion of the Crown, the Grand Inquisitor sent orders for a group of inquisitors and clergy to go to Dastur. They assist the crown's forces and begin enacting their orders to relieve the clergy there, put guards and clergy to the question, begin providing stability for the scared and confused citizenry, and investigate the situation in the county, seeking the answers for questions also in the minds of the rest of the kingdom. While this happens in the county's countryside, the former marquis remains barricaded within his keep, accompanied by those men that remain loyal to him.

  • Birth Announcement: House Rousselle (Tue Oct 6 22:57:32 2015) - A brief announcement was put out by House Rousselle of Crestley:

    Lord Ferled and Lady Margaux le Rousselle are pleased to announce the successful delivery of their daughter Voletta, by Prime Medicus Shaylei le Orban of the Madison Hospital. Born Augustus 1st at their townhouse just outside Lithmore, Lady Voletta le Rousselle is healthy and the Lady High Steward is recovering well from the delivery. The young lady is third in line to the Barony of Crestley after her two older sisters, Charee (6) and Arabella (4).

  • The Proconsul's Willful Incompetence (Sat Oct 3 22:06:48 2015) - Over the past few weeks, rumors and information has quietly risen to the surface only to be rapidly hidden from the public's view. A small group has appeared to take these matters into their own hands. Every few days for just under a week, men and women of disparate backgrounds have appeared in public spaces and told the news:

    The Proconsul does not care for the people of Lithmore. A woman was almost kidnapped, and he ignored her pleas in favor of a dinner with another woman. The report was never filed. As a result, another gentry woman was nearly mugged and a priest assaulted by the same man not but a few streets from the Cathedral and Reeve headquarters. The speakers point out the increase in urchins and shady individuals roaming freely through the most formerly crime-free areas of the city. They call for the Proconsul to step down. The fact that these speakers are always able to depart and escape before Reeves can detain them suggests that some Reeves even back these statements, but there are no solid facts to back the idea. In the end, the speakers go quiet once more, leaving the people of Lithmore to decide what to do with the information.

  • Trouble in Dastur (Sun Oct 4 22:07:38 2015) - Details are still short in the reasons behind the trouble in Dastur, but the responses have been advancing. With a militaristic incursion to Dastur as they refused to open their borders, many other noble domains have started to grow uncomfortable. The general consensus is that the control of trade and movement into a noble's domain should remain their own prerogative. Though knights, order and crown representatives should be allowed permission, they admit, this seems quite extreme and speaks of making an example of Dastur to take away the rights of the nobility to manage their own domains.

    Further, with such a show of force, including contingents from several noble domains and the knights, defenses have not maintained the standards they previously held in those locations, significantly reducing the security of the realm, some accuse.

  • March of the Banners (Sun Oct 4 21:17:47 2015) - The sound of horns ring out across Lithmore as soldiers begin their march westward for Dastur.

    "Dastur has refused to accept the authority of the Order and the Crown to allow us in an submit peacefully, we've been left with no other choice but to take military action." A spokesman for the crown offered as explanation for the sudden display. "We expect many of the forces within Dastur will submit peacefully and accept the generous offer given to them by the Crown. Resistance will not be tolerated."

    Rumor suggests that Dastur's stand crumpled quickly under the arrival of the troops brought to bear against them, most surrendering or fleeing at the outset. While the castle still stands, the crown has established a foothold camp within the March and secured the flow of traffic themselves. The borders remain closed, but they are now closed by the crown's forces, rather than the former Marquis'.

  • Do Not Dastur-b (Fri Oct 2 01:32:22 2015) - Shortly after the proclamation from the Crown, word and action trickles out from Dastur.

    Words of a small amount of troops abandoning their posts come out, but other than that, the borders remain closed. Proclamations come out stating the following, " The Marquis Helth ab Grenthel apologizes for the border closure. He says that the borders shall remain closed as he tries to keep the murderer of his family line from escaping. He is very apologetic in this matter, and is certain it will all be remedied shortly, and then the borders will be re-opened."

    And with that, the borders remain more or less firmly closed.

  • Sweet Scents Now Sells Herbal Oils! (Fri Oct 2 00:57:33 2015) - A new sister shop has opened off the Candle Shop in Market Square Northwest - Sweet Scents. Its proprietor, Zanobi dul Allemande, stocks only the finest in scented herbal oils useful for the making of perfumes. "No longer," Master dul Allamande was heard to say, "will would-be perfumers be required to undergo the tedious labor of gardening and herbal preparation to practice their art!" The more sour and cynical, however, note that the price tags of Allemande's scented oils seem to suggest he's rewarding himself well for taking on this manual labor...

  • Trouble in Dastur (Thu Oct 1 11:15:48 2015) - It is not entirely clear what, but something is going on in Dastur. The borders are closed and there are rumors of attacks on the noble family there. Adgen ab Grenthel is known to have fairly recently been raised to Marquis, taking over the reins from his father, Helth ab Grenthel, who still lives and was apparently of a mind to retire. However, something has set the former Marquis off, and he appears to be the one calling the shots again within Dastur itself.

  • Instructions to the Dastur Border (Wed Sep 30 15:45:20 2015) - With talk of Dastur's borders closing and the refusal of entrance to all manner of people from bards to knights to common travellers, a notice was sent from the High Steward's office to Dastur's main border posts. The notices reads: By order of the Lady High Steward and of the Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Faith, pay heed. We are distressed to learn of recent activities in Dastur, with the closing of borders and the refusal to admit travelers of any sort, including some on official Crown and Church business. As a vassal of the Lithmorran throne, Dastur is reminded that she is subservient to the Crown and that providing open borders for travel is an expectation of all Lithmorran Lords. As faithful members of the church, Dastur's people must also bow to the will of Holy Mother Church. Dastur has one day within which to fully open her borders to all travelers unless the local authorities have just and sufficient reason to detain them as individuals. Further refusal will be taken with the utmost suspicion, considered an illegal act and Crown soldiers will be brought to clear the way by force.

  • Regular Troubadour Performances (Wed Sep 30 01:15:12 2015) - Thanks to a deal struck between the leaders between the Merchants and the Troubadors, customers in Merchant-owned taverns can look forward to regular performances. One such performance - an impromptu show at the Bear and the Boar - has already taken place, with the promise of more to come, courtesy of the Merchants' coffers.

    The deal is a result of an initiative by the current Grand Magnate, Galen Fairweather, who has reportedly been seeking the leaders of other guilds to discuss potential partnerships. Then acting as Magnate, Fairweather posited the idea to former Poet Laudate Tuan op Sugiyama, and negotiated the details with Poet Knight Kato Ernst.

    It seems like a win-win for everyone - the Troubadors get some much-needed cash flow, the Merchants can benefit from increased traffic to their taverns, and the common folk get to enjoy frequent and accessible entertainment. With any luck, the deal can serve as a sign of more things to come from the new leadership of both guilds.

  • Dastur-dly Deeds (Wed Sep 30 00:26:20 2015) - News arrives to the city of Lithmore of some questionable things surrounding Dastur. After some kind of altercation with Lord Orban, Lord Grenthel was seen heading to the Town Hall Courier, and then to the Church, presumably to the Grand Inquisitor's office.

    A few days after the messenger pigeons were sent out, the borders to Dastur started closing. Troops warning everyone away until things have cooled down. Rumors speculate that this border closure has to do with some kind of attack on the Noble family, nothing can be confirmed, but many do say that the Keep of Dastur has been fortified.

  • Galen Fairweather named Grand Magnate of the Merchants' Guild (Tue Sep 29 02:03:46 2015) - Immediately following her marriage to the Baron of Rosewood, former Grand Magnate Emma ab Kovar (nee Courtland) has retired from her position, naming Magnate of Lithmore Galen Fairweather as her successor.

    Lady Emma ab Kovar reportedly had planned to have Magnate Fairweather succeed her for some time, and the Merchants Guild assures that the transition in leadership will go smoothly. The former Grand Magnate will be remaining with the guild in the position of a Master Jeweler, and will continue to work closely with the new Grand Magnate Fairweather as an advisor.

    Galen Fairweather was relatively well-liked as the Magnate considering his relative inexperience and unlikely origins, but many are uncertain of whether he'll be able to command the respect that comes with the prestigious title of Grand Magnate and handle all of the responsibilities that come with it. While Lady Emma ab Kovar took the position of Grand Magnate at a similar age and went on to be successful in the role, she had the benefit of being from a wealthy and influential gentry family, an advantage that freeman Galen Fairweather does not share.

    While Lady Emma ab Kovar reportedly retired her position to be able to focus more fully on the affairs of her new domain of Rosewood, there are a few who suspect that she may have placed Galen Fairweather in the position of Grand Magnate to act as a 'puppet' for her - the new Grand Magnate's fierce loyalty to her is, after all, no secret. Others insist that this is highly unlikely, believing neither of them are of the character to do something so manipulative. Nearly everyone, however, is watching Grand Magnate Fairweather closely, to see if a simple freeman lad really does have what it takes to take stewardship of all legal trade in the Realm.

  • A New Poet Knight is Named (Sat Sep 26 23:08:19 2015) - Addienna op Bearsmit has announced Kato Ernst as the new Poet Knight of the Troubadours. Ernst hasn't even been with the Troupe for half a year, but this does not come as a surprise to most citizens given the constantly changing hands of guild leadership within the Troubadours. Kato is a Tubori who is often cited as being a bit odd. He is also known to have been a rat catcher before joining up with the Troupe. Despite these roots, he is widely regarded as an excellent actor and dancer. And some sources claim he can be quite serious when he needs to be and is actually a very professional person.

  • Another Poet Laudate (Wed Sep 23 03:51:15 2015) - In a perhaps odd and sudden shift, the Troubadours have moved back to former leadership. Troubadour Addienna op Bearsmit has been delivered the title of Poet Laudate once again. One can only hope she helps aid in the continued flare of activity and that the Troubadour's can become organized enough to begin hosting events within their own theatre. Word has not filtered through the ranks of a new Poet Knight to be chosen yet though.

  • Mass Introduces New Priest to Lithmore (Sat Sep 19 14:29:01 2015) - A Mass was recently delivered by Father Cosimo dul Favero. The sermon spoke of letting faith guide one's everyday actions, including topics such as holding one's tongue in rumors and looking out for the wellbeing of others. The newly-minted priest encouraged members of the congregation to discuss ways in which they could bring faith into their daily lives, such as greeting provocation with firm kindness rather than anger. The Mass also contained within it an announcement: Father Cosimo is available for confessions, counsel, banns interviews and weddings, and other such priestly affairs.

  • Proconsul Appointed! (Fri Sep 11 12:59:08 2015) - The Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz announced today that after much deliberation and consideration, she is pleased to announce the appointment of Magistrate Hunapo le Marama to the role of Proconsul of Lithmore. The Proconsul is the most senior reeve of a duchy, and each duchy has one. Together, they form the Proconsulate Council, which rules on Points of Law.

    Hunapo le Marama, a native Tubori born in Strongjaw, has served with the Reeves for four years. He began his career as a clerk and worked his way up to Magistrate. He has a strong knowledge of the Queen's Law. His long service to the Crown demonstrates his ability and commitment to the job.

  • Infrastructure 1: Traffic & Roads (Fri Sep 11 10:48:26 2015) - With the spring sun at last warming the city, construction crews have begun work on Lithmore's main thoroughfare, Church Street. Broken and missing cobblestones are being replaced by the workers, beginning with the area around the western gate and proceeding east through the city. Scuttlebutt suggests the effort may later extend to other streets, shoring up the city's most damaged and heavily-traversed roadways.

    The Lady High Steward is reportedly behind the work, though postings throughout the city suggest that interested workers can apply to Leila Durani for consideration.

  • Emergency Levy Lifted (Sat Sep 5 23:36:41 2015) - As Spring is now settling over the city of Lithmore, the Emergency Levy has been lifted. The Merchants report a comfortable sum collected for the Crown's use in charitable works, and with the city now stable costs on luxury goods will be returned to their normal rates.

  • Homes Reinforced Throughout Poorer Quarter (Sat Sep 5 01:09:56 2015) - As the city emerges from a particularly harsh Winter, and as some have not yet recovered from the demon attacks of the previous season, many citizens have found their homes to be damaged or excessively worn.

    The Lithmore Laborers Coalition, a loose-knit group of citizens under the oversight of master tradesman Aios Draiski, has been busy aiding these unfortunates. Now that the weather has begun to warm (relatively speaking, for Lithmore), laborers have been assigned to foresting missions. Logs gathered were swiftly turned to planks and boards, and builders brought these supplies to Southside, restoring the homes that needed them the most.

  • Misube ab Levona Elected Earl Marshall (Thu Sep 3 09:47:06 2015) - In the early morning on the 29th of Maritus, the Council of Grand Masters met to decide on the matter of the vacant Earl Marshall position. It was highly debated on who should fill it. Many names were thrown into the pool of potential candidates, but the issue that often arose is many of those candidates were on the frontlines of the war. As such it was decided to limit the candidates to those within the capital of Lithmore. Ultimately it was decided that Misune ab Levona would fill the position.

    "He has served within the knights for six and a half years now, at which point he has risked his life many times for Lithmore in the pursuit of it's safety. We are confident that he will fulfill the duties required of him as Earl Marshall."

    No further questions were asked by those present, nor did it seem like the council was open to any further questions. Whether this was a good choice or not on the council's part remains to be seen, and only the future will tell.

  • Jenifyr executes Trimthe (Wed Sep 2 23:38:12 2015) - In the wee hours on Circadi, Maritus (Month 3) 29, Sun Cycle of the Lord: 367, Trimthe Moric was cleansed at the stake for the crime of magery.

  • Earl Marshall Leaves Post (Tue Sep 1 07:48:27 2015) - Amid rumors and speculations coming from the Keep, a memo has been circulating among the city's elite that Sir Zumini de Moradar, husband to the Prime Medicus, is leaving his post to focus on personal issues. The Chalice and Crown have yet to name a successor though it is assumed that the court will make an announcement in the coming weeks.

  • Consolidation Court (Mon Aug 31 18:14:54 2015) - Word goes out around the city of an upcoming event at the Royal Court that will mark the celebration of the 225th year since the end of the Consolidation. In honor of these victories, an open court will be held, starting with an address by the Crown and a brief ceremony to honor those that have performed notable public service over the last year. Following this, the floor of the court will be cleared for dancing, court games and entertainment by local troubadours. Throughout, public petitions for Crown funding will be heard by the Regent and Lady High Steward.

  • Magnate Fairweather's Hardships (Sun Aug 30 21:20:40 2015) - No small amount of challenge has faced the new Magnate of Lithmore, Galen Fairweather. At his appointment, many people doubted that he could do the job, thanks to his common upbringing, unprecedented youth, and lack of experience. Immediately after being appointed, the rumors about his unmasculine demeanor and disposition quickly grew ruthless. This would be hard enough to endure on its own, but the hardships kept piling on - altercations with a temporarily unhinged gentrywoman, an encounter with a shadow creature, and some undisclosed personal problems, all piled on top of having to run the Guild on his own while the Grand Magnate left town.

    Despite this, the Magnate has endured, and the Guild continues to run smoothly. On top of these challenges, he has tailored custom clothing for nobility, interviewed and inducted new members into the Guild, and spearheaded new initiatives for providing novices with the tools to practice their craft. And although people familiar with Galen can see that these challenges have taken their toll on him, he still manages to retain much of the cheerful energy and insistent helpfulness that made him popular as a server in the Bear and the Boar long ago.

    Though Galen Fairweather's tenure as Magnate of Lithmore is off to a difficult start, the fact that the myriad trials he faces have not broken his spirit has instilled some of the formerly skeptical with hope for his future. Though he still falls under tremendous scrutiny, many of those watching him have been surprised by his fortitude, and are ready to continue following his career with cautious optimism.

  • Bandit Round-up (Sun Aug 30 19:43:13 2015) - With the proper Spring Awakening just a few weeks away, Lithmore can see its way through to the end of the Winter famine. Further improving the situation, in joint effort with Reeves, Knights and community support a team faced the bandit issues head on: luring an attack, determining the location of an organized bandit camp and making a large number of arrests. Following the round-up, the number of bandit attacks has dropped significantly, below what might be expected this time of year even, as any remaining bandits seem inclined to lie low.

  • The Burning of a Heretic (Sun Aug 30 07:44:42 2015) - The other day, the Grand Inquisitor rang the bells, calling everyone to River Square. Maxwell le Wattkil was led out, looking quite the worse-for-wear, blood covering him from head to foot.

    Her Holy Honour, Zaerieth Silverclaw explained that he was a heretic who chose his own way rather than the way of the Lord. For his part, le Wattkil voiced aloud that the Grand Inquisitor was evil, as well as all sorts of other blasphemies. His cleansing was conducted in a torrent of blood and gore as what was left of his bodily fluids spilled to the ground.

    It is said that a riot took place after the cleansing, with rocks thrown and some individuals hurt.

  • Recent work from the Madison (Sun Aug 30 07:32:22 2015) - Talk from Madison staff and patients turn, recently, to the Prime Medicus, Shaylei le Orban, centring predominantly on work undertaken since returning to her position at the helm of the Physicians' Guild. In particular, the Prime Medicus and Epion were noted supervising renovations and cleaning in the hospital kitchen, storerooms, and private wards, personally organising the care of important figures in the Capitol, and organising the triage and clinic in an effort to provide the guild with more regular revenue. Though some expressed curiousity about the recent re-shuffle of the leadership, most seemed positive, given the flux of work, of the change.

  • Spring Awakening Party (Sun Aug 30 00:38:23 2015) - To celebrate Spring Awakening, the end of the winter, and his 35th birthday, Lord Ariel le Orban dul Damassande will be holding a party at the greenhouse on Viridian Way in Northern Lithmore. All are invited, regardless of social class; the Spring Awakening revocation of sumptuary will be in effect, so that anyone can feel free to celebrate the season in style.

    It has been years since the eccentric Lord threw a public party - the last, in fact, was while he was still Regent prior to his disgrace and exile from Court. Gossipmongers suggest the affair is likely to be scandalous, featuring all sorts of indecency.

  • A New Poet Knight Named (Sun Aug 30 00:35:45 2015) - Word has come from the theatre that the Poet Laudate, Tuan op Sugiyama, has named Valariana op Palaceri as the new Poet Knight given her qualities and former experience as the Poet Laudate of the Troubadours Guild. The new Poet Knight issued her thanks to the Poet Laudate and her intentions remain as they once were, to improve and expand the Troubadours presence within the capitol and beyond.

  • As Fast as Rumors Fly (Fri Aug 28 21:08:58 2015) - Amidst an already turmoiled guild left with new leadership and old rumors begin to trickle from ever-traveling Bards: The Poet Laudate has stepped down citing responsibilities surrounding her home court. Boldly stepping into her well-trained shoes is none other than recently elevated Tuan op Sugiyama. His first order of business is soon made clear, a Kingdom-wide call for any and all Troubadours to step forward and take the mantle of Poet Knight.

  • Marquis Agden ab Grenthel Arrives (Sun Aug 23 03:34:58 2015) - News spread quickly through the city about the arrival of a noble into Lithmore. Arriving from the west, a caravan of soldiers were seen stopping outside the gates. Two members left the caravan and entered the city, while the remaining men started heading back the way they came. The noble in question soon made an appearance at the Queen's Inn, introducing himself as Adgen ab Grenthel, the Marquis of Dastur. Why he's here is full of uncertainty. And oddly enough, not much has been able to be gleaned about the March he hails from.

  • The Cleansing of Bryce Potter (Sun Aug 23 03:09:01 2015) - The church bells sounded, calling everyone to River Square. When the people arrived, Grand Inquisitor Zaerieth Silverclaw led Page Bryce Potter out, with no physical markings on him, but still in manacles. She explained that sometimes, we as the Lord's followers, must grant mercy in order to relieve a man's suffering. She then proceeded to guide the boy to the pyre platform, where, despite his shackles, he attempted to climb the post. After a little work, and assistance from the Earl marshall, the cleansing was conducted, after which, the Grand inquisitor took questions.

  • Galen Fairweather Appointed Magnate of Lithmore (Fri Aug 21 05:42:23 2015) - The Grand Magnate has announced the appointment of a new Magnate of Lithmore, replacing the recently retired Corlan dul Nulaam. The position was bestowed upon a relative unknown: tailor Galen Fairweather, newly charged with the care of the Vellum & Velvet. Given the position on the evening of his sixteenth birthday, he is the youngest to hold the title in the Guild's history.

    Once a tavern worker at the Bear and the Boar, Galen Fairweather was 'discovered' by the Grand Magnate Emma ab Courtland, who encouraged him to join the Merchants Guild soon after his appearance at an upscale charity ball. After joining, the Grand Magnate saw to his training personally, and he displayed a prodigious talent for his craft, reaching Journeyman status in almost no time at all - his clients include the likes of noble ladies Haizea von Mazina and Farra dul Baildana, whom he provided with stylish, yet austere and functional outfits that better suited the lean times during the winter of 366.

    "I am only able to accept the honor of this position because of the enormous amount of faith placed in me," said the new Magnate. "Though the Magnate is a position of leadership, my intention is not to be served, but to serve - and I will do everything I can to use my position to better serve the people of Lithmore, and work for the good of the realm as a whole." The Grand Magnate Emma ab Courtland was noted as stating, "I have no doubt that, given a little time, he will one day have my office."

    The Magnate assures that he will make up for his lack of experience by following the counsel of those better established in the Guild - including the Grand Magnate, Emma ab Courtland, who will continue her mentorship role. He plans to take the role in a social, diplomatic direction, and among his goals are to expand the infrastructure surrounding the Guild's charitable works as well as maintain good relationships between the Merchants Guild and Lithmore's other organizations, as well as between the Guild and the public.

    The new Magnate's humble Freeman origins are a point of discussion surrounding the appointment - while some doubt his ability to navigate the waters of upper-class propriety, others feel his perspective will help inform decisions that have an impact on the common folk.

  • The Madison and Cityguard (Fri Aug 21 02:40:14 2015) - A joint effort by ranking members of the Physicians' and Reeves' guilds emerged in the wake of continued controversy surrounding the Lady Justiciar, their voices a counter-point to murmurings of disapproval. At their fore was Shaylei of House le Orban, the current Prime Medicus and wife of Earl Marshall de Moradar. She released a statement in support of Rimilde von Rievirtkrintz:

    "I was saddened to hear of recent negative talk of the Lady Justiciar, as my own experience has been quite the opposite. Lady von Rievirkrintz has demonstrated sound leadership skills in the eagerness with which she builds relationships with other guilds, seeks the advice of others in her decision-making, and comports herself in her dealings with her subordinates. It is not an uncommon practise in the city for those early on in their career to assume the responsibility of leadership; those of us who do so have, in concert with the more experienced among us, grown to be well-loved and highly capable leaders. It is my considered opinion that Rimilde von Rievirkrintz has the intelligence, initiative, and talent to succeed in her role; the Madison leadership therefore affirms its solidarity with the Cityguard, and its support of the Lady Justiciar and her staff in times to come".

  • The Marquessa of Brayston Arrives! (Thu Aug 20 20:56:45 2015) - The Marquessa Trinity ab Brayston, second daughter to Cenvald ab Brayston and younger half-sister of Katarina de Winter, has recently arrived in Lithmore. Her entourage appears to mostly consist of Brayston natives, including a mysterious elder gentleman rumored to be practically bedridden... And only one body servant, a maid of perhaps fourteen.

  • Grand Inquisitor Makes History (Thu Aug 20 18:02:01 2015) - In the early morning of Januarious 18th, a new priestess joined the ranks of the Holy Order of Dav. Zahida Numiya took her vows before the Grand Inquisitor Zaerieth ab Silverclaw. Those present stated that there was tension all throughout the vows, not just in those watching the ordeal but in the two involved as well. Though it is easy to understand where the tension derived from, for never in the course of history since the Holy Order of Dav was formed has a Daravi been vowed into priesthood. Only time will tell how the populace react to this highly unusual decision of the Grand Inquisitor's.

  • The Orphanage Reopens! (Thu Aug 20 11:26:10 2015) - Lithmore's Orphanage has recently been reopened at last, allowing the many dispossessed by its former destruction to find new shelter. Orphans who had been temporarily staying in all sorts of homes have now been recalled under one freshly-repaired roof; generous donations, curated by the Order, paid for a complete rebuilding of the structure from the foundations up.

    By and large, the Orphanage has been rebuilt on an identical floorplan to before - but there is one difference. The new building bears a plaque designating it as the Roseren Memorial Orphanage, in honor of the deceased Cardinal who initiated its reconstruction.

  • Justiciar's Popularity Continues to Drop (Tue Aug 18 04:08:15 2015) - With the leaking of the minutes of a closed-doors meeting wherein a concerned and influential resident of Lithmore discussed with several ranking Reeve officials concerns regarding the Lady Justiciar's eccentricities (including her strange methods of punishment and propensity to ramble when confronted with a problem), the Lady Justiciar von Rievirkrintz's reputation continues to waver.

    Despite the Court's official approval, those who have to deal with the Justiciar's style of law enforcement reportedly find themselves frustrated and question her education, morality, and the character of those who support her.

  • The Lean Winter Lumbers On (Mon Aug 17 23:24:15 2015) - It is a couple of months into the winter now, and Lithmore has settled into a sort of routine. Food prices are high and everyone is hungry - but it's just hungry, not starving. Stockpiling and careful rationing has ensured that everyone should make it through the winter - everyone who should have made it through a normal winter, in any case. The worst of the grumbling seems to come from the quarter of the moderately wealthy - those not well enough off to have their own private stocks of food, imported themselves, but still wealthy enough to feel the injustice at the poor being able to receive just as much as themselves.

    With shipments slowed nearly to a stop, most of the bandits have dispersed as well, finding the pickings too hard. Among those who continue, however, they seem more organized, working together, and rumors trickle through the city that someone has been make efforts recently to gather and direct them.

  • Day Laborers Assist with Food Stores (Fri Aug 14 17:43:00 2015) - Day laborers called to the Merchants Guild stores and granaries report vast stocks of food imported from all over the Urth, packaged and set aside for the upcoming winter season. Among the laborers, who were tasked with dividing rations into sections, most report having been instructed to sort the majority of hardy foodstuffs to the Freeman sectors, prepared for distribution to Southside and other needy portions of Lithmore. "Don't think there's much to worry about anymore," one man said, fresh off his shift at the warehouses, "Enough food in there to feed a couple Duchies, most of its for us."

  • Another Burning - Curos op Arents (Fri Aug 14 12:50:09 2015) - Late last evening, the church bells sounded, and everyone was called to River Square. When they arrived, the Grand inquisitor led Curos op Arents out. His condition was reasonably unharmed.

    The Inquisitor gave a short speech, stating that Arents was a mage, but he was a victim too - and that "when we cleanse, we provide a release". She gave a chance for op Arents to speak, and he seemed to be almost relieved that in just a few moments he would be with the Lord of the Springs.

    The cleansing went on without incident. The only thing of note is that the Inquisitor - save for her short speech - seemed extremely quiet. When it was done, she ended the gathering by stating the will of the Lord was done.

  • Court Stands by the Justiciar (Fri Aug 14 10:25:37 2015) - In the wake of the back and forth about the Justiciar, rumors also filtered of many closed door meetings between the Regent, The High Steward and members of the Court and the Justiciar. No one knows precisely what went on behind the scenes, but when they were all over a statement was issued from the office of the Regent.

    "After careful consideration and meetings between all involved parties, the Court is happy to say that the concerns have been addressed and the Court and the nobility stand behind the Lady Justiciar. She has proven to be very communicative with the Court for her ideas and responsive to any concerns. Now let us put this matter behind us and work together on the future, a unified people and Kingdom."

  • A New Poet Laudate is Named (Wed Aug 12 12:50:55 2015) - Just after the turn of the New Year holiday news came out of the troubadours: A new Poet Laudate has been named due to the absence of Curos op Arents! Of course it comes as no surprise that it is Addienna op Bearsmit, a woman who has served as Poet Knight during their trying times.

    A small celebration was held in the Theatre for the woman, and the casks of warm drink left behind for any who need something to take the bite out of Winter's chill. It is said there are several things in the works for the troubadours.

  • Rylyn's Donations (Wed Aug 12 10:55:59 2015) - Word around Lithmore is that Sir Rylyn de Cerulio is willing to match donations made to the Merchants for charitable works during the winter of 366. Whatever you donate, he'll donate the same amount from his own pocket up to a total of twenty gold pieces. The Knight - much-renowned for his martial prowess - is even willing to toss in offers of combat lessons to loosen up purse strings. Want to learn to fight like a Knight? Donate, and he'll match your sum!

  • A New Year Speech (Tue Aug 11 23:16:00 2015) - In light of the recent accusations spreading about the Lady Justiciar's actions, a new voice spoke up in favor of her choices. On the dawn of the new year, Misune ab Levona, who at one time held the position of Earl marshall for close to three years, held an impromptu speech in the church square. Those present stated it went something like this.

    "I would like to start by saying I don't expect anyone to truly care about what I have to say, but it is better to be disgraced for saying what needs to be said, than to never say it in the first place."

    "The Lady Justiciar's actions are within her legal rights as Justiciar of the realm. Any men and women who wear the scales of justice upon their cloaks are ultimately under her command, be they near or far. The fact certain nobles would try to dispute this is utterly disgraceful, for it shows their true reasons for bringing reeves from their domains to Lithmore. And it makes me wonder, if they don't want the Justiciar to lead their reeves, what are they hiding? What did they have planned that allowing another to properly lead their domain's reeves would get in the way of?"

    "I ask you, citizens of Lithmore to stand behind the Justiciar's choices, to be confident in her ability to see to the well-being of the people, which she has done thus far. Don't trust in the conceited interests of the nobles who would attempt to undermine the Justiciar just because she dares to do her job, despite it going against the desires of these nobles."

    "Afterall, we've lost far too many good leaders because of the actions of nobles."

    What actions will this supposed speech have many wonder? Surely the nobles won't just sit idly as someone openly opposes them. No matter what the outcome may be, the immediate results are evident as many riled citizens take to supporting the Lady Justiciar.

  • New Justiciar a Disappointment (Tue Aug 11 07:54:02 2015) - A ripple of malcontent with the new Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz has swept through; as the visiting Nobles were encouraged to bring over law-enforcement reinforcements to help keep order in the streets this winter, the passing of a mandate requiring them to sign control over to the Lady Justiciar has seeded an uneasiness within their Lords and Ladies that has only grown with time.

    Of note, the Count of Endridge and the Countess of Batarostra are particularly concerned about the welfare of their people in her hands, and express their regret in needing to withdraw their support. Following them, other members of the Nobility and by extent the citizens who look to them have begun to voice their disapproval: words like too hesitant, dishonest, not Vandagan enough, disrespectful, and immature seem to come up again and again amidst rumours of unsavory (holy or secular) dealings with the Baron of Lillton.

    Countess Batarostra states she looks forward to being able to once again support the Lady Justiciar someday.

  • A New Master in Lithmore (Sun Aug 9 17:22:55 2015) - The Merchants Guild is pleased to announce that Jocelyn le Kastner has attained the rank of Master in Tailoring.

  • A Re-Shuffle of Physicians Leadership (Sat Aug 8 20:41:08 2015) - A announcement at the Madison on the advent of Circadi 21, Decembris had some important implications for its leadership: that, citing increased responsibilities with the Baronial Seat of Sinjara, the Lady Shasa le Dumitru was to trade leadership positions with Shaylei le Orban. In line with this, Shaylei le Orban was to once more take her place at the Madison as Prime Medicus, with Lady le Dumitru as her Epion. Shaylei le Orban herself is a familiar face in the guild, with ten years' experience at the Madison (three of which as Prime Medicus), and a considerable reputation as a combat medic, having served in particular as the resident physician of the Knights Lithmorran.

  • The Justiciar Gives a Speech (Fri Aug 7 22:22:15 2015) - A speech was given today by the Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz:

    "As a result of slightly lowered food stocks, talk of civil unrest and the increase of small targeted groups of bandits in our wilderness and on trade routes, some of the duchies have sent additional Reeves to aid in the effort and work with local law enforcement. While the city addresses the needs of its citizens, there is an opportunity to build stronger foreign relations and a more resilient and peaceful community.

    Local guards will predominately focus on patrolling Lithmore proper, and partnerships used only when there is a need. In which cases partnerships will be used. Additional imported security will be used to fill any gaps in current perimeter patrols. A mix of foreign security will be used at the noted trade routes, Reeves with familiarity of the trade routes will be posted first and foremost.

    The main goal throughout these times is the security of people and goods. We will address each situation by identifying the the highest risk and mitigating it as necessary.

    It is mandated, with support of the Regent, that all forces who are acting as Reeves will be reporting to the Justiciar and any individuals or groups of individuals who try and do so on their own outside of Reeve supervision will be legally treated as vigilantes.

    Community development and interaction is highly encouraged for all guards.

    Reeves off duty, or on shift will be given the opportunity to be involved in charity projects that benefit and strengthen the community.

    While we cannot control what situations we encounter, we can control our reaction to them. It is with thoughtful planning, and a sincere desire to bring peace and lawfulness that we must proceed always.

    Lord Bless.

  • Highway Robbery (Fri Aug 7 01:41:20 2015) - Supplies journey south of Penitent Way each day, their arrival noted and their safety maintained by dark-cloaked guards at the Almshouse. With so much focus within city walls, the bandits without have shown little sign of slowing. In fact, their efforts seem to have redoubled even under assault by Reeves and vigilantes.

    Between bandits looting some caravans and vandals simply destroying others, it's unclear how much will actually reach any of the city gates to supplement existing supplies.

    Among certain groups, complaints arise that they have given TOO much to Southside, and that they should begin plotting ways to get it back before Winter grows worse.

  • Fighting Famine Southside-Style (Fri Aug 7 01:27:19 2015) - Winter is usually difficult for denizens of Southside but with this year's weak harvest threatening widespread famine throughout the city, a dedicated group of individuals are turning their focus to long-term solutions.

    With the Almshouse serving per usual as a base of operations, Rain Reed has reorganized the regular class schedule to focus on survival skills such as basic foraging, gardening, hunting and cooking lessons, assisted by Aios Draiski, Leila Durani and a handful of others.

    Supplementing the supplies rationing system now in place (and personal donations of food and clothing from such individuals as Almaz "I have no idea what her name is", Galen Fairweather and Wolter von Delstead), there is hope that supporting self-sufficiency will not only make this winter less bleak, but every winter that follows. There is even talk of extending Southside charity north of Penitent Way, as news is sparse about how the rest of city is faring.

  • Mobilizing Vees (Fri Aug 7 00:45:01 2015) - While recently troops have been arriving from the north, it wasn't long before another contingent came from the south. Marching in formation through the streets, they carried the blue and green banners of vees, emblazoned with golden tree and bees. The Lord Regent met his men at the gate and joined them as they made their way to Cityguard Headquarters where they reported for duty.

    It appears that there are some Reeves from amongst his Grace's men and when they joined up with the Queens Guard in the capital, they had a familiarity with the capital's procedures. This is much attributed to the Countess of Vees, the former Justiciar who toured her new home earlier this summer.

  • Vandagan Reinforcements! (Wed Aug 5 23:54:43 2015) - With talk of unrest and banditry in the common classes, the Countess Batarostra, Haizea von Mazina sent out an open offer to the guards of her palace-fortress Cal Domir and Batarostran Reeves: come spend the harsh winter protecting lovely and mild-weathered Lithmore City with promises of unbridled glory and honour upon their return home.

    An impressive number agreed to ship out, and Batarostran Reeves can now be seen patrolling Lithmore's streets - they can be identified by the red and teal pins on their cloaks. As can be expected, while not necessarily cruel or immoral, they are strict and heavy-handed in their interpretations of the law; highly effective and an intimidating presence.

    The Countess Batarostra assures the people of Lithmore that they will do all they can to keep people and winter rations safe and the people orderly within the walls of the city, intending to allow the local Reeves head out of the city to confront the highway thieves. Of note, it is the Countess they seem to answer to, rather than local leadership.

  • For Winter Weather (Tue Aug 4 02:06:11 2015) - To help the less fortunate prepare for a particularly lean winter and alleviate the stress of choosing between food and warmth, freeman tailor Galen Fairweather and hunter-furrier Almaz An Khir sent to the Southside Almshouse a great number of winter weather garments including heavy wool capes and fur cloaks.

    Those who find themselves without adequate cold weather clothing are encouraged to head down and outfit themselves properly.

  • Ruffles are out...? (Tue Aug 4 01:02:07 2015) - Despite the initial embrace that the ruffle craze was met with in Lithmore's noble circles, they seem to be on their way out. Nobles are beginning to refrain from wearing ruffles, even if they do not find them distasteful, only to avoid being visibly involved in the bitter and bloody fashion war that rages on over the backdrop of desperate commoners concerned for their next meal.

    Following Ariel le Orban's announcement that he will match half the price of any non-ruffled garment commissioned from the Merchants Guild and give it to charity, even the de facto figurehead of the ruffle craze, Arioso dul Cavata, Count of Upper Gerdain, had to acquiesce, having this to say:

    "While I do find it regrettable that Lord le Orban and his confidantes felt the need to throw their considerable weight behind quashing the latest wave in style from Vavard for whatever inscrutable reason, I cannot deny that his efforts to give to charity are commendable, linked as they are to his dubious fashion agenda. I would like to extend my gratitude to le Orban for his foresight and put my full support behind his charitable initiative."

    Indeed, the Count of Upper Gerdain now seems to be promoting Ariel's announcement very widely. Rumors circulate that he is even offering a small bounty on tailors' receipts to encourage those who normally wouldn't bother to come forward and participate - and many are beginning to doubt if Ariel le Orban will be able to fulfill his end of the deal.

    "I do hope Lord le Orban's coffers are deep enough," the Count added. "I suspect it would be absolutely disappointing to the common folk if he wasn't able to deliver on his promise."

  • The Southside Almshouse Prepares (Tue Aug 4 00:35:32 2015) - The Southside Almshouse is gearing up for the winter with a rush of new activity. Several large wagons of food and medicine were seen being unloaded into the building's storerooms, as well as wagons of wood, stone, iron and other construction supplies.

    Shortly thereafter, an announcement was released by the Almshouse's anonymous owner and benefactor, posted on boards and read in the street:

    "All hungry citizens of Southside can come to the Almshouse for daily rations this winter. We can't promise to give you all you need, but we will give you all we can. In addition, the new Southside Infirmary will soon be completed on our grounds, allowing for medical care free to the patient who cannot pay.

    If you are in need of anything this winter, come to us, and we will do our best for you. Larger requests and donations can be sent to Rain Reed or our mailbox, 'SAlms'. Anything at all - food, clothing, medication - will be welcome. We will add everything we receive to the ration system."

    The precise scope of the Almshouse's daily rationing is yet to be seen, but with a learn winter approaching it is likely to be tested to its limits.

  • Troubadours donating instead of Performing (Mon Aug 3 02:17:45 2015) - As Yule draws near the Troubadours guild of Lithmore has forgone festivities in order to provide several families with needed food stores to help aid them in the lean winter which is upon us.

    The Poet Knight herself oversaw the distribution and purchases, with a smaller grouping of bardic types at her side. The Poet Knight is quoted as saying, "I realize these are not traditional gifts for a Yule season, these however will help you see through the winter to another Yule. Lord willing we shall be able to bring a traditional performance, and light hearts with joy next season!"

  • Emergency Levy for Winter of 366 (Mon Aug 3 00:10:52 2015) - Merchant Guild, Lithmorran Chapter - 366 Winter Emergency Levy

    In order to secure a nest egg of coin for charitable necessities during the winter season of Sun Cycle 366,

    to address concerns of famine and a lack of supply or gold to feed the Southside and northern Freeman population,

    to address public opinion and discourage criminal practices born of panic,

    The Merchants Guild hereby instates an emergency levy on all goods deemed "luxury" items, starting at the first snow of Novembris in Lithmore capitol, and ending at the onset of Spring.

    The emergency levy shall be no more than ten percent of the item's collective value; pieces sold together as finished outfits or matching sets of other varieties shall be levied based upon their combined value rather than as individual elements.

    The emergency levy shall be applied to the buyer, not the producer. Items possessed of the listed properties will be appropriately marked up on shop shelves, and the levied coin divided by the Merchant for deposit into the guild account. The Grand Magnate will forward these funds to the Crown for exclusive use in supporting and feeding the needy during the winter of 366.

    The Grand Magnate will check sales records for each shop selling luxury items to ensure the levy is being applied and deposited accordingly.

    As decreed by the Lord Regent Tomas ab Jinosa, the High Steward Margaux le Rousselle, the Lady Justiciar Rimilde von Rievirkrintz, and the Grand Magnate Emma ab Courtland, "luxury goods" as stated include the following and apply only to finished products:

    Items produced from silk, satin, velvet, cloth-of-silver, or cloth-of-gold,

    Items produced from exotic or decorated woods, fitted with silver or gold leaf, or carved or painted for decorous purposes,

    Items produced from silver or gold, either or including gemstones,

    Weaponry produced from damascus, or other materials when they have been decorated with gold, silver, or gemstones,

    Items produced from or trimmed with sable, mink, ermine, or ocelot furs,

    Cosmetic items including perfumes, colognes, facial powders, hair oils, and rouged balms,

    Items produced from vellum, parchment or paper where gold leaf or gold edging is used,

    Select brewed beverages including champagnes and icewine,

    Cooked or baked edibles classified as "gourmet", or using sugar or chocolate as an ingredient.

    Grand Magnate Emma ab Courtland

  • Hiring Food Sorters (Sun Aug 2 23:35:32 2015) - In wake of the winter the efforts to gather more food for the city are well underway. Due to the rising levels of stock, the Merchants and the Reeves are seeking to hire freemen to count and sort food in preparation for distribution to those in need. Applicants are asked to contact Magistrate Hunapo le Marama if they are interested in applying for a position. The Merchants are offering to pay 25 silver for what will be approximately three days of work.

  • A Thorough Accounting (Sun Aug 2 23:30:37 2015) - Margaux le Rousselle, High Steward of Lithmore, today appeared at the town hall before a gathering of any people interested in the ongoing situation with Lithmore's food stores, giving the following speech:

    Greetings people of Lithmore,

    As some may know, two months ago I underwent a thorough examination of the city's granaries and various other food storages. After the troubled events of the year just gone, it was discovered that stores were indeed very low and that if the harvest proved to be as poor as anticipated, we would be in troubled straits through the events. Thankfully, many of our local residents and generous souls from further afield came together to aid Lithmore through this situation. Shipments of grains, fruit and meat have been steadily coming in from all over the kingdom, while locally organised efforts in the storage and preservation of meat and fish have also been making a sizable impact.

    I am pleased to announce, that as a result of these efforts, our storage has increased from the worrying level of fifty percent up to eighty-five percent. With these amounts confirmed, I am comfortable to set the rationing levels for the winter ahead, which will be at seventy-five percent. While there will be a small degree of belt-tightening required, it is far above where we would be without the combined efforts from all walks of Lithmorran life. This will also allow us to keep a small buffer stock as a counter to the usual expected levels of accidental spoilage.

    Although we cannot yet commit to anything, it is my hope that with the continued efforts that are ongoing- such as the recent efforts by the Reeves, and more food is still being hunted and stored away, while hardy winter-suitable crops have been planted- that things will improve further yet.

    On behalf of His Grace the Regent, and myself, I would like to thank everyone for their efforts and forbearance as we have moved through these concerning times. It has been heartwarming and personally very rewarding to see so much of the community coming together in the face of what could have been a potential crisis.

    Afterwards, the High Steward remained for a time, answering any questions from the gathering in a direct, fact-driven approach.

  • Fashion for Charity! (Sun Aug 2 13:40:37 2015) - The following proclamation was read at all of Lithmore's major squares:

    "Austerity in dress and luxury spending is one of the many obligations that the wealthy of Lithmore owe to the poor, both out of moral duty and sheer respect. However, I do not wish to see the tailors of Lithmore struggle to feed their families.

    Hence, in the name of both courtesy and good taste, I propose the following:

    Any full outfit purchased from one of the Merchants' tailors or seamstresses will have half of its cost matched by me and donated to charity for the feeding of the poor... Given only that said outfit restrains its use of ornamentation such as ruffles to a tasteful and elegant accent. This applies to leather, wool, silk, samite - any outfit whatsoever, so long as the condition is met.

    Anyone who wishes to buy an outfit that embraces a would-be trend that is tasteless on every level shall have to be responsible for their own charitable donations.

    Declared in the name of Lord Ariel le Orban."

    Buzz surrounds the announcement - could it be true? Even for the eccentric and wealthy Lord le Orban, the costs of the proposal stand to potentially be staggering. Nonetheless, seamstresses and tailors have been directed to copy their bills to the nobleman so that he might total the silver.

  • Soldiers at the Gate (Sun Aug 2 10:52:12 2015) - A small retinue of soldiers from the Garrison at Endridge arrived at the Western Gate early yesterday morning. Led by Rei ab Sevoi, Count of Endridge who has returned to Lithmore after his recent sixteenth birthday having formally inherited his title. Count ab Sevoi has already expressed his intent to be recognized within the Court as well as a desire to follow in the legacy of his family as a Knight.

  • Emma's Yule Gift Drive (Sun Aug 2 10:50:05 2015) - The Yule is a time of happiness and joy for the children of Lithmore - a time to believe in family and community, and of course, to bestow toys and clothes upon loved ones. We are looking at a safe, but tight winter; for the children of our beloved city, this could mean going without the traditional gifts on one of our most treasured holidays.

    We could all - especially the children - use a little joy and normalcy. Lets keep our community strong and our traditions intact by ensuring every little boy and girl receives something to brighten the dark this Yule.

    Please contact Emma ab Courtland to receive the name and gift wish of a child either displaced by the orphanage fire or otherwise in need.

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