As the years go passing by

Today, was my 28th birthday. I cannot help but to feel a bit old.
Of course, in reality, I should feel no different than I did yesterday at seven-and-twenty, for I have not really aged so much.
But looking at it from a broader perspective, I can’t help but to wonder where the years have gone. It seems like yesterday when little Olky was born, when Olklar and I were married. yet, little Olky is now a little over one months old, and Olklar and I have been married for near on a year and a half.
I know Olklar and I wish for a large family, but I wonder if my body can hold out to bear him two more children. I am pregnant now with my second, and somehow wish Olklar and I might have met earlier. maybe then, I’d feel more at ease with myself, and not feel the press of time creeping up on me.
Of course, as the years do go by, I worry more and more.
I like to be pretty in Olklar’s eyes, and with my belly ever expanding with my pregnancy progressing, and now of course, with my ever advancing age I can practically feel the wrinkles forming on my face. In my eyes, Olklar is every bit as attractive as he was when I met him. I wonder if he sees me in the same light, or if I have changed. I can only do my best, to resist the years that time inevitably puts on me.

On a brighter note, our expansions on the home should be beginning soon, and I find myself growing rather excited for them. Both Olklar and little Olky are doing well, and for that I am grateful each and everyday.
Olklar has been so sweet to me as of late, he got me such a pretty bouquet of flowers for my birthday, and today when he came back from patrol, he even told me he missed me.
I don’t think he will understand how much those little things mean to me. they mean more to me, than any grand gesture could possibly offer. They in short, make my day.
It isn’t that Olklar does not express his feelings towards me. he does, and I am made aware how he feels for me. But such simple statements, are rare from him, and they are music to my ear.
At any rate, I hear the little one stirring. I should go tend to him.
Till next time.

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