About Gerolf

by gerolf on November 5th, 2014

Gerolf von Stewart is the third son of Johann and Eva (nee Gheen) von Stewart, a steward for a minor lord in the north of Vandagan near the Dralth Ocean, in the Barony of Vostock. His older brothers are Cornelis and Diric. He has one younger sister named Yolente, of whom he is very fond.

He spent many of his formative years helping around the house bringing in foodstuffs to be prepared by his mother for the lord of the estate. Being the third son, as local tradition dictated, meant that once he was old enough to do simple tasks unsupervised he was sent to Mother Rachel von Swisher to serve as her neophyte and apprentice.

With no Almshouse in the city he grew up in, he spent most of his time in the church helping the priestess cook meals for the sick, elderly, and indigent. It was under her guidance that he learned how to tend to the spiritual needs of the masses, and preform basic skills. As the Mother became aged and infirmed he vowed to travel to Lithmore to become a full priest, that he may return and tend to the small country church he had come to love so much.

Upon coming to the city he was admitted to the clergy as an acolyte and served with distinction, Her Holiness Carmen de Medina and Her Holiness Yvelle von Raspin. Upon the Grand Inquisitor’s disappearance, Cardinal von Raspin appointed him to serve in that role. The reason for this sudden promotion is known only to Dav and Her Holiness.

A few short months after his promotion, Cardinal von Raspin disappeared. A mage having claimed credit for the atrocity, the High Synod promoted Gerolf to the distinguished rank of Cardinal where he serves today, continuing his search for Cardinal von Raspin in hopes that she is still alive.


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