Dearest Iuku,

Your words of wisdom have helped to guide me back onto the intended path. I am sorry for having strayed so far, but you have seen fit to guide a fool such as myself. I will never understand why one so glorious as yourself would waste their time with one as weak as myself.

Thanks to your timely intervention, our power is more secure than it has ever been. Once more we are gaining the favor of those who hold significant influence within this city, though having common enemies does make it easier.

Though it sickens me to spend so much gold on the pond scum, but as you so strongly reminded me, even the smallest of fish provide sustenance for the larger fish, and the freemen of this city are but that, the krill to be consumed by the whale.

Oh, you should be delighted to hear this. I am initiating the next phase of our original plan. By this time next year I intend on being wedded and pregnant with child. I do not care whom or what the man is, as he will be dealt with once new life is present.

What was rightfully ours will soon be returned to it’s destined vessel.


Your Loyal Vicannia

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