The Plague

by gerolf on January 20th, 2015


I am tired. Oh so very tired.

As you may have heard, a plague spread through the city and I was infected. While in quarantine I had some hallucinations. I dreamed about her, I dreamed about Zeita. She came to me and told me that it would be alright, that I would survive this and lead the church to a new age of peace and prosperity. She held my hand while I ached and I knew it was good. I knew that she was there with me and that I would make it.

I found out later that it was all a dream. A nice girl, Myrella le Kalani, indulged my delusion and sat next to me holding my hand and comforting me. She even spoke to me in our language. At first I felt betrayed. How could she lead me to believe that Zeita was there? I realized however I was delirious and she was just trying to help. I realized that she was trying to be Zeita so that I would sleep. Sleep is what I needed right then. I do not fault her for that, she was a good friend.

I think I had it harder than most. I was hit with three spells while I was in the office. Breathbinder is a horrible spell to have cast upon you when you are slowly drowning in your own mucus and blood. I could hardly breathe, and just as I recovered, I got hit with it again. I overcame, however. I survived like mother, Mother Rachal, Her Holiness Yvelle, Zeita, Ariel, Karrina, Aurther, you and so many others taught me. I will not quit. I will never surrender.

I know for a fact that Roewina Rosenscarth was behind one of the attacks. She told me, whispered thoughts in my head. She told me she was going to come and get me. That she would punish me for some supposed crime I committed. While I do not doubt that she will continue to torment me, she will not cause me permanent harm. She enjoys distressing me too much. Candidly I like this little game we have. It breaks up the monotony.

I worry for others though. The carpenter, for example, who spurned her advances. Evangeline op Trumina, the mage that escaped Ahalin with her. What of these two? Will they be safe from her?

I was the target so others wouldn’t be. I would rather die myself from magic than have another die in my place. I do not fear death, I embrace it. I know that I will go to live with the Lord of Springs forever. I will likely die in the service to the church. That is not unusual. Priests, you know, do not retire. I will die infirmed or from the actions of those who hate or misunderstand this Holy Order.

It was in the hospital that I made my first mistake. I sent some letters, letters that I ought not to have sent, to the inquisition. Apparently I irked the wrong inquisitor, for an attempt was mounted to remove me from office. I was promised a high post, probably a bishop or archbishop, in exchange for stepping aside. The funny thing? I almost took it.

As you well know, my foolish pride prevents me from doing anything that would benefit me in the long run. If they had asked me, I would have gladly stepped aside and let someone else take the reins. A change of pace is maybe what I need. Alas, they forced my hand and I have too many friends, too many allies that I would let down if I didn’t fight. The bards and the merchants rallied to my cause. The Knights were not far behind. I weathered that storm too. It sapped me of my energy, however, and potentially delayed my recovery.

I am tired.

I have a confession that I need to take soon. I won’t say who except to say it has been a tumultuous month. With any luck, this will bring an end to it.

Give the children my love. I love you all very much and will do everything in my power to keep you safe.

Your brother,